2013-07-27 bradymillerincremented patch version 14rel-411
2013-07-27 bradymillerImmunization CVX mapping bug fix
2013-06-15 bradymillerincremented patch version 13
2013-06-15 bradymillerSome requested security fixes.
2013-03-17 bradymillerincremented patch version 12
2013-03-17 bradymillerSql-injection functions and techniques for escaping...
2013-03-17 bradymillerSecurity fix - html escape sql error messages
2013-03-17 Kevin YehSyntax change and comment fix for parseAgeInfo calls
2013-03-17 Rod RoarkFix for dispatching a scanned document to a scanned...
2013-03-17 Rod RoarkFixed billing report to include encounters with no...
2013-03-17 Kevin YehAllow selection of which chart to display for patients...
2013-02-20 bradymillerincremented patch version 11
2013-02-20 Rod RoarkFix for deleting payments via the Front Office Receipts...
2013-02-20 bradymillerSecurity fixes.
2013-02-20 bradymillerminor improvement to the fee sheet search code drop...
2013-02-20 bradymillerSecurity Fix (xss)
2013-02-14 bradymillerincremented patch version 10
2013-02-14 bradymillerSecurity vulnerability fix
2013-02-14 bradymillertranslation fix for previous commit
2013-02-14 bradymillerMinor improvement to fee sheet to show code set Labels...
2013-02-14 Rod RoarkFixed bug that can cause saving of user edits to fail.
2013-02-14 AjilPatient portal new patient save to audit tables.
2013-02-14 bradymillerAMC reporting bug fix
2013-02-14 bradymillerThe Third Reminders email bug fix - contributed by...
2013-02-14 bradymillerBug fix and improvements to lab display on onsite patie...
2013-02-14 bradymillerThe Second Reminders email bug fix - contributed by...
2013-02-14 bradymillerReminders email bug fix - contributed by arnabnaha
2013-02-14 AjilFix for the copay issue in appointment encounter report.
2013-02-14 AjilLab results in patient portal Medical Records tab.
2013-02-14 Kevin YehFocus the search term on load
2013-02-14 bradymillerimport code module bug fix specifically for IE browsers
2013-01-10 bradymillerincremented patch version 9
2013-01-10 Teny This commit helps in the following
2013-01-10 Kevin YehVerfiy form_ss exists before trying to use it. (allows...
2013-01-10 Teny The new changes helps serve two important aspects
2013-01-10 Kevin YehFix for incorrect syntax in disc_fragment.php
2013-01-10 vinisheRx captured and displayed in AMC report,
2012-12-15 bradymillerincremented patch version 8
2012-12-15 bradymillerBug fix to show correct name of encounter author on...
2012-12-15 Rod RoarkFix for patient finder with PHP < 5.2.0.
2012-12-15 Kevin YehXSS for chart_location_activity
2012-12-15 unknownconvert to new security model for chart_location_activity
2012-12-15 unknownsql injection fix for chart_location_activity
2012-12-15 bradymillerfix for escaping in the code search popup
2012-12-15 bradymillerBug fix to correctly show patient form/note authors
2012-10-17 bradymillerincremented patch version 7
2012-10-17 bradymillerBug fix for provider Insurance Numbers
2012-10-17 bradymillerbug fix for apostrophe in facility name
2012-10-17 bradymillerFixed Patient Portal Offsite-mailbox bug
2012-10-17 AjilFixed an issue in showing insurance balance in payment...
2012-10-03 bradymillerincremented patch version 6
2012-10-03 TenyThe bugs in the patient portal are rectified. The...
2012-10-03 bradymillerClaim submission bug fix
2012-10-03 bradymillerTurned off a debugging statement in globals.php
2012-10-03 bradymillerImproved/optimized CDR engine reports (and patient...
2012-10-03 bradymillerminor bug fix in sql error reporting
2012-10-03 bradymillerbug fix to show sql errors
2012-09-24 bradymillerincremented patch version 5
2012-09-24 bradymillerbilling bug fix
2012-09-24 bradymillerpending icon for the cqm/acm/rules reporting
2012-09-21 bradymillerincremented patch version 4
2012-09-21 bradymillerbug fix in billing module pt name filter - bug reported...
2012-09-21 bradymillerImproved performance and memory management of CDR engine.
2012-09-18 bradymillerBug fix to add appt with multi provider feature (note...
2012-09-17 bradymillerincremented patch version 3
2012-09-17 bradymillerbug fix in appointment setting authorization
2012-09-14 bradymillerincremented patch version 2
2012-09-14 bradymillerRevert "Fix to return correct value instead of boolean...
2012-09-10 bradymillerincremented patch version 1
2012-09-10 bradymillerBug fix to show problems in the CCR/CCD reports
2012-09-10 bradymillerBug fix when setting an appointment as No Show
2012-09-10 bradymillerBug fix so the External Data Loads feature works in...
2012-08-30 bradymillerPreparing for 4.1.1 release:v4_1_1
2012-08-30 bradymillerpreparing ubuntu/debain package for 4.1.1 release
2012-08-29 bradymillerfinalizing acknowledgments page for 4.1.1 release
2012-08-26 bradymillerSet the 4.1.1 developer demo to use the finalized trans...
2012-08-26 bradymillerPrepping for release of OpenEMR 4.1.1 in 1-2 weeks:
2012-08-26 bradymillerFinalized translations for OpenEMR 4.1.1
2012-08-25 bradymillerclarified the acl access on the patient summary page...
2012-08-25 bradymillerDated reminders bug fix to use correct patient pid...
2012-08-22 bradymillerBug fix to allow choosing times in Calendar to work...
2012-08-21 bradymillerFinish converting TYPE= to ENGINE= for MySQL 5.5 compat...
2012-08-19 bradymillerFinish fixing the short tags
2012-08-19 fndtn357Fixed php short tags
2012-08-18 bradymillerminor fix to previous CDR engine report improvement
2012-08-18 Anil siva kumar NCDR engine report enhancement for patient provider...
2012-08-10 bradymillerGenID bug fix, take 2.
2012-08-10 bradymillerMultisite Module bug fixes:
2012-08-10 bradymillerRemoved magic quote recommendations from install instru...
2012-08-08 bradymillerUbuntu/debian package updates:
2012-08-05 bradymillerSecond revision for copyright clarification
2012-08-05 bradymillerflexible apache recs to secure multiple sites
2012-08-04 bradymillerAdded the forms_id key on the forms sql table
2012-08-02 bradymillerBug fix to collect referrer name in the collections...
2012-08-02 bradymillerBug fix for AMC rule 302m contributed by Ronald Leemhuis
2012-08-02 bradymillerBug fix to show correct name of encounter author (provi...
2012-08-02 bradymillerUser Preferences gui bug fix; now able to toggle off...
2012-08-02 bradymillerConverted CDR engine library files comments to DocBlock.
2012-07-30 bradymillerFixing accounting/billing bugs
2012-07-30 bradymillerinternationalization bug fix