2013-07-17 Martin SchmölzerULINK driver: port from libusb-0.1 to libusb-1.0 API59/1459/6
2013-07-15 Spencer Olivertarget: use consistent halt timeout66/1466/2
2013-07-15 Paul Fertserconfigure: remove AM_MAINTAINER_MODE, effectively alway... 76/1476/4
2013-07-15 Robert Jarzmikjtag/drivers: trivial variable renaming57/1457/3
2013-07-15 Andreas Fritiofsonulink: Move firmware install from pkglibdir to pkgdatadir87/1487/2
2013-07-15 Andreas Fritiofsonautomake: Don't install libopenocd79/1479/2
2013-07-15 Bernhard Kiesbauerdsp563xx: Adding breakpoint/watchpoint support.68/1468/3
2013-07-15 Marek Vasutftdi/board: Add support for DENX M53EVK61/1461/2
2013-07-15 Marek Vasuttarget: Pull out the jtag_rtck from iMX5x files60/1460/2
2013-07-15 Andreas Fritiofsonftdi: Fix error in calloc retval check98/1498/2
2013-07-15 Andreas Fritiofsonflash/stm32*: Sync all device/rev IDs with reference... 97/1497/2
2013-07-15 Andreas Fritiofsonflash/stm32*: Rewrite info functions96/1496/2
2013-07-15 Andreas Fritiofsonflash/stm32*: Remove the halted check in protect_check95/1495/2
2013-07-15 Spencer Oliverflash: add missing stm32l medium+ device id91/1491/3
2013-07-15 Paul Fertseroocd_trace: fix warnings90/1490/3
2013-07-15 Paul Fertsertarget: remove double const specificator89/1489/2
2013-07-15 Paul Fertserversaloon: remove bogus assignment88/1488/2
2013-07-15 Paul Fertseraice: fix FTBFS on ARM77/1477/3
2013-07-11 Paul Fertserft2232_libftdi: perform basic configure checking when... 73/1473/2
2013-07-09 Laszlo Pappftdi/xds100v2.cfg: Remove the warning as it has been... 92/1492/3
2013-07-08 Andreas Fritiofsoncfg: Update Flyswatter 2 URL78/1478/2
2013-07-08 Andreas Fritiofsonusb_blaster: maintainer-clean Makefile.in80/1480/2
2013-07-07 John SzakmeisterFix a typo.81/1481/2
2013-07-01 Spencer Oliverdoxygen: use inline jtag state maching image51/1451/2
2013-07-01 Robert Jarzmiktarget: xscale make reset init work properly58/1458/2
2013-07-01 Robert Jarzmiktarget: xscale more human vector catching56/1456/2
2013-07-01 Ulf Wetzkerat91sam3: Added support for at91sam3s8a, b and c24/1424/3
2013-07-01 Ulf Wetzkerat91sam3: Added support for at91sam3sd8a and b23/1423/3
2013-07-01 Ulf Wetzkerflash/nor/at91sam3: fixed lock region size22/1422/3
2013-07-01 IS2TSupport for SST 39VF3201C NOR flash49/1449/6
2013-07-01 Paul Fertserarmv4_5: prevent segfault when gdb connects to an under... 46/1446/2
2013-07-01 Zied Guermazikeep gdb aware of threads if RTOS is set but no threads... 32/1432/6
2013-07-01 Spencer Olivercortex_m: deprecate soft_reset_halt42/1442/2
2013-07-01 Andreas FritiofsonAllow autoscan up to 64 bit IR lengths32/832/6
2013-07-01 Evan HunterAdd support for 64 bit parameter to irscan31/831/5
2013-06-29 Robert Jarzmikdrivers/jtag: usb_blaster add pin controls48/1448/8
2013-06-21 Antonio Borneoflash/nor/spi: uniform all hex data to lowercase53/1453/2
2013-06-21 Antonio Borneoflash/nor/spi: add flash Micron n25q06452/1452/2
2013-06-21 R. DiezBus Pirate driver: Small assorted fixes.37/1437/2
2013-06-21 Andreas Fritiofsonstm32f2x: Correct calculation of number of 128k sectors.50/1450/2
2013-06-14 Spencer Oliverbuild: add missing configure quotes45/1445/2
2013-06-14 Spencer Oliverbuild: fix incorrect configure quotes44/1444/2
2013-06-14 Brent Romanhla: Add Simulated DCC register for target communicaton64/1364/3
2013-06-12 Andreas Fritiofson[RFC] mips: Enable bulk write optimization for all... 15/1215/5
2013-06-12 Spencer Olivercfg: add stm32 flash driver alias28/1428/2
2013-06-12 Giuseppe Barbastm32w: add STM32w108xx generic configuration39/1439/4
2013-06-12 Spencer Oliverstm32: add new stm32f0 device id35/1435/2
2013-06-12 Spencer Olivercortex_a: remove memory leak on failure33/1433/2
2013-06-12 Spencer Oliverstr9: ignore boundary scan version36/1436/2
2013-06-12 Jim NorrisChange variable scope.41/1441/2
