2010-02-15 bradymillerchange version number to 3.2.0 for production releasev3_2_0
2010-02-14 bradymillerinternationalize LBF form title
2010-02-14 bradymilleroptimize form ordering
2010-02-13 bradymillerlanguage translation smarty function global fix
2010-02-12 bradymillerstop reporting of a custom error (it is benign) to...
2010-02-12 bradymillerlanguage translation table update for 3.2 release
2010-02-11 sunsetsystemsomit inactive users from the providers list
2010-02-10 tmccormiNow add the replacement 3.2 HTML Docs
2010-02-10 tmccormiclean up user guide dir, more infact remove it nearly...
2010-02-10 tmccormiclean up user guide dir, more infact remove it entirely
2010-02-10 tmccormiclean up user guide dir
2010-02-09 tmccormiadd 3.2 users guide
2010-02-06 bradymillerremoved previous dutch group code
2010-02-05 sunsetsystemsfix for form nickname handling
2010-01-31 bradymillerupdate language translation tables
2010-01-30 bradymillertranslation definition illegal character bug fix -...
2010-01-26 sunsetsystemsfixed bug in handling of apostrophes in layout field...
2010-01-26 sunsetsystemsminor fix to allow either double or single quotes in...
2010-01-23 bradymillerTranslations tables and constants update
2010-01-23 bradymillerupdated manually added list of english constants
2010-01-23 bradymillerFix drug name search to work in a broader sense
2010-01-22 bradymillerapostrophe bug fix in drug name, tracker artifact-2926772
2010-01-22 sunsetsystemsfixed problem with multiple GS segments
2010-01-22 bradymillerbug fix to display number with units inspired by MMFSystems
2010-01-21 sunsetsystemsfix for billing code field type
2010-01-14 bradymilleradded chinese traditional and simplified constants
2010-01-13 bradymillerset default margins to 5
2010-01-13 sunsetsystemsbetter support for multi-page images
2010-01-13 sunsetsystemsfix for encounter claims and added support for AMT...
2010-01-13 sunsetsystemsfix for IEA01
2010-01-11 bradymillermake config export/import optional
2010-01-07 bradymillerStatement Process Enhancement #2900727
2009-12-27 bradymillerplaced file counter within filename to fix the external...
2009-12-24 bradymillerplaced file counter within filename to fix the external...
2009-12-21 bradymillerapostrophe bug fix
2009-12-21 bradymillerapostrophe bug fix
2009-12-20 bradymillerinitial commit dummy file to hold sql upgrade instructi...
2009-12-19 bradymillerincrement to version 3.3.0-dev
2009-12-19 bradymillerupdated translation constants and tables
2009-12-19 bradymillerchanged Sam email address
2009-12-18 bradymillermigrated to wiki
2009-12-18 bradymillerclarify CAMOS documentation
2009-12-18 bradymillersmall fix
2009-12-17 bradymillerhtml apostrophes encoding fix
2009-12-14 bradymillerChanges by Joe Holzer
2009-12-14 bradymillerminor internationalization fixes
2009-12-13 bradymillerbug fix for mutliple reports, paginating html output...
2009-12-13 bradymillermore internationalization and input validation project
2009-12-12 bradymilleroutdated
2009-12-12 bradymillerinternationalization and input validation project updates
2009-12-11 bradymillerupdated language tables, note recent tables with a...
2009-12-10 sunsetsystemscosmetic fix to heading
2009-12-10 sunsetsystemssome customization for sports teams
2009-12-10 uid187666permit only one default item in a list
2009-12-10 sunsetsystemsadded special handling for list defaults
2009-12-10 sunsetsystemsadded a line for pt/clinic/date
2009-12-10 sunsetsystemssupport for "encounter claims" and x12 partner form...
2009-12-10 sunsetsystemssupport for "encounter claims" and x12 partner form...
2009-12-10 sunsetsystemssupport for "encounter claims"
2009-12-10 sunsetsystemsadded some sub-headings
2009-12-10 bradymillerlanguage translations update
2009-12-10 bradymilleradded a variable to filter out
2009-12-09 bradymillerPreparing package for 3.2.0, can now upgrade from non...
2009-12-09 bradymilleradded Arabic to list of languages
2009-12-06 bradymillerstandardize character escaping for database and html...
2009-12-05 bradymillerfee sheet cpt4 category bug fix by VisolveEmr
2009-12-05 bradymillerstandardize database character escaping
2009-12-05 bradymillermore support for standardization of input and mysql...
2009-12-02 bradymillerjarbled UTF-8 bug fix
2009-12-01 bradymillersupport for standardization of input and mysql string...
2009-11-17 sunsetsystemsadded default character set and collation when creating...
2009-11-17 bradymillerAdapted Backup script for cross-platform operation...
2009-11-17 bradymillerfix for https path bug by Jeff Ross and Dave
2009-11-13 sunsetsystemsadded ability to link pnotes to documents (many to...
2009-11-13 sunsetsystemsvarious changes as requested
2009-11-13 sunsetsystemsvarious updates
2009-11-13 sunsetsystemsdeal with new list_options column and add transgender
2009-11-13 sunsetsystemsskip inactive products
2009-11-13 sunsetsystemsskip inactive services
2009-11-13 sunsetsystemsfixed a couple of sorting and filtering bugs
2009-11-13 sunsetsystemscheck for inactive services and products
2009-11-13 sunsetsystemscommented out login failure reporting because it is...
2009-11-13 sunsetsystemsmade sl data authoritative and fixed some bugs and...
2009-11-13 sunsetsystemsfixed converted visit form names
2009-11-13 sunsetsystemschanged _new targets to _blank
2009-11-03 bradymillerdeal with escape characters, magic quotes, and prevent...
2009-11-03 bradymilleradded code to avoid sql-injection
2009-10-29 sunsetsystemsadded support for optional custom pdf logic
2009-10-29 sunsetsystemsfixed image centering bug
2009-10-28 sunsetsystemsfix for display of exam results
2009-10-28 sunsetsystemscosmetic fix for demographics and history displays
2009-10-27 sunsetsystemsabort instead of allowing silent truncation when a...
2009-10-27 sunsetsystemsadded quoting of column names in some places where...
2009-10-27 sunsetsystemsfixed some nasty bugs that can corrupt layout data
2009-10-27 sunsetsystemsfixed undo of checkouts
2009-10-24 bradymillercleaning up deprecated files
2009-10-24 bradymillerupdated language constants and tables
2009-10-23 sunsetsystemsfixed handling of list name when saving the new radio...
2009-10-22 sunsetsystemssimplified a bit
2009-10-22 sunsetsystemsreactivated visit form tooltips for athletic teams...