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descriptionUnoffical Testing Grounds for Dean Glazeski
last changeFri, 16 Jul 2010 23:22:15 +0000 (16 19:22 -0400)
content tags
2010-07-16 David BrownellARM ADI-V5: cleanup CID/PID addressingmaster
2010-07-16 Spencer Oliverflash: use bkpt for str9 flash algo algorithm
2010-07-16 Øyvind Harboefix warnings
2010-07-16 Øyvind Harboedebug-feature: jtagtcpip, reduce performance impact...
2010-07-16 Øyvind Harboedebug feature: jtagtcpip, improve performance
2010-07-16 Øyvind Harboedebug feature: jtagtcpip, improved performance
2010-07-13 David BrownellARM ADI-V5: PIDs and CIDs are 8 bits
2010-07-13 Spencer Olivercfg: add Avalue RSC-W910 config
2010-07-12 Spencer Oliverjtag: fix shadow issues in adapter_init
2010-07-12 Spencer Oliverarm9: revert change arm9tdmi cmd group name to arm9
2010-07-12 Spencer Oliverdocs: fix transport typo
2010-07-12 Spencer Oliveradapter.c: missing space in handle_interface_command
2010-07-09 David Brownelltransport selection tweaks
2010-07-09 Spencer Olivertransport: fix bug/typo in transport_register cmd
2010-07-07 Øyvind Harboetransport: fix segfault in transport select
2010-07-07 Øyvind Harboetransport: fix bug/typo in interface_transports command
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5 years ago nand-refactor
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5 years ago at91sam9-nand