4 days ago Mateusz Manowieckijtag/drivers/ftdi.c: removed memory leak63/2563/3master
4 days ago Marian Cingeldoc: update RTOS section, add 'mqx' info92/2592/2
4 days ago Uwe BonnesAdd configuration for EFM32 Gecko boards with Segger... 85/2585/4
4 days ago Mahavir Jainflash/nor: mrvlqspi: fix printf formatting issues77/2577/2
4 days ago Angus Grattontransport: make 'transport select' auto-select the... 51/2551/7
4 days ago Paul Fertsertarget/adi_v5_swd, cortex_m: properly handle more cases... 96/2596/5
4 days ago Paul Fertserdrivers/cmsis-dap: port to common SWD framework56/2356/9
4 days ago Paul Fertsertcl/board/twr-k60f120m: remove useless flash bank 0... 95/2595/3
4 days ago Paul Fertserflash/nor/kinetis: do not attempt mass-erase in place... 94/2594/3
4 days ago Paul Fertserarmv7m_trace, stlink: provide APIs to capture trace... 40/2540/13
4 days ago Paul Fertserarmv7m: add generic trace support (TPIU, ITM, etc.)38/2538/14
2015-03-10 Uwe Bonnesstm32l1.cfg: Add missing dash to fix f7394049d3 commit.90/2590/3
2015-03-09 Andreas Fritiofsontcl: Add default hooks for STM32F3x96/2196/5
2015-03-09 Paul Fertserflash/nor/stellaris: allow to recover a locked device... 52/2552/2
2015-03-09 Andreas Färberjlink: Add variant "J-Link Lite-XMC4000"68/2568/2
2015-03-09 Andreas Färberjlink: Add variant "J-Link Lite-XMC4200"65/2565/3
2015-03-09 Paul Fertserserver, target, cortex_m: add deinit_target to the... 44/2544/5
2015-03-09 Paul Fertsertarget/target: call event handlers around examine when... 36/2536/6
2015-03-09 Paul Fertserhla/hla_interface: call HLA layout API close() on quit43/2543/5
2015-03-09 Paul Fertsertarget/cortex_m: do not leak memory on reexamination42/2542/5
2015-03-09 Paul Fertsertarget: fix timer callbacks processing41/2541/3
2015-03-09 Paul Fertserarm11: initialise DPM and register cache before reading... 43/2043/2
2015-03-09 Paul Fertserstlink: avoid null pointer dereference in stlink_usb_cl... 50/2550/5
2015-03-09 Franck Jullienopenrisc: add profiling function94/2494/2
2015-03-09 Paul Fertserarmv7m: do not access FPU registers when not present16/2516/4
2015-03-09 Paul Fertserarmv7m: add FPU registers support14/514/20
2015-03-09 Paul Fertserjimtcl: update to 0.76 release version22/2522/2
2015-03-09 pierre Kuotarget/arm_disassembler: add exception related disassembly48/2548/3
2015-03-09 Paul Fertsertarget/cortex_a: remove dead assignment61/2561/2
2015-03-09 Paul Fertserflash/nor/stellaris: remove dead assignment60/2560/2
2015-03-09 Paul Fertserflash/nor/sim3x: remove dead assignment59/2559/2
2015-03-09 Paul Fertsercontrib/itmdump: fix UB in show_swit, and few compile... 33/2533/2
2015-03-09 Karl Palssoncontrib: itmdump: fix incorrect format printf49/2449/3
2015-03-09 Austin Mortonserver: tcl_notifications command36/2336/8
2015-03-09 Marian Cingelrtos: Freescale MQX rtos support53/2353/9
2015-03-09 Matthijs van... tcl/interface/ftdi/xdsv2: fix and clarify EMU* signals31/2231/3
2015-03-09 Uwe Bonnesstm32l1.cfg: Add ID Code of Cat.2 devices.17/2517/4
2015-03-09 Uwe Bonnesstm32f3x.cfg: Remove duplicate item.54/2554/3
2015-03-09 Nemui Trinomiuslpc2000: Add LPC407x/8x flash size auto detection55/2555/2
2015-03-09 Olivier Esveratmega: add support for the at90usb128 flash57/2557/2
2015-03-09 Mateusz ManowieckiAdded system signal handling to Linux version43/2443/3
2015-03-09 Mateusz Manowieckijtag/drivers/buspirate: add JTAG_STABLECLOCKS cmd96/2496/2
2015-03-09 Arne Wichmanntarget & board: AT91SAM7A2 and Olimex SAM7-LA218/2318/5
2015-02-28 Tomas Vanekpsoc4 flash driver: cleaned printf PRI... formats58/2558/3
2015-02-24 Theodore A... nrf51: Update known devices table.14/2514/2
2015-02-24 dmitry pervushinflash/nor/spi: add GigaDevice SPI flash30/2530/2
2015-02-22 Paul Fertsercfg: add board and target configs for TI SimpleLink... 65/2465/6
2015-02-22 Uwe BonnesProvide genuine F3 nucleo config and source it for... 34/2434/3
2015-02-22 Oleksij Rempeltcl/target|board: add configs for Alphascale asm9260t15/2515/3
2015-02-22 Robert P. J... Remove long-deprecated "target count" and "target numbe... 60/1860/4
2015-02-22 Andreas Fritiofsoncfg: Fix Kinetis kwikstik/kx config27/2227/3
