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descriptionorg-mode fork for development of tableheadings
last changeSat, 7 Feb 2015 20:15:47 +0000
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tableheadings — Allow multiple headings in orgmode tables.

Unfinished implementation for testing and further development.

This branch will be rebased against master from upstream!

Should you want to do this yourself:
git rebase origin/master tableheadings
should do it (as long as you did not rename the branch).

2015-02-07 Achim Gratzox: calculation separators don't produce row groupstableheadings
2015-02-07 Achim Gratzadd new table rule "|~" and "|:" to org-element
2015-02-07 Achim GratzDo not calculate column formulas in header lines
2015-02-07 Achim Gratzadd keymap C-c _ and C-c : for heading and separator...
2015-02-07 Achim Gratzimplement re-alignment of tables with cross-headings
2015-02-07 Achim GratzAllow headings inside tables without splicing them.
2015-02-06 Nicolas Goaziouorg-agenda: Fix logging with bulk agenda commands
2015-02-05 Nicolas GoaziouTiny refactoring
2015-02-05 Nicolas Goaziouorg-texi: Fix typo
2015-02-05 Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Fix typo
2015-02-05 Nicolas Goaziouox-html: Properly escape ampersands in links
2015-02-05 Marco WahlMerge branch 'maint'
2015-02-05 Marco Wahlcontrib/org-drill.el: update to v2.4.4
2015-02-05 Nicolas Goaziouorg-agenda: Fix adding diary entries
2015-02-03 Nicolas Goaziouorg-element: Externalize docview links
2015-02-03 Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Fix typo
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