2006-01-17 andres_paglayantoggling between (See All) and (Just Mine) addeddv2_8_1
2006-01-17 andres_paglayanadded ability to see all notes regardless of the adresse
2006-01-17 sunsetsystemsset release to 2.8.1
2006-01-17 sunsetsystemsadded ability to select which users see authorizations
2006-01-15 sunsetsystemsfix another translation bug
2006-01-14 sunsetsystemsfix redundant escaping of quotes
2006-01-14 sunsetsystemssupport for messaging of and appending to patient notes
2006-01-14 sunsetsystemspreparing for 2.8.1-rc1
2006-01-13 sunsetsystemscosmetic cleanup
2006-01-09 sunsetsystemsfixed so mark-as-cleared works, also to set qty to...
2006-01-04 sunsetsystemsHelpfulDie was not very helpful
2006-01-03 andres_paglayan" added to value= option
2006-01-03 andres_paglayantranslation fix
2006-01-03 sunsetsystemsallow non-practitioner access to patient/med by default...
2006-01-03 sunsetsystemssupport frequency for repeated events
2005-12-30 sunsetsystemsfixed bug introduced by language support
2005-12-30 sunsetsystemsfixed aco name error
2005-12-29 sunsetsystemscompatibility with mysql 4.0.x
2005-12-29 sunsetsystemsfix more bugs introduced by translation changes
2005-12-28 sunsetsystemsremoved reference to table xtra which is never created
2005-12-28 sunsetsystemsremove obsolete frame divider images
2005-12-28 sunsetsystemspermissions fix
2005-12-27 sunsetsystemsfix broken url
2005-12-27 sunsetsystemsupdate to use new event editor
2005-12-21 sunsetsystemsfix another xl bug and improve button layout
2005-12-20 sunsetsystemsfixed bad include urls - who checked this in? :-)
2005-12-20 sunsetsystemswas getting too wide, reworded to fit better
2005-12-19 andres_paglayanfield for using DOS as billing date added
2005-12-19 andres_paglayanoption for using DOS as billing date added
2005-12-19 sunsetsystemsfix some language translation bugs
2005-12-19 sunsetsystemsuse tcp/ip and not domain sockets
2005-12-19 sunsetsystemsremoved testing code
2005-12-19 sunsetsystemsadded support for sql-ledger 2.6.x
2005-12-16 sunsetsystemsadded indigent patients report
2005-12-13 andres_paglayanmissed bracket
2005-12-12 sunsetsystemsadded a preliminary billing export feature
2005-12-12 sunsetsystemsit appears default is expected to be return and not...
2005-12-07 andres_paglayanecho corrected
2005-12-06 andres_paglayandelete added
2005-12-03 sunsetsystemsfixed syntax error
2005-12-03 sunsetsystemsadded popup insurance search/add
2005-12-02 andres_paglayan*** empty log message ***
2005-12-01 andres_paglayanlittle fix on mis named function
2005-12-01 andres_paglayan*** empty log message ***
2005-12-01 andres_paglayanfixed an error that avoided notes to be printed out.
2005-12-01 nahoj1976Language support added /JH
2005-11-30 andres_paglayanbatchom table add
2005-11-28 sunsetsystemsadded outcome and disposition to issues, removed from...
2005-11-25 nahoj1976Language support added JH
2005-11-25 nahoj1976Language support added JH
2005-11-24 nahoj1976Language support added - JH
2005-11-24 sunsetsystemsphpgacl should be disabled by default
2005-11-24 sunsetsystemsmysql 4.0 doesnt like DEFAULT CHARSET
2005-11-21 andres_paglayantranlsation function xl()
2005-11-17 andres_paglayan*** empty log message ***
2005-11-16 andres_paglayanreference fixed
2005-11-16 andres_paglayantable definition for information only
2005-11-16 andres_paglayanlanguage tables added
2005-11-16 andres_paglayanlanguage tables added here.
2005-11-16 andres_paglayanlanguage option added to menu
2005-11-16 andres_paglayanInitial commit, multi language module added
2005-11-16 andres_paglayanlanguage permission added
2005-11-16 andres_paglayanbatchom and language comments added
2005-11-16 andres_paglayanlanguage option added
2005-11-11 sunsetsystemsset final release version 2.8.0v2_8_0
2005-11-11 sunsetsystemscosmetic only
2005-11-05 ballardsFixed registered form potentially showing up as unregis...
2005-11-04 sunsetsystemsadded referral interface
2005-11-04 sunsetsystemsinitial checkin
2005-11-02 sunsetsystemsadd feature to see appointment by clicking on its time
2005-10-28 sunsetsystemsreworked to include filenames
2005-10-28 andres_paglayanchangelog from 2005/06 to 2005/10 added
2005-10-28 sunsetsystemsuse squad ordering from phpgacl in the team rosterv2_7_3-rc1
2005-10-28 sunsetsystemsomit inactive issues
2005-10-28 sunsetsystemsforce just one column
2005-10-28 sunsetsystemsget real encounter date
2005-10-28 sunsetsystemsadd user column and encounter form info
2005-10-26 andres_paglayansome info added
2005-10-26 tekknogeniuscorrected syntax
2005-10-24 sunsetsystemsmisc cosmetic cleanups for sports team use
2005-10-24 sunsetsystemsincreased size of codes.code
2005-10-24 sunsetsystemsadded and revised some notes about directories
2005-10-23 sunsetsystemsfrom jim proctor for assessment_intake form
2005-10-22 sunsetsystemsnew form from jim proctor
2005-10-22 sunsetsystemsfixed typo
2005-10-21 andres_paglayanbatchom support
2005-10-21 andres_paglayan*** empty log message ***
2005-10-21 andres_paglayanbatchcom added
2005-10-21 andres_paglayantable registry added
2005-10-21 andres_paglayanbatchcom table added
2005-10-21 andres_paglayanbatchom table added
2005-10-21 andres_paglayanother features added
2005-10-21 andres_paglayanbatchcom menu item added
2005-10-21 andres_paglayaninitial commit for batchcom module
2005-10-21 andres_paglayanbatchcom authorization added for admin
2005-10-20 sunsetsystemsinitial checkin
2005-10-20 sunsetsystemsadded ability (for superuser only) to delete patients...
2005-10-20 sunsetsystemsbetter permissions checking
2005-10-20 sunsetsystemsfixed reported injury date
2005-10-19 andres_paglayanhipaa choice display logic fixed