2015-07-01 Nicolas Goaziouorg-wikinodes: Fix fontificationmaint
2015-05-20 Stefan Monnierlisp/org-{macs, list}.el: Fix lexical warnings
2015-04-29 Nicolas Goaziouorg-agenda: Fix invalid face error for priority #B
2015-04-29 BastienBackport commit 25166a91 from Emacs master branch.
2015-04-27 Stefan Monnierorg-clock.el (org-x11idle-exists-p): Be honest about...
2015-04-11 François AllissonFix documentation for org-capture template expansion
2015-04-10 Jacob Properly escape checksum binary path
2015-03-15 Rasmusox-man: Change dispatcher key to 'M'
2015-02-18 Nicolas GoaziouFix "Wrong type argument: overlayp"
2015-02-10 Nicolas Goaziouox-odt: Fix exporting target link without a description
2015-02-05 Marco Wahlcontrib/org-drill.el: update to v2.4.4
2015-02-03 Achim Gratzmk/ correct file globs for contrib/lisp
2015-01-12 Marco Wahlorg*.el: Fix call to calendar API
2014-12-14 Nicolas Goaziouob-core: Source blocks are case-insensitive
2014-12-14 Nicolas Goaziouob-core: Tiny fix
2014-12-14 Jon Millerorg-mime.el: Correct element matching regex
2014-12-13 Nicolas Goaziouox-md: Correctly export footnote references
2014-12-09 Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Fix typos
2014-12-09 Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Remove reference to `org-effort-property'
2014-12-07 Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Fix typo
2014-12-06 Paul SextonUpdated org-drill to latest version.
2014-11-25 Karl Fogelorg.el: Improve accuracy of message
2014-11-21 Peter Moresiob-js: Fix passing multiline variables
2014-11-18 Nicolas Goaziouorg-element: Fix 'search failed ":"' error
2014-11-16 Nicolas GoaziouFix `org-insert-heading'
2014-11-15 Florian BeckReplace obsolete aliases of calendar functions
2014-11-08 Mario Frascaorg-plot: Correction in callback registration
2014-11-08 Mario Frascaorg-plot: Reset gnuplot process instead of killing it
2014-11-08 Nicolas GoaziouSilence byte-compiler
2014-11-06 Leslie H. Watterox.el: Add pt_BR translations to export engine
2014-11-06 Nicolas Goaziouox-beamer: Fix undefined reference with internal links
2014-11-06 Christian Egliox-taskjuggler.el: Add a note about multiline properties
2014-11-06 Christian Egliox-taskjuggler.el: Fix a link in the commentary
2014-11-06 Christian Egliox-taskjuggler.el: Fix fetching of dependency options
2014-11-04 Nicolas Goaziouox-publish: Fix publishing components asynchronously
2014-11-04 Marco Wahlorg-agenda: Switch to current API for two calendar...
2014-11-03 Kyle Meyerorg-goto: Update for isearch changes
2014-11-02 Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Remove outdated footnote
2014-11-02 Nicolas Goaziouox-md: Enforce blank line between paragraph and plain...
2014-11-02 Roberto Huelga... org-capture.el: Fix expand template order
2014-11-02 Kyle Meyerorg.el (org-adapt-indentation): Fix typo
2014-10-20 Marco Wahlorg.el: Fix bindings of < and > for calendar scrolling
2014-10-12 Marco Wahl[PATCH] Fix: Emacs 25 fancy diary inclusion in agendarelease_8.2.10
2014-10-12 Nicolas Goaziouox: Fix 88457acff411eca9b32c04b4bc100ef094a23c5c
2014-10-12 Christopher... org.el (orgstruct-make-binding): Do not use loop in... release_8.2.9
2014-10-10 Nicolas Goaziouox: Fix "void-variable ignore" error when publishing
2014-10-07 Mike McLeanorg-agenda.el: Update docstring
2014-10-06 Bastien GuerryBackport typo fixes from Emacs 24 branch
2014-09-27 Sebastien Vaubanox-ascii: Fix boxquote characters in UTF-8 exportrelease_8.2.8
2014-09-26 Kyle Meyerox.el: Fix typo in documentation
2014-09-22 Nicolas Goaziouox-latex: Fix link to unnumbered headline
2014-09-20 marcowahlsoft... Fix to determine a bulk-markable line
2014-09-20 Achim Gratztest-ob-exp: fix failing test
2014-09-19 Nicolas Goaziouox-ascii: Fix filling with preserve break
2014-09-19 Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Be more explicit about output file name
2014-09-19 Nicolas GoaziouFix headline insertion after an empty headline
2014-09-19 Achim Gratzob-sh: compatibility fix for "Marker does not point...
