2007-01-14 sunsetsystemsdo not error out if any payments are already appliedv2_8_2
2007-01-14 sunsetsystemsset release number to 2.8.2
2007-01-14 sunsetsystemsshow treatments if any
2007-01-14 sunsetsystemsshow patient balance
2007-01-14 sunsetsystemsnew spreadsheet-like form with support for templates
2007-01-12 sunsetsystemsomit patient title when omit_employers is true
2007-01-12 sunsetsystemsupdated to new date widget
2007-01-11 sunsetsystemsshow charges and adjustments separately
2007-01-11 sunsetsystemsoptionally omit patient title; change 0000-00-00 DOB...
2007-01-11 sunsetsystemscosmetic improvements for printed prescriptions
2007-01-07 sunsetsystemssupport for the Availity clearinghouse and grouping...
2007-01-07 sunsetsystemsfix for subscriber relationship not showing
2007-01-07 sunsetsystemsfix for users sometimes not listed in dropdowns
2007-01-07 sunsetsystemsimproving jpeg quality in patient reports
2006-12-29 sunsetsystemsfor better collections workflow
2006-12-27 sunsetsystemsadded support for simplified copay panel
2006-12-27 sunsetsystemsallow specified non-providers to create authorized...
2006-12-24 sunsetsystemsmisc corrections
2006-12-22 sunsetsystemsmore fixes for new frame layout
2006-12-22 sunsetsystemsallow a non-doc to authorize stuff if see_auth = all
2006-12-22 sunsetsystemspermit non-numeric prescription quantity
2006-12-21 sunsetsystemsrefining the new frame layout
2006-12-21 sunsetsystemssorting alphabetically
2006-12-20 sunsetsystemsfixed but where a scanned doc with same timestamp as...
2006-12-20 sunsetsystemsa couple of simplification and hipaa options for demogr...
2006-12-20 sunsetsystemsfixes for new frame layout
2006-12-19 sunsetsystemsadded collections report
2006-12-18 sunsetsystemsrefinements for new frame layout, ready to test now!
2006-12-18 sunsetsystemsfixed bug with saved into not loaded into form
2006-12-16 sunsetsystemsmore fixes for new frame layout
2006-12-16 sunsetsystemssmall cosmetic change
2006-12-16 sunsetsystemsallow users to be inactive
2006-12-16 sunsetsystemssome contributed fixes for the acog forms
2006-12-14 sunsetsystemsmaking forms compatible with new frame layout
2006-12-14 sunsetsystemsfixed inability to switch to non-day views
2006-12-11 sunsetsystemsyet more changes for new frame layout
2006-12-11 sunsetsystemsmore fixes for the new frame layout
2006-12-10 sunsetsystemsmore changes for new frame layout
2006-12-10 sunsetsystemsmore changes for new frame layout
2006-12-09 sunsetsystemschanges for new flexible frame-based layout - not yet...
2006-12-07 sunsetsystemsfixed bug with moving documents across patients when...
2006-12-06 sunsetsystemssupport deleting of individual encounter forms
2006-12-06 sunsetsystemsadded some fields
2006-12-06 sunsetsystemsaddress book based on users table
2006-12-05 sunsetsystemsadded auto-create of new encounter when patient arrives
2006-12-05 sunsetsystemsadded issue title to report
2006-12-05 sunsetsystemsaddress book based on users table
2006-12-05 sunsetsystemsnew report: patient list
2006-12-05 sunsetsystemsfixed bug in listing facilities
2006-11-30 sunsetsystemsnew form for scanned encounter notes
2006-11-26 sunsetsystemsrevert experiemental code accidentally checked in
2006-11-25 sunsetsystemsadded option to report on one billing code
2006-11-24 sunsetsystemsfixed insert of default calendar events
2006-11-24 sunsetsystemsfixed insert of default facility
2006-11-22 sunsetsystemsfootball injury report for sports teams
2006-11-14 sunsetsystemsreworked logic for auto-display of the football injury...
2006-11-14 sunsetsystemsfix bug in use of end date for deactivation
2006-11-14 sunsetsystemsSupport "Inactive" in user info field to omit them...
2006-11-09 sunsetsystemsnew encounter form for football injuries, a popup versi...
2006-11-09 sunsetsystemsfixed css bug that messed up the popup calendar
2006-11-08 tekknogeniuslabel missing from Justify button due to missing parameter
2006-11-07 sunsetsystemsadd issue style, return-to-play date, and avoid listing...
2006-11-06 tekknogeniusRemoved commented code because no longer used
2006-11-06 tekknogeniusCorrected syntax error
2006-10-30 andres_paglayanxl added
2006-10-30 andres_paglayanxl added
2006-10-30 andres_paglayanxl added
2006-10-27 sunsetsystemsadded Billing type for patient transactions
2006-10-25 sunsetsystemssupporting encounter sensitivity levels
2006-10-24 sunsetsystemssupport for encounter sensitivity levels
2006-10-24 sunsetsystemsfixed failure to retain referral_source when updating...
2006-10-24 sunsetsystemsfixed Go button sometimes showing no events
2006-10-23 sunsetsystemscosmetic improvement for ie
2006-10-22 sunsetsystemscosmetic tweaks
2006-10-21 sunsetsystemsremoved junk
2006-10-21 sunsetsystemsinfo update
2006-10-19 sunsetsystemsoption for one-column fee sheet
2006-10-13 sunsetsystemsminor fixes
2006-10-12 sunsetsystemsrefinements and fixes to scanner support
2006-10-09 sunsetsystemsmisc fixes
2006-10-07 sunsetsystemsOb/Gyn forms contributed by Douglas Crosdale
2006-10-06 sunsetsystemssome bug fixes and initial support for listing and...
2006-10-04 sunsetsystemsfixed javascript bug
2006-09-27 sunsetsystemsavoid listing faxes not fully received
2006-09-27 sunsetsystemsindicate number of received faxes in header line
2006-09-26 markleedsCommented out duplicate declaration of the variable...
2006-09-24 sunsetsystemsimproved cover sheet and a couple of other fax-sending...
2006-09-23 markleedsZirmed claim generating script.
2006-09-23 markleedsImprovements by Mike Brinson including features, bug...
2006-09-23 sunsetsystemsadded general-purpose fax support
2006-09-20 sunsetsystemsfix from michael brinson to retain selected users in...
2006-09-12 sunsetsystemsadded a couple of fitness attributes for sports teams
2006-09-07 sunsetsystemsremit processing corrections
2006-09-07 sunsetsystemsadded acl checking
2006-09-01 sunsetsystemsvarious corrections and improvements to remit processing
2006-08-31 sunsetsystemschange drug sizes to floats
2006-08-24 sunsetsystemsadd phone_pharmacy; change prescription item size to...
2006-08-24 sunsetsystemsadd Qty column
2006-08-24 sunsetsystemshide immunizations from weight loss clinics
2006-08-24 sunsetsystemscosmetic fix