2014-12-03 Karl Palssonstm32l: split l0/l1 support no jtag, different HSI... 05/2405/2master
2014-12-03 Juha Niskanenstm32: Fix L0/1xx CPUTAPID setting and add new L1xx... 76/2376/2
2014-11-24 Uwe Bonnestcl/target/stm32f4: ramp up JTAG speed, HSI is 16MHz... 83/2383/2
2014-11-24 Uwe Bonnestcl/target/stm32f4x: add F401 and F411 IDs79/2379/3
2014-11-24 Grigori Goronzylpc2000: ignore status of part ID IAP command64/2364/3
2014-11-24 Antony check for the FSF mailing address41/2341/2
2014-11-24 Antony Pavlovor1k: remove address of the Free Software Foundation40/2340/2
2014-11-24 Antony check for openocd tree, not for kernel... 39/2339/4
2014-11-24 Antony Pavlovmips32: fix typos38/2338/2
2014-11-24 Alexei Colindoc: flash: write_image writes only loadable sections48/2348/2
2014-11-24 Christian GudrianAdded FPU support for ChibiOS/RT54/2354/2
2014-11-24 Christian Gudrianrtos: add support for ChibiOS/RT 3.052/2352/5
2014-11-24 Paul Fertserrtos: allow symbols to be optional for a particular... 55/2355/3
2014-11-24 Andrey Yurovskyflash: at91samd: fix use of is_erased in check68/2368/2
2014-11-24 Paul Fertserjtag/drivers/jlink: implement register command to fix SWD31/2331/6
2014-11-24 Thomas Schmidat91sam4: Adding support for the AT91SAM4S4A.54/2254/2
2014-11-24 Andersflash/nor/lpcspifi.c: fix bug that prevented clean... 59/2359/2
2014-11-24 Uwe BonnesHacking: Some note how to review.80/2380/3
2014-11-24 Nemui Trinomiuslpc2000: Added LPC1500 series flash programming support.04/2304/2
2014-11-24 Jim Parisnrf51: fix checks for is_erased66/2366/3
2014-11-24 Jim Parisnrf51: verify that UICR needs erasing before triggering... 63/2363/4
2014-11-24 Jim Parisnrf51: fix UICR erase62/2362/3
2014-11-24 Jim Parisnrf51: fix UICR region size61/2361/3
2014-11-03 Peter Lawrencearm_adi_v5: added two CoreSight peripheral IDs69/2369/4
2014-11-02 Paul Fertsertcl/interface/ftdi/swd-resistor-hack: clarify and add... 57/2357/2
2014-10-16 Spencer Olivercmsis-dap: add serial number support29/2329/3
2014-10-16 Spencer Olivercmsis-dap: refactor HID PID/VID check loop28/2328/2
2014-10-16 Spencer Oliverbuild: make makeinfo optional25/2325/2
2014-10-06 Spencer Olivercfg: remove incorrect execute permissions33/2333/2
2014-10-06 Rémi PRUD'HOMMEstm32: add mass erase support for STM32L19/2319/4
2014-10-06 Rémi PRUD'HOMMEstm32: Add config file for a new board STM32L052 dsicovery17/2317/4
2014-10-06 Rémi PRUD'HOMMEstm32: add L0xx CPUTAPID15/2315/4
2014-10-06 Paul Fertserflash/nor/stellaris: implement protection statuses... 67/2267/4
2014-10-06 Paul Fertserlibusb: introduce jtag_libusb_choose_interface() and... 27/2327/3
2014-10-06 Paul Fertserflash/nor/stellaris: actually enable protection and... 64/2264/4
2014-10-06 Paul Fertserhla: add a way to pass arbitrary commands from user... 63/2263/4
2014-10-06 Paul Fertserinterface/ftdi/olimex-arm-usb-ocd-h: fix nTRST control... 86/2286/4
2014-10-06 Andersjtag/drivers/jlink.c: fix for LPC Link-2 running JLink... 97/2297/3
2014-10-06 Andersjtag/drivers/libusb1_common: avoid device reset when... 88/2288/4
2014-10-06 Spencer Oliverhelper: constify log_strings96/2296/4
2014-10-06 Spencer Olivertarget: constify structures95/2295/4
2014-10-06 Spencer Oliverjtag: constify driver arrays94/2294/4
2014-10-06 Spencer Oliverflash: constify driver data structures93/2293/3
2014-10-06 Spencer Oliverrtos: constify symbol names and lists92/2292/3
2014-10-06 Spencer Olivernuc1x: fix typos91/2291/2
2014-10-06 Andrey Yurovskyat91samd: fix protect, add EEPROM and boot commands26/2326/5
2014-10-06 Andrey Yurovskyat91samd: add erase/secure commands, minor fix39/2239/7
2014-10-06 Paul Fertserarm_adi_v5: make dap_lookup_cs_component() traverse... 20/1920/4
2014-09-29 Paul Fertserdoc/openocd.texi: add SWD to the transports supported... 24/2324/2
2014-09-29 Jon Burgessgdb_server: Include current RTOS thread in signal packets03/2303/2
2014-09-29 Jon Burgesscortex_m.c: Use two byte breakpoint for 32bit Thumb... 12/2312/2
2014-09-29 Simon Qianvsllink: improve the performance when using swd02/2302/3
