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Pachi is a GPL computer program that likes to play Go. It does that fairly well, too, playing at KGS 1-dan strength on commodity PC hardware.

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2014-08-07 Petr Baudisselfatari_cousin(): Suggest counter-capturesmaster
2014-08-04 Petr BaudisMoggy eyefillrate: Revert from 40 back to 60
2014-08-02 Petr Baudist-unit/sar.t: Add eye falsification selfatari testcase
2014-08-02 Petr BaudisSelfatari: Allow capture-from-within moves
2014-02-01 Petr BaudisMoggy init: Also don't set nakaderate twice... sigh
2014-02-01 Petr BaudisMoggy init: Also don't set nlibrate twice
2014-02-01 Petr BaudisMoggy init: Rearrange rates initialization by their...
2014-02-01 Petr BaudisMoggy init: Do not set lcapturerate twice
2014-02-01 Petr BaudisMoggy ladderrate: Add a note about obsolescence
2014-01-29 Petr BaudisPlayout: New per-engine setboard_randomok setting
2014-01-29 Petr BaudisTwiddle several Moggy playout policy parameters based...
2014-01-29 Petr BaudisUCT pattern prior: Raise default from 80 to 160
2013-12-31 Petr BaudisMoggy nakaderate: 20 -> default, i.e. much more often
2013-12-31 Petr BaudisMoggy nakade_check(): Call _after_ x-lib checks, not...
2013-12-29 Petr Baudisautotest-show: Add support for Elo display
2013-12-28 Petr BaudisUCT debug_after: Extra printouts
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