2013-09-25 Spencer Oliverhla: cleanup read/write api21/1621/3
2013-09-25 Paul FertserREADME.Windows: MinGW-w64 is known to work for building... 38/1638/3
2013-09-21 Spencer Oliverarmv7m: add gdb target description support20/1620/6
2013-09-21 Spencer Olivergdb: cleanup gdb target description support19/1619/6
2013-09-21 Spencer Olivergdb: enable target description support by default18/1618/6
2013-09-21 Spencer Oliverarmv7m: remove gdb register hacks17/1617/3
2013-09-21 Spencer Olivergdb: add default description reg types22/1622/2
2013-09-21 Andreas FritiofsonRestore mwh/mwb functionality.28/1628/2
2013-09-20 Spencer Oliveradiv5: check packed transfers are supported02/1602/4
2013-09-18 Paul FertserREADME.Windows: pkgconfig-lite should go into MinGW... 30/1630/2
2013-09-16 Paul FertserREADME: add missing adapters and flash drivers, mention... 24/1624/2
2013-09-16 Stephan Linzconfigure: expand library search for libftd2xx14/1614/2
2013-09-15 Andreas Fritiofsoncontrib: Add example cross-build script31/1531/10
2013-09-13 Andreas Fritiofsonconfigure: Add libusb-1.0 header bug workaround34/1534/4
2013-09-13 Paul Fertserconfigure: auto-enable USB adapters based on libusb... 75/1475/7
2013-09-13 Paul Fertserlibusb: require pkg-config support67/1467/8
2013-09-13 Paul FertserREADME* refactoring03/1503/8
2013-09-13 Nemui Trinomiusflash: add Nuvoton NUC910 series support10/1510/4
2013-09-13 Hsiangkai Wangnds32: remove .soft_reset_halt dependency12/1612/4
2013-09-13 Hsiangkai Wangaice: add target name to nds command messages83/1583/9
2013-09-13 Hsiangkai Wangnds32: support multi-target debugging81/1581/9
2013-09-13 Hsiangkai Wangnds32: Use DMA to access memory as no DCache80/1580/7
2013-09-13 Hsiangkai Wangnds32: modify nds commands implementation79/1579/7
2013-09-13 Hsiangkai Wangnds32: support FreeRTOS77/1577/7
2013-09-13 Hsiangkai Wangnds32: report any one of hit read watchpoints76/1576/7
2013-09-13 Hsiangkai Wangnds32: change default value75/1575/7
2013-09-13 Hsiangkai Wangnds32: always polling after gdb attached74/1574/7
2013-09-13 Hsiangkai Wangnds32: support Andes profiling function85/1585/5
2013-09-13 Hsiangkai Wangtarget: enhance target profiling72/1572/7
2013-09-13 Hsiangkai Wangtarget: add profiling interface71/1571/7
2013-09-13 Hsiangkai Wangtarget: increase the maximum number of buckets08/1608/3
2013-09-13 Hsiangkai Wangtarget: Correct profiling calculation07/1607/3
2013-09-13 Hsiangkai Wangtarget: Make profiling function more readable06/1606/3
2013-09-13 Hsiangkai Wangnds32: refine nds32_v2 implement69/1569/6
2013-09-13 Hsiangkai Wangaice: support batch commands84/1584/4
2013-09-13 Hsiangkai Wangaice: Always setup SDP basic mode67/1567/4
2013-09-13 Hsiangkai Wangaice: use keep_alive() to avoid timeout warning messages66/1566/3
2013-09-13 Anton Kolesovgdb_server: Do not set gdb_con->sync to true for new... 87/1587/3
2013-09-13 Paul Fertsersvf: off-by-one error; do not access after the allocate... 15/1615/2
2013-09-13 Andreas Fritiofsontarget: Rewrite read/write buffer default implementations21/1221/4
2013-09-13 Andreas Fritiofson[RFC] target: Move bulk_write_memory to arm7_920/1220/3
2013-09-10 Paul Fertsersysfsgpio: fix a typo in the informational output16/1616/2
2013-09-08 Nemui Trinomiusfm3: add Fujitsu MB9Ax family support06/1506/2
2013-09-08 Spencer Oliverbuild: remove clang warning about global var 'match'13/1613/2
2013-09-08 Nemui Trinomiusatmega: add new target support07/1507/2
2013-09-08 Nemui Trinomiusflash: add NXP LPC800 support09/1509/2
2013-09-08 Spencer Oliverarmv7m: use consistent arm.cpsr member39/1539/2
2013-09-08 Spencer Olivertarget: remove unimplemented target_request_data implem... 37/1537/2
2013-09-08 Spencer Olivertarget: check target supports target_request_data36/1536/2
2013-09-08 Spencer Olivertarget: remove unimplemented soft_reset_halt implementa... 35/1535/2
