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28 hours ago Andreas Fritiofsoncfg: Rename leftover cortex_a8 -> cortex_a97/2197/2master
5 days ago Nemui Trinomiuskinetis : Added Kinetis-K Series MDM-AP ID.95/2195/2
6 days ago Kamal Dasucortex_a: target implementation renames cortex_a8 to... 99/1599/12
6 days ago Fatih Aşıvsllink: Port to libusb-1.0 API52/1952/7
6 days ago Fatih Aşıcıvsllink: Add SWD support47/1947/11
6 days ago Paul Fertserjtag/drivers/opendous: remove ftime() calls87/2187/2
6 days ago Paul Fertserdrivers/cmsis_dap_usb: restructure init sequence a bit92/2192/2
6 days ago Paul Fertserjtag/drivers/cmsis_dap: fix check for hardcoded vids... 91/2191/2
6 days ago Kamal DasuOpenocd: svf: Add ability to ignore svf_check_tdo errors29/2129/2
11 days ago Mathias KAdd error handling and remove double readout.81/1181/7
11 days ago Paul Fertserjtag/drivers/ftdi: do not touch unavailable reset signals86/2186/2
11 days ago Spencer Olivercfg: add SWD configs for stellaris ftdi based adapters85/2185/3
11 days ago Paul Fertsertcl/interface/ftdi: add SWD configs for kt-link, olimex... 84/2184/6
11 days ago Paul Fertserjtag/drivers/ftdi: require defining SWD_EN signal for... 83/2183/6
11 days ago Paul Fertserjtag/drivers/ftdi: declare standard JTAG signals on... 82/2182/5
11 days ago Paul Fertserjtag/drivers/ftdi: add option to declare signal aliases81/2181/3
2 months ago v0.8.0 The openocd-0.8.0 release.
2 months ago v0.8.0-rc2 The openocd-0.8.0-rc2 release candi...
3 months ago v0.8.0-rc1 The openocd-0.8.0-rc1 release candi...
14 months ago v0.7.0 The openocd-0.7.0 release.
14 months ago v0.7.0-rc2 The openocd-0.7.0-rc2 release candi...
14 months ago v0.7.0-rc1 The openocd-0.7.0-rc1 release candi...
21 months ago v0.6.1 The openocd-0.6.1 release.
22 months ago v0.6.0 The openocd-0.6.0 release.
22 months ago v0.6.0-rc2 The openocd-0.6.0-rc2 release.
23 months ago v0.6.0-rc1 The openocd-0.6.0-rc1 release.
2 years ago v0.5.0 The openocd 0.5.0 release.
3 years ago v0.5.0-rc2
3 years ago v0.5.0-rc1
4 years ago v0.4.0 The OpenOCD 0.4.0 release
4 years ago v0.4.0-rc2 RC2 -- hope this is a brief cycle
4 years ago v0.4.0-rc1 The OpenOCD v0.4.0-rc1 milestone.
28 hours ago master
21 months ago v0.6.1
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openocd/digenius.git digenius' additions (mainly... No commits
openocd/ntfreak.git Spen's Unofficial Testing... 12 months ago
openocd/jflash.git add intel's jflashmm functiona... 17 months ago
openocd/libswd.git libswd + openocd integration... 18 months ago
openocd/cederom.git CeDeROM's workshop. 18 months ago
openocd/cmsis-dap.git Add cmsis-dap support theshed@mikebrown... 19 months ago
openocd/andreasf.git Andreas' development fork andreas.fritiofson... 2 years ago
openocd/dsp568013.git 2 years ago
openocd/oharboe.git wip for �yvind harboe on openocd 2 years ago
openocd/openocdswd.git OpenOCD fork with SWD works 3 years ago
openocd/ellerodev.git Luca's development patches 3 years ago
openocd/cortex.git Marex's Cortex A8 development... 3 years ago
openocd/genbsdl.git Generic flash access through... 3 years ago
openocd/dnglaze.git Unoffical Testing Grounds... 3 years ago
openocd/borneoa.git Antonio's development fork 4 years ago
openocd/dave.git Some of Dave's pending patches 4 years ago