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openocd/andreasf.git Andreas' development fork andreas.fritiofson... 6 years ago
openocd/borneoa.git Antonio's development fork 8 years ago
openocd/cederom.git CeDeROM's workshop. 5 years ago
openocd/cmsis-dap.git Add cmsis-dap support theshed@mikebrown... 5 years ago
openocd/cortex.git Marex's Cortex A8 development branch 7 years ago
openocd/dave.git Some of Dave's pending patches 8 years ago
openocd/digenius.git digenius' additions (mainly arm11) No commits
openocd/dnglaze.git Unoffical Testing Grounds for Dean Glazeski 7 years ago
openocd/dsp568013.git 6 years ago
openocd/ellerodev.git Luca's development patches 7 years ago
openocd/genbsdl.git Generic flash access through boundary scans 7 years ago
openocd/jflash.git add intel's jflashmm functionality to openocd 5 years ago
openocd/libswd.git libswd + openocd integration fork repository 5 years ago
openocd/ntfreak.git Spen's Unofficial Testing Repository 4 years ago
openocd/oharboe.git wip for �yvind harboe on openocd 6 years ago
openocd/openocdswd.git OpenOCD fork with SWD works 7 years ago
openocd/simonqian.git temporary implementation of SWD support of... 8 years ago
openocd/testing.git Official Testing Repository 8 years ago
openocd/ztw.git Zach's Unofficial Testing Repository 8 years ago