2015-02-22 Jean-Christian... Add SWD protocol support to sysfsgpio38/2438/6
2015-02-22 Jean-Christian... Add SWD protocol support to bitbang37/2437/4
2015-02-22 Matej Kupljengdb_server: ignore stray + in ACK mode45/2545/3
2015-02-22 Uwe Bonnes cortex_m: Add Cortex-M0 identification to ROM-table... 49/2549/2
2015-02-22 Christopher... Cortex A: fix extra memory read and non-word sizes81/2381/15
2015-02-12 Paul Fertserdoc: stellaris driver supports Tiva C too09/2509/2
2015-02-12 Paul Fertserflash/nor/stm32lx: add all the IDs and revisions from... 95/2495/3
2015-02-12 Paul FertserREADME, doc: add mrvlqspi flash driver information10/2510/3
2015-02-12 Paul Fertserdoc, README: mention all the variants supported by... 08/2508/3
2015-02-11 Andrej Kazminflash/nor/at91samd: add small delay before checking... 68/2268/3
2015-02-11 Paul Fertserflash/startup: extend "program" command to accept ... 92/2492/3
2015-02-11 Paul Fertserserver: shutdown command should lead to exit without... 11/2511/2
2015-02-11 Andreas Fritiofsontarget/profiling: Use the correct method to access... 79/2479/2
2015-02-11 Andreas Fritiofsonxscale: Use the correct method to access registers78/2478/2
2015-02-11 Andreas Fritiofsonhla_target: Use the correct method to access registers77/2477/2
2015-02-11 Andreas Fritiofsoncortex_m: Use the correct method to access registers76/2476/2
2015-02-11 Andreas Fritiofsonnds32: Use the correct method to access registers75/2475/3
2015-02-11 Antony Pavlovmips32: add gdb target description support72/1972/9
2015-02-11 Antony Pavlovmips32: use 'unsigned int' for CPU register indices16/2216/5
2015-02-11 Anton Kuzmintcl/interface/ftdi: correct LED config for BusBlaster... 39/2539/2
2015-02-11 Andreas Bomholtzsim3x: new flash driver for Silabs SiM3 microcontroller... 78/2078/19
2015-02-11 Angus Grattonnrf51 - Add async loader. Performance on nrf51822QAA... 04/2204/12
2015-02-11 Daniel Glöcknerarmv7a: fix interpretation of MMU table86/2386/2
2015-02-11 Joerg FischerJ-Link serial number config option21/2521/3
2015-02-11 Olivier Schonkencortex_a: Add Cortex-A5 identification83/2483/2
2015-02-11 Paul FertserREADME: mention "transport select" in quickstart section12/2512/2
2015-02-11 Paul Fertsertarget/image: fix undefined behaviour when loading... 24/2524/2
2015-02-11 Paul Fertserdoc: document the OCL (on chip flash loader) driver29/2529/2
2015-02-11 Oleksij Rempeltcl: add TP-LINK TL-MR3020 to the firmware recovery... 20/2520/6
2015-02-11 Oleksij Rempeltcl/target|board: add config Atheros ar933119/2519/5
2015-02-11 Jose de Sousatarget: write gmon.out according to target endianness68/2168/4
2015-02-11 Pawel Simini51: support for Nuvoton NuMicro M051 series flash... 26/2426/3
2015-02-11 Jacob Palssontcl/target: add CC2538 and CC26xx target files (with... 32/2232/5
2015-02-11 Ed Berosetem357: added target files for em357 and em35870/2470/8
2015-02-11 Nemui Trinomiusjlink: Added hardware version number for JLink firmware... 98/2298/4
2015-02-11 Heinz Schweigercfg: TI Tiva C dk-tm4c129x Evaluation Kits67/1867/6
2015-02-11 Michael Brownlpc2000: add chip IDs for LPC11U6x/LPC11E6x63/2463/2
2015-02-11 Tomas Vanekpsoc4: support for Cypress PSoC 41xx/42xx family82/2282/6
2015-02-04 Jussi Kivilinnastm32lx: do not attempt mass-erase in-place of first... 41/2441/7
2015-02-04 Paul Fertserflash/nor/stm32lx: use 0 base to autodetect second... 03/2503/2
2015-02-04 Paul Fertserdoc: add stm32lx mass_erase description02/2502/2
2015-02-04 Paul Fertserflash/nor/stm32l: unify waiting for busy flag functions91/2491/3
2015-02-04 Paul Fertserflash/nor/stm32l: fix mass erase90/2490/3
2015-02-04 Paul Fertserconfigure: define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN early to make... 86/2486/3
2015-02-04 Paul link libusb-1.0 after libusb-0.1 to fix... 85/2485/2
2015-02-04 Paul Fertserflash/nor/stm32f2x: add new revisions of STM32F4x parts93/2493/2
2015-02-04 Rémi PRUD’HOMMESubject: [PATCH] update src/flash/nor/stm32f2x.c84/2484/2
2015-02-02 Uwe BonnesAdd more STM32F3 IDs in target/stm32f3.cfg.35/2435/3
2015-01-30 Paul Fertserdrivers/stlink: clarify "init mode failed" message65/2365/3