2009-03-15 markleedsNew starter data added.v3_0_0
2009-03-15 markleedsupdate
2009-03-15 markleedsMade to work with magic quotes on or off. Addressed...
2009-03-15 markleedsUpdated documentation.
2009-03-15 markleedsMade to work with magic quotes on or off.
2009-03-15 markleedsMade to work with or without magic quotes on.
2009-03-15 markleedsupdate
2009-03-15 sunsetsystemspreparing to release 3.0.0
2009-03-14 markleedsChanged version to 3.0 to match new OpenEMR release.
2009-03-14 markleedsupdate
2009-03-14 markleedsFixed quote escaping problem in view.php.
2009-03-14 bradymillerenable embedding of images and pdf files
2009-03-14 sunsetsystemsfixed firefox width problem in listing of issues
2009-03-14 sunsetsystemsadded row for external referrals and columns for providers
2009-03-14 sunsetsystemsrestored display of the number of related encounters
2009-03-14 sunsetsystemsremoved option of saving an MA code with no related...
2009-03-14 sunsetsystemschanges requested
2009-03-14 sunsetsystemsfixed problem with showing invoices with 0 balances
2009-03-14 sunsetsystemsadded patient name and visit date to title
2009-03-14 sunsetsystemsmods to prevent changes to billed encounters
2009-03-14 sunsetsystemsadded function for testing if an encounter is billed
2009-03-13 cfapressadded patient DOB and Age to title bar in concurrent...
2009-03-13 cfapressadded link back to the calendar
2009-03-13 cfapresscorrected link from time to create a new event on the...
2009-03-13 cfapressadded link from time to create a new event
2009-03-13 bradymillerpath bug fix
2009-03-10 markleedsFixed field population and date popup in the generated...
2009-03-10 markleedsFixed 'clone past visit' to go back to most recent...
2009-03-10 bradymillerrecommend setting magic_quotes_gpc On
2009-03-09 markleedsFixed typo. Thanks mike-h30.
2009-03-09 markleedsRemoved unnecessary variable.
2009-03-09 markleedsMoved picture display code below security check (thanks...
2009-03-09 markleedsSimplified code to generate img tag rather than iframe.
2009-03-09 markleedsMoved patient picture, if present, to top.
2009-03-09 markleedsPut $GLOBALS['webroot'] in path
2009-03-08 bradymilleradded support for another discovered writable directory
2009-03-08 sunsetsystemsadded ability to delete a transaction
2009-03-08 sunsetsystemsadded ability to print a blank referral form
2009-03-08 sunsetsystemsworking around firefox screwup of page break
2009-03-07 markleedsupdate
2009-03-07 markleedsupdate
2009-03-06 bradymillersimple bug fix
2009-03-06 bradymillerbug fix for cvs packaging
2009-03-06 bradymillerbug fix for cvs packaging
2009-03-06 bradymillerautomate CVS packages for windows/linux testers
2009-03-06 bradymillerupdated manual for demo/developer appliance
2009-03-06 bradymillerallow easy configuration of cvs demo appliance
2009-03-05 sunsetsystemstypo fixes from joe holzer
2009-03-05 sunsetsystemsomit boxes 17a and 33b for medicare
2009-03-05 sunsetsystemsadded encounter ID to tooltip
2009-03-05 sunsetsystemsfixed a couple of delete-related bugs
2009-03-05 sunsetsystemsfix for billing notes
2009-03-04 sunsetsystemsomit secondary payer address except for gateway edi
2009-03-03 sunsetsystemsrenaming 2_9_0-to-2_9_1_upgrade.sql to 2_9_0-to-3_0_0_u...
2009-03-03 sunsetsystemssupport Nocalendar in user info
2009-03-03 sunsetsystemssome requested changes
2009-03-03 sunsetsystemsadded a column for billing status
2009-03-03 sunsetsystemsrevised handling of discounts, treating them as adjustments
2009-03-03 sunsetsystemsfixed bug that causes sql errors when no data
2009-03-02 sunsetsystemsfixed export not working
2009-03-02 sunsetsystemsremoved debugging output
2009-02-27 sunsetsystemsfix for default provider selection
2009-02-27 sunsetsystemsadded display of last statement date
2009-02-27 sunsetsystemsfixed failure to convert statement dates and counts...
2009-02-27 bradymillerinstruction clarifications
2009-02-25 sunsetsystemsremoved new acceptors from ma stats
2009-02-25 sunsetsystemsadded daily report for ippf and moved some items to...
2009-02-25 sunsetsystemsadded daily report for ippf
2009-02-25 cfapressadded code to hide the min-max buttons in non-concurren...
2009-02-25 cfapressfixed javascript incompatibility
2009-02-25 cfapressstyle change
2009-02-25 cfapressfixed javascript bug
2009-02-25 cfapressmatched PDF file to on-screen results
2009-02-25 cfapressUI enhancement
2009-02-25 cfapressminor bug fix and some UI enhancement
2009-02-25 cfapressadded jquery stop-propogation for deleteme
2009-02-24 bradymillerinstallation instructions clarification
2009-02-23 bradymillerfixed bug to allow selection of mysql server
2009-02-23 sunsetsystemsfixed some odd behavior with discounts when invoice...
2009-02-23 cfapresseliminated inclusion of logo in PDF
2009-02-22 sunsetsystemsfixed bug in saving fields with data type 23, and a...
2009-02-21 bradymilleradded several more writable directories
2009-02-21 bradymillerclarify php-apache stuff, and added several more writab...
2009-02-21 bradymillersample template here, and ensure directory not pruned
2009-02-21 bradymillerphp4 bug fix
2009-02-20 sunsetsystemsfixes for integrated phpgacl
2009-02-20 bradymillerscript to install and configure cvs demo
2009-02-20 bradymillerExpand on php and apache configuration
2009-02-20 sunsetsystemslayout group name fixes for ippf
2009-02-20 sunsetsystemsfix for IE
2009-02-20 sunsetsystemssome fixes so this can be re-run in full without screwi...
2009-02-19 cfapressadded new report to the list
2009-02-19 cfapressadded missing reports to Tree View
2009-02-19 bradymillerupdated with concurrent setup.php file changes
2009-02-19 bradymillerremove directory checking, no longer required
2009-02-19 bradymillerfix empty directory bug
2009-02-19 bradymillerfix empty directory bug
2009-02-18 cfapresschanged to use ezPDF and added new features
2009-02-18 cfapressnew variable for pubpid
2009-02-18 cfapresscorrection to display pubpid instead of pid in printed PDF