12 days ago Alamy Liuflash/nor/jtagspi: 'retval' may be used uninitialized05/2905/4master
2015-08-06 Paul Fertsersvf: flush the queue before reallocing memory99/2899/2
2015-08-06 Evan Hunterflash : Add support for Atmel at91sam4sa16b78/2878/2
2015-08-06 Evan Huntergdb_server: Add check for malloc fail71/2871/2
2015-08-06 Christoph Pittracherbcm2835gpio: Add SWD support, Raspberry Pi 2 support.02/2802/3
2015-08-06 Andrey Yurovskyat91samd: add chip IDs for SAMC20 and SAMC21 families09/2809/3
2015-08-06 Paul Fertsersim3x: fix build failure with clang 3.638/2838/2
2015-08-06 Robert Jordenskc705: digilent-jtag/kintex7/jtagspi board61/2861/15
2015-08-06 Robert Jordenspipistrello: ftdi-jtag/spartan6/jtagspi board46/2846/19
2015-08-06 Robert Jordensflash/nor/jtagspi: add JTAGSPI driver44/2844/13
2015-08-06 Robert Jordensflash/nor/tcl: add read_bank and verify_bank42/2842/8
2015-08-06 Robert Jordenscpld/virtex2: allow JSTART to be disabled60/2860/3
2015-08-06 Robert Jordensflash/nor/spi: add micron/numonyx n25q12841/2841/6
2015-08-06 Robert Jordenstarget/testee: manage target->state40/2840/5
2015-08-06 Andreas Färbertcl/board: Add EmCraft VF6 SOM and baseboard configs67/2767/3
2015-08-06 Andreas Färbertcl/target: Add Freescale Vybrid VF6xx config66/2766/2
2015-08-06 Kyle Mannajlink: Add on-board nRF51-DK USB VID and PID75/2775/2
2015-08-06 Kyle Mannaudev: Add J-Link on-board nRF51-DK74/2774/2
2015-08-06 Radek Dostaltcl: replace $TARGETNAME with $_TARGETNAME79/2779/2
2015-08-06 Alexander DrozdovRTOS: ThreadX support on ARM926E-JS48/2848/2
2015-08-06 Karl Palssontarget: check memory handlers before use for all types91/2791/3
2015-06-30 Paul Fertsermanual: make it compatible with ancient texinfo version... 81/2781/2
2015-05-17 Paul FertserRestore normal development cycle
2015-05-17 Paul FertserThe openocd-0.9.0 releasev0.9.0
2015-05-17 Paul FertserNEWS: last pre-release changes76/2776/2
2015-05-17 Paul Fertserjtag/drivers/stlink: fix SRST issue with stlink-v161/2761/2
2015-05-17 Vincent Palatinpsoc4: add support for Cypress CCG1 family57/2757/4
2015-05-17 Peter A. Bigotnrf51: refine and extend known devices table93/2593/3
2015-05-17 Karl Palssondocs: gdb_target_description defaults enabled64/2764/2
2015-05-17 Austin Mortonserver: avoid the tcl server crashing when there is... 59/2759/4
2015-05-17 Paul Fertsermanual: add missing usb blaster commands72/2772/2
2015-05-17 Paul Fertsermanual: fix usb_blaster_pin command syntax and description71/2771/2
2015-05-17 Paul FertserREADME.Windows: clarify the kernel drivers installation06/2506/3
2015-05-17 Paul Fertsermanual: reorder flash driver info70/2770/2
2015-05-17 Paul Fertsermanual: fix all overfull and underfull hboxes69/2769/2
2015-05-17 Paul Fertsermanual: remove the lists of config files68/2768/2
2015-04-24 Paul FertserRestore -dev suffix
2015-04-24 Paul FertserThe openocd-0.9.0-rc1 release candidatev0.9.0-rc1
2015-04-24 Paul FertserAdd NEWS in preparation for the new release01/2701/5
2015-04-24 Paul Fertserjtag/drivers/ti_icdi: do not segfault when adapter... 42/2742/2
2015-04-24 Andreas Färberxmc4500-application-kit-general: Drop srst_nogate27/2727/2
2015-04-24 Jiri Kastnertarget/ti_tms570.cfg: added several JTAG IDs for TMS570... 23/2123/8
2015-04-24 Alex RayTI TMS570 USB Kit board config89/2089/5
2015-04-24 Paul Fertserrtos/mqx: prevent crash with -rtos auto41/2741/3
2015-04-24 Paul Fertsertarget/cortex_a: examination should be done every time... 23/2723/2
2015-04-24 Paul Fertsertarget: try to reexamine even when polling fails21/2721/2
2015-04-24 Paul Fertserrtos: fix print format specifiers24/2724/2
2015-04-16 Simon Qianconfigure the SWD frequency when setting adapter speed... 08/2608/2
2015-04-16 Andrey Yurovskyflash: at91samd: add SAML21 support, fix part ID issue90/2690/2
2015-04-16 Uwe Bonnesstlink_usb.c: Decode some more errors.06/2706/2
2015-04-16 Paul Fertserflash/nor/mdr: add docs, remove memory leak on probe()94/2694/2