2014-09-29 Karl Palssontcl/board: add TI Tiva C ek-tm4c1294xl config63/2063/5
2014-09-22 Andreas Fritiofsoncommand: Fix confusing syntax error message85/2285/2
2014-09-22 Andreas Fritiofsontarget: Remove "-variant" argument83/2283/2
2014-09-22 Joakim Gebartmpsse: Display libusb error names instead of numbers89/2289/2
2014-09-22 Andrey Smirnovflash/nor/tcl.c: Do not double probe banks93/2093/2
2014-09-22 Paul Fertsertarget/arm_dpm: prevent endless loop in arm_dpm_full_co... 78/2278/2
2014-09-22 Mahavir Jainflash/nor: add mrvlqspi flash controller driver80/2280/4
2014-09-22 Mahavir Jainflash/nor/spi: Add Winbond w25q32fv flash support73/2273/3
2014-09-22 Austin PhillipsSupport hla_serial command for ST-LINK adapters.98/2198/8
2014-09-15 Andrey Skvortsovjtag: drivers: stlink: remove unnecessary '\n' in LOG_... 20/2220/3
2014-09-15 Andersflash: added new Spansion S25FL116K, S25FL132K, and... 81/2281/2
2014-09-15 Andrey Yurovskystm32lx: don't allow part_info to be uninitialized76/2276/5
2014-09-15 Andreas Fritiofsoncortex_m: Check return value from cortex_m_dcc_read.79/2279/2
2014-09-15 Nemui Trinomiuscfg: Added Nucleo-F411RE board config.59/2259/2
2014-09-15 Paul Fertsertcl/board/sheevaplug: add adapter_khz setting66/2266/2
2014-09-11 Paul Fertsertcl/interface/ftdi/sheevaplug: fix device description65/2265/2
2014-09-08 Vanya Sergeevcfg: refactor lpc1xxx targets onto one base config60/1960/13
2014-09-08 Бурага Александрtcl/target: add config for К1879ХБ1Я, a hybrid ARM11... 72/2272/2
2014-09-08 Nemui Trinomiusstm32f2x: added STM32F411xx series support.58/2258/2
2014-09-08 Paul Fertsertcl/interface/ftdi: fix TRST for Olimex TINY adapters47/2247/2
2014-09-08 Paul Fertserflash/nor/stellaris: add all Tiva C parts IDs62/2262/4
2014-09-08 Paul Fertserflash/nor/stellaris: improve support for Tiva C (Blizza... 57/2257/4
2014-09-08 Paul Fertsertcl/interface/ftdi: add kt-link config (with SWD) for... 69/2269/2
2014-09-08 Paul Fertserjtag/drivers/libusb0_common: fix FTBFS (libusb_device_d... 52/2252/3
2014-09-08 Paul Fertsertcl/target/imx6: add yet another SJC tapid53/2253/3
2014-09-08 Paul Fertsertarget/adi_v5_swd: fix segfault when calling jtag_to_swd56/2256/2
2014-08-22 Paul Fertserjtag: always configure enabled tap parameter appropriately61/2261/3
2014-08-19 Angus Grattontarget async loader: add offset to debug lines03/2203/5
2014-08-19 Andrey Yurovskystm32lx: refactor and add support for STM32L0xx00/2200/7
2014-08-19 Angus Grattonjtag/drivers/ftdi: Use adapter_khz value for initial... 23/2223/3
2014-08-19 Andrey Yurovskyflash: samd: add missing ID for SAMD20E18A60/2260/2
2014-08-19 Spencer Oliverjlink: Constantify string arrays45/2245/2
2014-08-19 Spencer Oliverjlink: add variant "J-Link Lite-ADI"44/2244/2
2014-08-19 Spencer Oliverjlink: fix typo43/2243/2
2014-08-19 Paul Fertserflash/nor/stm32f1x: add STM32F302x6/8 IDs, clarify... 49/2249/2
2014-08-19 Robert Jarzmikjtag: usb_blaster: fix initialization regression29/2229/2
2014-08-19 Paul Fertsertransport: emit a warning when a user tries to reselect... 51/2251/2
2014-08-19 Paul Fertsertcl/interface/ftdi: auto-select SWD from converters... 48/2248/2
2014-08-19 Eldar Khayrullintcl/board/stm32ldiscovery: fix breakage55/2255/2
2014-08-19 Oleksij Rempelmips_m4k.c: EJTAGBOOT and NORMALBOOT are not supported... 34/1934/4
2014-08-19 Oleksij Rempelmips_m4k.c: D or I breaks only if they supported.33/1933/4
2014-08-19 Oleksij Rempelmips32.c: cache debug caps and support EJTAG 2.0 specif... 32/1932/4
2014-08-19 Oleksij Rempelmips32.c: fix IB and DB bits check for EJTAG v2.031/1931/4
2014-08-19 Oleksij Rempelmips_ejtag.c: do not set v2.6 ECR bits on v2.0 devices30/1930/4
2014-08-19 Oleksij Rempelmips_ejtag.c|h: use version specific IMPs29/1929/4
2014-08-12 Cristian MaglieRemoved limit on lenght of command line options.41/2241/4
2014-08-11 Andrey Smirnovtcl/board: Add board configuration for nRF51822-mKIT16/2116/7
2014-08-11 Angus Grattonstlink_usb: Fix swallowed error on read/write operation... 01/2201/3