2005-06-01 sunsetsystemswe now support and recommend the stock sql-ledgerv2_7_2
2005-05-18 sunsetsystemsbumped version to 2.7.2-rc2v2_7_2-rc2
2005-05-18 sunsetsystemssome cosmetic improvements
2005-05-18 tekknogeniusAdded support for a more expanded immunization data...
2005-05-17 sunsetsystemsshow correct encounter dates, remove patient notes...
2005-05-17 sunsetsystemschanged "New Patient Encounter" wording because it...
2005-05-16 sunsetsystemsfixed intermittent failure to show the correct encounte...
2005-05-16 sunsetsystemsadded appointments-encounters report
2005-05-15 tekknogeniusadded medical problems data to the report
2005-05-14 andres_paglayanCollection of forms, some new, some released in older...
2005-05-14 sunsetsystemsadded support for patient billing note
2005-05-14 sunsetsystemscosmetic
2005-05-13 tekknogeniusadded missing closing quote and linefeed on line 63
2005-05-13 tekknogeniusCorrection: ['x12_partner_id'] to ['ic_x12id'] which...
2005-05-13 tekknogeniusChanged problem to medical_problem
2005-05-13 sunsetsystemsadded clia number for claims
2005-05-12 sunsetsystemsadded referring doc and upin to claims
2005-05-11 sunsetsystemsadded patient statements
2005-05-05 sunsetsystemsmade the nav bar a bit taller
2005-05-05 sunsetsystemsadded drop-list for popup applications with support...
2005-05-05 sunsetsystemsadded a lab export implementation
2005-05-05 sunsetsystemsadded support for issues-and-encounters
2005-05-05 tekknogeniusmissing else for signature in if statement
2005-05-03 sunsetsystemsput insurance plans in invoice notes
2005-05-02 sunsetsystemsimproved performance of event queries
2005-05-02 sunsetsystemsclickoptions feature from mark leeds
2005-05-01 sunsetsystemsformatting patch from sankar1234
2005-05-01 sunsetsystemsminor cosmeticsv2_7_2-rc1
2005-04-28 sunsetsystemsadded gpl notice
2005-04-28 sunsetsystemsfixed date for new event when clicking on time slot
2005-04-27 sunsetsystemsrewritten for improved performance and usability
2005-04-23 sunsetsystemssubstituted acl check for $userauthorized check
2005-04-21 sunsetsystemsminor performance improvements
2005-04-20 sunsetsystemsnew scripts to load billing codes
2005-04-20 sunsetsystemsadded secondary billing checkbox and associated logic
2005-04-20 sunsetsystemsbump release nbr to 2.7.2-rc1
2005-04-19 andres_paglayanContributed by Mark Leds at mail_at_doc99_dot_com
2005-04-19 andres_paglayanManual by Emily
2005-04-19 andres_paglayancomments about includes/config.php added
2005-04-19 andres_paglayan*** empty log message ***
2005-04-19 andres_paglayan*** empty log message ***
2005-04-19 andres_paglayannote about upgrading
2005-04-19 andres_paglayanupgrade info added
2005-04-19 andres_paglayanlogo changed
2005-04-19 andres_paglayanPlace holder for miscellaneous contributions.
2005-04-19 sunsetsystemsfixed some formatting, added a note about access contro...
2005-04-19 sunsetsystemsfixed formatting of javascript-calculated amounts
2005-04-19 sunsetsystemsadd patients/trans and patients/docs to the list of...
2005-04-19 sunsetsystemsrequire admin/users permissions to view logs
2005-04-18 sunsetsystemsusing new acl api
2005-04-18 sunsetsystemsmodified to accomodate for access control
2005-04-18 sunsetsystemsinitial checkin
2005-04-17 sunsetsystemsadded the fee_sheet
2005-04-16 sunsetsystemsimprove rounding of amounts in ar table
2005-04-16 sunsetsystemsin fixDate() default 2-digit years to 20yy if yy < 10
2005-04-15 sunsetsystemsfixed updating of displayed payment total
2005-04-15 sunsetsystemsadded EOB data entry modules
2005-04-14 sunsetsystemsmoved sql-ledger database functions to
2005-04-14 sunsetsystemssupport for sql-ledger access
2005-04-14 sunsetsystemsinitial checkin
2005-04-14 tekknogeniusChanged position and removed extraneous line from _prin...
2005-04-13 tekknogeniusCorrected formatting, Removed double [Change Activity...
2005-04-13 vitsynFixed comment bug in "incorporate surgeries into true...
2005-04-13 tekknogeniusAdded facility name and address to prescription print...
2005-04-13 andres_paglayanand font type
2005-04-13 andres_paglayanfixed hipaa choices display
2005-04-12 vitsynfixed comment bug in incorparate surgeries and delete...
2005-04-12 vitsynfixed comment bug in incorparate surgeries (sorry)
2005-04-12 vitsynFixed comment bug in "incorporate surgeries into true...
2005-04-12 sunsetsystemsreversed out addition of surgeries due to multiple...
2005-04-12 sunsetsystemsfixed bug where wrong pid can be used for an encounter
2005-04-12 sunsetsystemsput something useful in customer number when pushing...
2005-04-12 sunsetsystemsadded cash receipts report for sql-ledger users
2005-04-11 vitsyn*** empty log message ***
2005-04-09 tekknogeniusCorrect some section headings
2005-04-07 vitsynincorporate surgeries into true problem list
2005-04-07 vitsynincorporate surgeries into true problem list.
2005-04-07 vitsynincorporate surgeies into true problem list
2005-04-07 sunsetsystemsfixed syntax error in previous commit; changed timestam...
2005-04-06 andres_paglayana repository for little how-tos
2005-04-06 andres_paglayanAdded HIPAA choice fields in patient demographic inform...
2005-04-06 vitsyn*** empty log message ***
2005-04-06 tekknogeniusChange wording from Patient Had to Surgeries
2005-04-05 sunsetsystemshighlight patient name in red if there is no primary...
2005-04-02 sunsetsystemsmake it easy to modify the code so that the encounter...
2005-04-02 sunsetsystemsselect billing line items to display by encounter date...
2005-04-02 sunsetsystemssort billing items so that the provider can be more...
2005-04-02 sunsetsystemsadded DateOfEncounter support for freeb so service...
2005-04-01 sunsetsystemsfixed failures to deal with pid changes; better parsing...
2005-04-01 sunsetsystemsincreased silly limit on number of found patients displayed
2005-04-01 sunsetsystemsincreased silly limit on number of found patients displayed
2005-04-01 sunsetsystemsfixed bug where deleted items can show up in the author...
2005-04-01 sunsetsystemsfixed include of globals.php
2005-04-01 sunsetsystemsabort instead of wiping out data if $pid inconsistency...
2005-03-30 vitsynFirst Input
2005-03-29 vitsynFirst input
2005-03-29 andres_paglayandeleting recursive directories,
2005-03-28 andres_paglayanfunction added
2005-03-28 vitsynInitial revision
2005-03-28 vitsynInitial revision