2013-06-12 Paul Fertserconfigure: remove --enable-libusb0 option, rework libus... 34/1434/6
2013-06-12 Paul Fertserlibusb1_common, ftdi: clarify libusb_open error message30/1430/6
2013-06-12 Paul Fertserftdi: config for TUMPA38/1438/2
2013-06-10 Spencer Oliverbuild: fix incorrect GPL address from last commit40/1440/2
2013-06-10 Paul FertserAdd BCM2835 (as found in Raspberry Pi) interface driver58/758/11
2013-06-05 Spencer Oliverupdate files to correct FSF address26/1426/4
2013-06-05 Ryan CorbinAdded OpenJTAG Driver06/1406/6
2013-06-05 Hsiangkai Wangnds32: add new target type nds32_v2, nds32_v3, nds32_v3m59/1259/14
2013-06-05 Hsiangkai Wangaice: add Andes AICE support56/1256/13
2013-06-04 Robert Jarzmikdrivers/jtag: rewrite usb_blaster driver67/467/11
2013-06-03 Spencer Olivercortex_m: print 'Cortex-M' rather than 'Cortex-M3'29/1429/2
2013-06-03 Andreas Fritiofsoncortex_a: fix FTBS on ARM due to alignment issues69/1369/4
2013-06-03 Paul Fertserrlink: fix speed table generation31/1431/2
2013-05-30 William M.A... user guide: Update the ZY1000 description.57/1357/3
2013-05-29 Paul Fertsertools: add sample remote_bitbang sysfsgpio server03/1403/5
2013-05-29 Paul Fertsercortex_m, hla_target: do not try asserting SRST if... 05/1405/3
2013-05-29 Paul Fertserinterface/ftdi: remove "untested" warning from DP Busbl... 19/1419/2
2013-05-28 Paul Fertsertargets: fix target_type name for Cortex-A targets20/1420/4
2013-05-10 Andreas Fritiofsonremote_bitbang: De-duplicate init code and clean up... 80/1380/3
2013-05-10 Andreas Fritiofsonremote_bitbang: Convert to use getaddrinfo()79/1379/3
2013-05-10 Brandon WarhurstAdded functionality to the SYS_SYSTEM semihosting call.45/1345/5
2013-05-10 RavazAdded: RTOS awareness for embKernel34/1334/2
2013-05-10 Paul Fertserstm32 configs: use 4kB working area size by default78/1378/3
2013-05-08 Paul Fertsertelnet_server: support C-p, C-n for moving through... 76/1376/2
2013-05-08 Paul Fertserefm32: fix FTBFS on ARM due to alignment issues70/1370/2
2013-05-08 Paul Fertsersysfsgpio: do not try to initialise absent signals75/1375/2
2013-05-06 Paul Fertserjtag/adapter: add connect_[de]assert_srst to reset_conf... 77/1377/2
2013-05-06 Hsiangkai Wanggdb_server: remove target_handle_event from gdb event... 72/1372/2
2013-05-05 Freddie ChopinRestore normal development cycle
2013-05-05 Freddie ChopinThe openocd-0.7.0 release.v0.7.0
2013-05-02 Freddie Chopindoc: add info about FT232H and JTAG-lock-pick Tiny... 67/1367/2
2013-05-02 Freddie Chopindoc: Update list of interfaces, targets and boards66/1366/2
2013-05-02 Freddie Chopindev-doc: fix to release process docs68/1368/2
2013-05-02 Spencer Olivercfg: remove whitespace74/1374/2
2013-05-02 Spencer Olivercfg: ignore ICEPick jrc tap version73/1373/3
2013-04-28 Freddie ChopinRestore -dev suffix
2013-04-28 Freddie ChopinThe openocd-0.7.0-rc2 release candidate.v0.7.0-rc2
2013-04-28 Spencer Olivertarget: rename cortex_a8 to cortex_a30/1130/5
2013-04-28 Spencer Olivertarget: rename cortex_m3 to cortex_m29/1129/5
2013-04-28 Freddie ChopinMention "lpc4300" (with "lpc1800" alias) flash drivers... 52/1352/2
2013-04-28 Spencer Olivercortex_m: remove old target breakpoints/watchpoints63/1363/2
2013-04-28 Christopher... kinetis: fix "SF1" parts to limit FlexRAM usage58/1358/2
2013-04-28 Spencer Oliverbuild: fix libftd2xx regression55/1355/2
2013-04-28 Spencer Oliverarm: fix arm reg regression62/1362/2
2013-04-28 Oleksij Rempelbuild fix: ft223259/1359/2
2013-04-28 Hsiangkai Wanggdb server: Fix bug. Parse 'M' packet error.60/1360/2
2013-04-22 Spencer OliverUpdate NEWS56/1356/2
2013-04-21 Freddie ChopinRestore -dev suffix
2013-04-21 Freddie ChopinThe openocd-0.7.0-rc1 release candidate.v0.7.0-rc1
2013-04-21 Freddie ChopinAdd "lpc1800" alias for "lpc4300" flash driver51/1351/3