2014-09-18 Nicolas Goaziouox-html: Fix linking to deep level headlines
2014-09-11 Nicolas Goaziouorg-src: Fix idle auto-save feature
2014-09-10 Achim Gratzmk/org-fixup.el: Do not use toggle-read-only
2014-09-08 Nicolas GoaziouRevert "ox: Implement predicate for export blocks"
2014-09-04 Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Tiny fix
2014-09-03 Nicolas Goaziouorgguide.texi: Small fixes
2014-09-02 Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Fix Texinfo export documentation
2014-09-02 Nicolas GoaziouFix 37bf05
2014-08-31 Nicolas Goaziouorg-element: Make properties parsing more robust
2014-08-28 Nicolas Goaziouorg-element: Interpret headlines according to `org...
2014-08-27 Nicolas Goaziouox-texinfo: Fix link export
2014-08-27 Nicolas GoaziouFix exporting radio link with missing radio target
2014-08-25 Nicolas GoaziouFix `org-promote' error
2014-08-25 Nicolas Goaziouorg-agenda: Fix order when writing to an ".org" file
2014-08-24 Nicolas Goaziouorgguide: Fix keybinding
2014-08-24 Nicolas Goaziouorg-element: Enhance docstring
2014-08-22 Nicolas Goaziouox-md: Fix b8b34ea
2014-08-21 Nicolas Goaziouox-md: Allow custom link type export function
2014-08-21 Nick DokosRevert "org-clean-before-export matches non-special...
2014-08-20 Achim Gratzob-lilypond: change prefix to org-babel-lilypond
2014-08-19 Nicolas Goaziouox-texinfo: Fix language case
2014-08-16 Nicolas Goaziouox-md: Fix blank lines in output
2014-08-15 Nicolas Goaziouorg-list: Fix failing test
2014-08-15 Nicolas Goaziouorg-element: Fix common indentation removal in verse...
2014-08-14 Nicolas Goaziouox-texinfo: Fix parse tree corruption
2014-08-14 Nicolas Goaziouox-texinfo: Small refactoring
2014-08-11 Nicolas Goaziouox-texinfo: Fix corner case when fixing a node name
2014-08-11 Nicolas Goaziouox-texinfo: Remove wrong code comments
2014-08-11 Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Document menus in Texinfo export
2014-08-11 Nicolas Goaziouox-texinfo: Remove `not-in-toc' case in headline export
2014-08-11 Nicolas Goaziouox-texinfo: Remove left-over LaTeXism
2014-08-11 Nicolas Goaziouox-texinfo: Tiny refactoring
2014-08-11 Nicolas Goaziouox-texinfo: Fix a docstring
2014-08-11 Nicolas Goaziouox-texinfo: Remove unused internal functions
2014-08-11 Nicolas Goaziouox-texinfo: Fix node names
2014-08-11 Nicolas Goaziouox-texinfo: Fix docstrings
2014-08-11 Nicolas Goaziouox-texinfo: Fix blank lines in output
2014-08-11 Nicolas Goaziouox-texinfo: Fix menus
2014-08-10 Nicolas Goaziouox-texinfo: Fix appendix command
2014-08-10 Nicolas Goaziouox-texinfo: Fix heading text
2014-08-08 Nicolas Goaziouox-texinfo: Fix ":COPYING: nil" node properties
2014-08-08 Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Fix typo
2014-08-08 Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Fix e5aceea