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2011-05-28 Luke HudsonMINOR: Change output filenamemaster
2011-05-28 Luke HudsonInitial tweaks to work with Windows 7
2011-05-28 Luke HudsonMINOR: Tweak About box and traymenu pos
2011-05-28 Luke HudsonUPDATE project files
2011-05-28 Luke HudsonFIX merge bugs
2008-05-26 Luke HudsonRemoved obsolete project files, duplicate GPL licence...
2008-05-26 Luke HudsonMerge branch 'cleanup' into master branch
2008-05-26 Luke HudsonRelease/readme.txt updatedcleanup
2008-05-26 Luke Hudsonchmod -x
2008-05-26 Luke HudsonRemoved extra icons and .ssu file
2008-05-26 Luke Hudsonopenwidedll.c: removed obsolete comment and unused...
2008-05-26 Luke HudsonAdded icons/ dir to repo
2008-05-26 Luke HudsonRemoved Pro2 comments
2008-05-26 Luke HudsonCleanup of code
2008-05-26 Luke HudsonRelease/: Updated readme.txt and added gpl-2.0.txt
2008-05-26 Luke HudsonRemoved +x perm
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