This project is a fork of the org-mode.git project. If you have that one already cloned locally, you can use
git clone --reference /path/to/your/org-mode.git/incarnation mirror_URL
to save bandwidth during cloning.
descriptionOpenOffice Exporter for Orgmode (org-parse, org-newhtml and org-newodt)
last changeMon, 10 Oct 2011 11:04:20 +0000 (10 16:34 +0530)
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This is the Emacs Org project, an emacs subsystem for organizing your life

The homepage of Org is at

This distribution contains:

    This file.

    The README file for the distribution (zip and tar files)

    Information about the git repository and how to contribute
    to Org-mode development. 

    Directory with all the Emacs Lisp files that make up Org.

    The documentation files.  org.texi is the source of the
    documentation, org.html and org.pdf are formatted versions of it.

    A directory with third-party additions for Org.  Some really cool
    stuff is in there.

    The standard ChangeLog file.

    The makefile to compile and install Org, and also for maintenance

    The form that contributors have to sign and get processed with the
    FSF before contributed changes can be integrated into the Org
    core.  All files in this distribution except the CONTRIB directory
    have copyright assigned to the FSF.

    Experimental code, not necessarily FSF copyright.
2011-10-10 Jambunathan KRepublish org-odt-20111011.tarmaster
2011-10-10 Jambunathan KPublish org-odt-20111011.tar
2011-10-09 Jambunathan KRepublish
2011-10-09 Jambunathan KPublish org-odt-20111010.tar
2011-10-09 Jambunathan KPublish org-odt-20111009.tar
2011-07-02 Jambunathan KPush README.html
2011-07-02 Jambunathan KPublishing org-odt-20110702.tar
2011-06-30 Jambunathan KUpdate commentary and docstring
2011-06-30 Jambunathan KMerge ngz's footnote changes from master.
2011-06-30 Jambunathan KUse org-called-interactively-p
2011-06-30 Jambunathan KHand merge few commits.
2011-06-30 Jambunathan KMerge with
2011-06-30 Jambunathan KMerge remote branch 'orgmode/master' into
2011-06-30 Bastien GuerryRevert "Fix binding problem in org-without-partial...
2011-06-30 Jambunathan KReplace org-html with org-xhtml
2011-06-29 Eric Schulteorg-footnote: declare function for the compiler
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