2015-04-16 Marc Schinkflash: efm32: Add support for EZR32LG and EZR32WG.00/2700/2
2015-04-16 Spencer Oliverdocs: update OpenOCD url's to domain98/2698/2
2015-04-16 Spencer Olivercmsis-dap: print vendor and product id on open failure08/2708/2
2015-04-16 Mahavir Jaindoc/openocd.texi: fix formatting for mrvlqspi driver... 05/2705/2
2015-04-16 Paul Fertsertcl/target/stm32f3: fix reset init for stlink02/2702/5
2015-04-16 Paul Fertsercontrib/itmdump: add a hack to allow direct dumping... 37/2537/7
2015-04-16 Paul FertserFix several format specifiers errors exposed by arm... 19/2719/2
2015-04-16 Felipe Balbiboard: ti_am43xx_evm: remove xds100v2 interface18/2618/4
2015-04-16 Andreas Fritiofsonrtos: add instructions and helper code to make FreeRTOS... 47/2347/4
2015-04-16 Andreas FritiofsonFreeRTOS: Make optional symbols optional25/2425/4
2015-04-14 Tomas VanekAT91SAM4L: handle reset run/halt in SMAP04/2604/5
2015-04-14 Paul Fertsertarget/arm_adi_v5, cortex_m: retry ahbap_debugport_init... 01/2601/4
2015-04-14 Paul Fertsertarget/cortex_a: emit a clear error message when dbgbas... 03/2603/4
2015-04-14 Paul Fertserflash/nor/lpc2000: free allocated working area when... 96/2696/2
2015-04-14 Paul Fertserjtag/adi_v5_jtag: fix infinite recursion in jtagdp_tran... 97/2697/2
2015-04-14 Paul Fertserflash/nor/lpc2000: properly free working area used... 95/2695/2
2015-04-14 Paul Fertserjtag/startup.tcl: fix regression with autoselecting... 93/2693/3
2015-04-14 Richard BraunChibiOS: fix crash on auto detection97/2597/2
2015-04-14 Paul FertserTcl exception codes cleanup, shutdown command amendments00/2600/4
2015-04-14 Juha Niskanenhelper: shutdown command should return with 0 exit... 89/2589/2
2015-04-14 Paul Fertserjtag/tcl: fix incorrect memcpy in jim_newtap_expected_id62/2562/4
2015-04-14 Uwe Bonnesturtelizer2-revC: Tested with real hardware.84/2584/4
2015-04-14 Nemui Trinomiuslpc2000: Removed cmd51_can_xxxxb variables.07/2607/2
2015-04-14 Andreas Färbertcl/board: Add Infineon XMC 2Go config64/2564/3
2015-04-14 Patrick NoffkeAdded Atmel SAM4SA16C chip (chip ID 0x28a70ce0).25/2625/2
2015-04-14 Andreas Färbertcl/board: Add Infineon XMC1100 Boot Kit config72/2472/5
2015-04-14 Andreas Färbertcl/target: Add Infineon XMC1000 family target config71/2471/5
2015-04-14 Andreas Färbertcl/board: Add Spansion SK-FM4-176L-S6E2CC config70/2570/3
2015-04-14 Andreas Färbertcl/target: Add Spansion FM4 config69/2569/2
2015-04-14 Ed Berosetstartup: Fixed measure_clk to return kHz instead of... 73/2573/6
2015-04-14 Ed Berosetem357: Corrected EM357 support including errata details81/2581/3
2015-04-14 Uwe Kleine... Cortex-A: Don't flush the data/unified cache if MMU... 29/2429/2
2015-04-14 Evan HunterRTOS: Add logging to FreeRTOS and general RTOS91/2391/5
2015-04-14 Paul Fertsertcl/interface/parport: default to sane value on non... 72/2572/2
2015-04-14 Paul Fertserjtag/core: honour SRST timings in SWD mode91/2591/2
2015-04-14 Jeff Ciesielskitcl/board: Add Infineon XMC4500 Relax Kit config67/2567/3
2015-04-14 Jeff Ciesielskitcl/board: Add Infineon XMC4200 Application Kit config66/2566/3
2015-04-14 Andreas Färbertcl/board: Add Infineon XMC4500 Application Kit configs81/2481/4
2015-04-14 Andreas Färbertcl/target: Add Infineon XMC4000 family config80/2480/4
2015-04-14 Felipe Balbitcl: icepick: add icepick_d_set_coreid24/2624/2
2015-04-14 Felipe Balbitarget: icepick: call icepick_c_setup23/2623/2
2015-04-14 Felipe Balbitarget: icepick: switch over to icepick_c_router22/2622/2
2015-04-14 Felipe Balbitcl: target: am437x: pass coreid21/2621/2
2015-04-14 Felipe Balbitarget: am437x: use more descriptive names20/2620/2
2015-04-14 Felipe Balbitarget: am437x: fix DebugSS DAP ID19/2619/2
2015-04-14 Felipe Balbitcl: board: add AM437x IDK support17/2617/3
2015-04-14 Felipe Balbitcl: am437x: add reset-init event handler16/2616/3
2015-04-14 Felipe Balbitcl: am437x: disable watchdog on reset-end15/2615/3
2015-04-14 Felipe Balbitcl: am437x: define registers to be used later14/2614/3