2005-10-28 sunsetsystemsuse squad ordering from phpgacl in the team rosterv2_7_3-rc1
2005-10-28 sunsetsystemsomit inactive issues
2005-10-28 sunsetsystemsforce just one column
2005-10-28 sunsetsystemsget real encounter date
2005-10-28 sunsetsystemsadd user column and encounter form info
2005-10-26 andres_paglayansome info added
2005-10-26 tekknogeniuscorrected syntax
2005-10-24 sunsetsystemsmisc cosmetic cleanups for sports team use
2005-10-24 sunsetsystemsincreased size of codes.code
2005-10-24 sunsetsystemsadded and revised some notes about directories
2005-10-23 sunsetsystemsfrom jim proctor for assessment_intake form
2005-10-22 sunsetsystemsnew form from jim proctor
2005-10-22 sunsetsystemsfixed typo
2005-10-21 andres_paglayanbatchom support
2005-10-21 andres_paglayan*** empty log message ***
2005-10-21 andres_paglayanbatchcom added
2005-10-21 andres_paglayantable registry added
2005-10-21 andres_paglayanbatchcom table added
2005-10-21 andres_paglayanbatchom table added
2005-10-21 andres_paglayanother features added
2005-10-21 andres_paglayanbatchcom menu item added
2005-10-21 andres_paglayaninitial commit for batchcom module
2005-10-21 andres_paglayanbatchcom authorization added for admin
2005-10-20 sunsetsystemsinitial checkin
2005-10-20 sunsetsystemsadded ability (for superuser only) to delete patients...
2005-10-20 sunsetsystemsbetter permissions checking
2005-10-20 sunsetsystemsfixed reported injury date
2005-10-19 andres_paglayanhipaa choice display logic fixed
2005-10-17 sunsetsystemsadded ub-92 support
2005-10-17 sunsetsystemsadded ucsmc codes for uk sports medicine; allow selecti...
2005-10-17 sunsetsystemsadded ucsmc codes for uk sports medicine
2005-10-16 tekknogeniusundoe the === to == (realized they were correct in...
2005-10-16 tekknogeniuscorrected === to == in two if statements
2005-10-05 sunsetsystemsinitial checkin
2005-10-05 sunsetsystemsfixed a couple of silly display errors
2005-09-29 sunsetsystemsadded appointments report
2005-09-29 sunsetsystemswork around mozilla bug with onload and https
2005-09-29 sunsetsystemsadded phpGACL setup utility
2005-09-09 sunsetsystemssimplified adding/removing issue types and added dental...
2005-09-01 sunsetsystemsimplemented squads as access control objects
2005-08-29 andres_paglayanadded bzip and newer-than date to the tar part of the...
2005-08-28 sunsetsystemsuse improved date selectors
2005-08-28 sunsetsystemsfix possible problem with getting insert ids
2005-08-28 sunsetsystemshide some things for athletic team use
2005-08-28 sunsetsystemsfix spelling error
2005-08-26 sunsetsystemsadded xml-based patient export and import
2005-08-26 sunsetsystemscosmetics
2005-08-24 tekknogeniuscorrected logic error
2005-08-24 tekknogeniuscorrected table name from form_weel_child to form_well_...
2005-08-24 tekknogeniuscorrected typo and logic error
2005-08-12 sunsetsystemsadded Add Encounter button
2005-08-12 sunsetsystemsadded upcoming appointments to patient summary
2005-08-12 sunsetsystemsadded physiotherapy codes for sports medicine
2005-08-12 sunsetsystemsalways show encounter reason
2005-08-12 sunsetsystemsuse default durations from categories
2005-08-12 sunsetsystemswork around ie bug
2005-08-10 sunsetsystemsmore sensible default settings
2005-08-10 sunsetsystemsreporting improvements
2005-08-10 sunsetsystemsaccess control updates
2005-08-10 sunsetsystemsfix bad categories_seq starting value, add index to...
2005-08-04 sunsetsystemsphpgacl implementation updates
2005-08-02 sunsetsystemsinitial checkin
2005-08-02 sunsetsystemsnew encounter form
2005-08-02 sunsetsystemsnew reports
2005-08-02 sunsetsystemsimproved layout and ordering
2005-08-01 andres_paglayangot rid of empty files that created and headers sent...
2005-08-01 andres_paglayandump for sql-ledger added
2005-07-28 sunsetsystemsworkaround for ie formatting bug
2005-07-25 andres_paglayanThis file is a basic script than can be cronned to...
2005-07-18 sunsetsystemsshow a diagnosis column
2005-07-18 sunsetsystemsadded diagnosis selection
2005-07-18 sunsetsystemsadded an issues column
2005-07-18 sunsetsystemsuse modal dialog support
2005-07-18 sunsetsystemssimplification
2005-07-18 sunsetsystemsadded ability to select related issues
2005-07-18 sunsetsystemsadded "bad check" as an adjustment reason
2005-07-16 tekknogeniusconfigurable paper size and margins via config.php
2005-07-16 tekknogeniusremoved extra line at end of file, caused header info...
2005-07-15 sunsetsystemsremoved blank line at end which was causing billing...
2005-07-14 sunsetsystemsadd squad and fitness to patient_data
2005-07-14 sunsetsystemsremoved comment lines within table defs so setup will...
2005-07-10 sunsetsystemsfixed inserts to openemr_postcalendar_events
2005-07-08 sunsetsystemsadding appointment status and option to include appt...
2005-07-06 sunsetsystemsfixed typo reported by Mark Leeds
2005-07-06 sunsetsystemsuse modal dialogs
2005-07-06 tekknogeniusAdded rendering provider number and type
2005-07-05 sunsetsystemspopup window improvements
2005-07-05 sunsetsystemsnew code to manage appointments and other calendar...
2005-07-05 sunsetsystemsimproved support for popup windows
2005-07-03 sunsetsystemsfor sports team use show the player roster initially...
2005-07-03 sunsetsystemsallow the roster to be a non-popup
2005-07-03 sunsetsystemsadded To History button
2005-07-03 sunsetsystemsrenamed Patient Notes to Notes
2005-07-03 sunsetsystemsrenamed Billing to Coding in some places for non-US...
2005-07-03 sunsetsystemsallow cpt4 codes in opcs lists
2005-07-03 sunsetsystemsversion bump to 2.7.3-rc1
2005-07-03 sunsetsystemsnew and improved history data
2005-07-01 sunsetsystemshopefully all-day events will work now
2005-06-30 sunsetsystemsoops, fix to last fix
2005-06-30 sunsetsystemsfixed time comparison bug