12 hours ago Achim Gratzox: calculation separators don't produce row groupstableheadings
12 hours ago Achim Gratzadd new table rule "|~" and "|:" to org-element
12 hours ago Achim GratzDo not calculate column formulas in header lines
12 hours ago Achim Gratzadd keymap C-c _ and C-c : for heading and separator...
12 hours ago Achim Gratzimplement re-alignment of tables with cross-headings
12 hours ago Achim GratzAllow headings inside tables without splicing them.
13 hours ago Kyle Meyerorg.texi: Remove reference to deleted command
14 hours ago Nicolas GoaziouFix missing syntax highlighting with #+SETUPFILE
32 hours ago Nicolas Goaziouox-latex: Add missing defcustom keywords
36 hours ago Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Update LaTeX environment syntax
36 hours ago Nicolas GoaziouFix ccde27d
40 hours ago rasmusorg.texi: Minor correction.
42 hours ago Nicolas GoaziouFix 8daf4a8
2 days ago Nicolas GoaziouFix preview latex
2 days ago Nicolas GoaziouRefactor logging code
2 days ago Nicolas GoaziouUpdate custom properties handling
2 days ago Nicolas GoaziouFix multiple TODO keywords
2 days ago Nicolas GoaziouFix property drawer insertion with consecutive headlines
2 days ago Nicolas GoaziouORG-NEWS: Document property drawers syntax change
2 days ago Nicolas GoaziouDocument new properties drawers syntax
2 days ago Nicolas GoaziouAdd test for setup keywords initialization
2 days ago Nicolas GoaziouRewrite setup keywords initialization
2 days ago Nicolas Goaziouorg-table: Do not look after CONSTANTS in Orgtbl mode
2 days ago Nicolas GoaziouTurn buffer local syntax variables into constants
2 days ago Nicolas Goaziouox: Update INCLUDE keywords wrt property drawers
2 days ago Nicolas GoaziouSmall refactoring
2 days ago Nicolas GoaziouInsert logs after planning info and property drawer
2 days ago Nicolas Goaziouorg-clock: Insert clocks after meta data
2 days ago Nicolas GoaziouAdd tests for property API
2 days ago Nicolas GoaziouRewrite `org-entry-properties'
2 days ago Nicolas GoaziouUpdate property API
2 days ago Nicolas GoaziouUpdate `org-get-property-block'
2 days ago Nicolas Goaziouorg-element: Update property drawers parsing
2 days ago Nicolas GoaziouUpdate property drawer and node property regexps
3 days ago Oleh Krehelob-clojure.el: Fix compatibility issue
4 days ago Nicolas GoaziouFix Flyspell check in row separators and empty verse...
5 days ago Rasmusox-html: Fix bug in c9ca0b6d.
6 days ago Nicolas Goaziouox-latex: Change default value for `org-latex-caption...
6 days ago Nicolas Goaziouox: Remove unnecessary code comments
6 days ago Nicolas GoaziouBump Emacs version
8 days ago Achim GratzMerge branch 'maint'
8 days ago rasmusORG-NEWS: Document new options
10 days ago Marco Wahlorg.el: Fix bindings of < and > for calendar scrolling
10 days ago Yann Hodiqueorg.el: Use normalized names in org-agenda-file-p
10 days ago Marco Wahlcontrib/lisp/org-velocity: Fix failure for big window
10 days ago Bastien Guerryorg-clock.el (org-clock-select-task): Kill temporary...
10 days ago Rafael Laboissiereorg.texi: Remove extraneous backslash in key sequence
12 days ago Nicolas Goaziouox-latex: Possibly make a matrix out of tabular environment
12 days ago Nicolas Goaziouox-latex: Tiny fix to latex-matrices pseudo-elements
13 days ago Nicolas Goaziouox-latex: Add `org-latex-caption-above'
13 days ago Nicolas Goaziouox-latex: Refactor matrices code
2014-10-16 Nicolas GoaziouORG-NEWS: Document new hook and new defcustom
2014-10-16 Kyle Meyerorg-clock: Fix CLOCK_INTO_DRAWER property check
2014-10-16 Eric Abrahamsenorg-attach: Maybe delete heading attachments when archiving
2014-10-16 Eric Abrahamsenorg-archive: Provide a hook during the archive process
2014-10-15 David Arroyo... Merge branch 'master' of
2014-10-15 David Arroyo... org-effectiveness.el: Add org-effectiveness-plot-save
2014-10-15 Alan Schmittorg-mac-link.el: Fix malformed Safari links
2014-10-14 Thierry BanelDocument ASCII-art plot
2014-10-14 Andrew Burgessorg-capture: Better indentation when creating a new...
2014-10-14 Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Tiny fix
2014-10-13 Nicolas Goaziouob-clojure: Silence byte-compiler
2014-10-13 Nicolas GoaziouFix indentation in lists
2014-10-13 Nicolas GoaziouMerge branch 'maint'
2014-10-12 Jorge A. Alfaro... Improve functionality of org-passwords.el
2014-10-12 Marco Wahl[PATCH] Fix: Emacs 25 fancy diary inclusion in agenda
2014-10-12 Nicolas Goaziouox: Fix failing test
2014-10-12 Nicolas GoaziouMerge branch 'maint'
2014-10-12 Nicolas Goaziouox: Fix 88457acff411eca9b32c04b4bc100ef094a23c5c
2014-10-12 Aaron Ecay[export] Raise an error if footnote definition is not...
2014-10-12 Aaron EcayWarn about unexpanded macros on export
2014-10-12 Jonathan Leech... org-passwords.el: Fix `org-passwords-generate-password...
2014-10-12 Thierry BanelEnable multiple files in :includes header
2014-10-12 Thierry BanelAscii and Gnuplot key-bindings
2014-10-12 Dima Koganorg-table: Field formulas can now create columns as...
2014-10-12 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'maint'
2014-10-12 Christopher... org.el (orgstruct-make-binding): Do not use loop in...
2014-10-11 Christopher... org.el (orgstruct-make-binding): Do not use loop in...
2014-10-11 Marco Wahl[PATCH] Fix: Emacs 25 fancy diary inclusion in agenda
2014-10-11 Nicolas Goaziouorg-table: Fix :raw parameter in radio tables
2014-10-10 Aaron Ecayob-R: fix interaction with ESS for new sessions
2014-10-10 Nicolas GoaziouMerge branch 'maint'
2014-10-10 Nicolas Goaziouox: Fix "void-variable ignore" error when publishing
2014-10-10 Rainer M. Krugob-R.el: Add package name to read.table call
2014-10-09 Alan Schmittorg-mac-link.el: Fix malformed message links
2014-10-09 Steve Purcellorg-mac-link.el: Fix multi-line file description
2014-10-09 Steve Purcellorg-mac-link.el: Don't fail on machines without Growl...
2014-10-08 David Arroyo... orgguide.texi: break lines after @noindent
2014-10-07 Marco Wahlorg-eww.el: Special kill in eww for Org for keeping...
2014-10-07 rasmusFix 464cd96
2014-10-07 Nicolas GoaziouMerge branch 'maint'
2014-10-07 Mike McLeanorg-agenda.el: Update docstring
2014-10-06 Bastien Guerryob-clojure.el: Fix compatibility issue
2014-10-06 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'maint'
2014-10-06 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'master' of
2014-10-06 Bastien Guerryob-clojure.el: Remove nrepl.el support
2014-10-06 Bastien GuerryBackport typo fixes from Emacs 24 branch
2014-10-04 rasmusob-table: Updated documentation.
2014-10-04 RasmusMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2014-10-04 Rasmusox-koma-letter.el: Update docstring.