2013-09-08 Spencer Oliverrtos: Do not dereference null pointers55/1555/3
2013-09-08 Cosmin Gorgovanmini51: support for Nuvoton NuMicro Mini51 series flash... 46/1546/4
2013-09-08 Spencer Oliverkinetis: add kl flash support08/1508/3
2013-09-08 Franck Jullienjtag: drivers: Add JTAP VPI client driver09/1609/4
2013-08-29 Spencer Olivergdb server: do not free tdesc_filename early54/1554/2
2013-08-29 Spencer Oliverdocs: add RTOS Support info38/1538/3
2013-08-29 Spencer Olivercfg: EFM32 supports SYSRESETREQ so use it41/1541/2
2013-08-29 Spencer Oliverflash: fix stm32f1x dual bank detection44/1544/2
2013-08-29 Spencer Oliverefm32: set safe minimum working area59/1559/2
2013-08-29 Hsiangkai Wangtarget: Remove error messages as no .get_gdb_fileio_info86/1586/2
2013-08-29 Andrey Smirnovstlink: Add workaround for intermittent FW info retriev... 61/1561/4
2013-08-29 Andrey Yurovskystlink_usb: remove gcc-specific constant60/1560/3
2013-08-29 Pushpal SidhuAdded new ftdi interface device63/1563/2
2013-08-29 Franck Julliendoc: Add gdb target description commands52/1552/2
2013-08-19 Pushpal Sidhudoc: update GW16042 hardware information53/1553/2
2013-08-15 Paul Fertserinterface/ftdi/tumpa: remove ftdi_device_desc as it... 48/1548/2
2013-08-15 Brad RienscheAdd tcl configurations for Altera Soc devices94/1494/2
2013-08-15 Andrey Yurovskystm32lx flash: fix flash size for Medium+ devices22/1522/6
2013-08-09 Sergey Alirzaevremove the untested warning in ftdi/olimex-arm-usb... 45/1545/2
2013-08-07 Spencer Oliverdocs: remove mixed case typo40/1540/2
2013-08-07 Paul Fertsertarget: clear running_alg flag after reset12/1512/2
2013-08-07 Paul Fertsermdr32fx: support for Milandr's MDR32Fx internal flash... 32/1532/5
2013-08-07 Andrey Yurovskystlink: add SWO tracing support24/1524/6
2013-08-07 Hsiangkai Wanggdb_server: check target before executing event callback01/1501/2
2013-08-07 Hsiangkai Wanggdb_server: add target_debug_reason for program exit... 42/1242/17
2013-08-07 Hsiangkai Wanggdb_server: support File-I/O Remote Protocol Extension02/1102/19
2013-08-07 Hsiangkai Wanggdb server: new feature, add stop reason in stop reply... 92/1092/16
2013-08-07 Hsiangkai Wanggdb_server: support gdb target description82/1382/9
2013-08-05 Robert Jarzmikjtag/drivers: usb_blaster cheap clone documentation20/1520/3
2013-08-01 Nemui Trinomiusflash: add Winbond w25q80bv spi support11/1511/2
2013-08-01 Paul Fertserimx6: add new id for SJC as found on i.MX6D33/1533/2
2013-08-01 Andreas Fritiofsonmpsse: Add missing read buffer checks00/1500/2
2013-08-01 Andreas Fritiofsonmpsse: Defer errors until flush99/1499/3
2013-08-01 Spencer Oliverdocs: add missing embKernel rtos arg to docs29/1529/2
2013-07-30 Andreas Remove obsolete(?) oddity30/1530/2
2013-07-30 Andreas FritiofsonFix out-of-tree build28/1528/2
2013-07-30 Paul Fertserautomake: use subdir-objects option17/1517/2
2013-07-26 Paul Fertserlpcspifi: assume flash is unprotected after probing25/1525/2
2013-07-26 Andrey Yurovskystm32f2x flash: add STM32F401 (F4 low power)21/1521/2
2013-07-26 Spencer Oliverrtos: issue warning on auto detect failure14/1514/2
2013-07-26 Spencer Olivercortex_m: change cmd output to use cortex_m rather... 13/1513/2
2013-07-17 Paul Fertsertarget: fix halt and wait_halt timeout units04/1504/2
2013-07-17 Paul Fertseretm: prevent segfault when reading bogus information05/1505/2
2013-07-17 Oleksij Rempelmips: add breakpoint support for EJTAG 2.064/1464/4
2013-07-17 Oleksij Rempelmips32: add new functions mips32_configure_ibs and... 63/1463/3
2013-07-17 Oleksij Rempelmips32_pracc: jump to 0xff20.0200 if cpu reads wrong... 53/1353/6
2013-07-17 Oleksij Rempelmips32: add jump instruction38/1338/6
2013-07-17 Oleksij Rempeldo not wait forever on ejtag_dma_dstrt_poll44/1344/5
2013-07-17 Oleksij Rempelmips32_dmaacc: add new funct ejtag_dma_dstrt_poll43/1343/5
2013-07-17 Oleksij Rempelmips_ejtag: remove memory protection bit before DM41/1341/5