6 days ago Roberto VasquezSecurity fix 8master
6 days ago Ramesh NagulEnSoftek:2015-16-07: support for mu2 item 170.314(f...
6 days ago bradymillerminor fixes to prior commit
6 days ago khaleelaProcedure Order Sign Issue Fix
6 days ago teryhillAdded Visolve suggestion to globals for Calendar defaul...
7 days ago teryhillCollection report enhancements and security updates.
7 days ago Roberto Vasquezsecurity fix CWE-89 fix 7
7 days ago Roberto Vasquezsecurity fix CWE-89 fix 6
7 days ago Roberto Vasquezsecurity fix CWE-89 fix 5
7 days ago Roberto Vasquezsecurity fix CWE-89 fix 4
8 days ago Roberto Vasquezsecurity fix CWE-89 fix 3
8 days ago Roberto Vasquezsecurity fix CWE-89 fix 2
8 days ago Roberto Vasquezsecurity fix CWE-89 fix 1
2015-07-07 bradymilleradded some languages
2015-06-20 bradymillerminor change to prior commit
2015-06-20 teryhillChanges to appointments report to use new security
2015-06-16 bradymillerupdated acknowledgements
2015-06-12 Roberto VasquezUpdate fax_dispatch_newpid.php for new security model
2015-06-10 teryhillOn patient baord report, make the check box labels...
2015-06-10 bradymillerminor fixes to prior commit
2015-06-10 teryhillPatient Flow Board and Drug Screening modules.
2015-06-10 bradymillerRevert "Fix for the recurring appointment bug in Calendar"
2015-06-09 epsdkyFix for the recurring appointment bug in Calendar
2015-06-07 Roberto VasquezFix gzopen/gzopen64 bug
2015-05-25 bradymillerprep ubuntu package for a patch
2015-05-25 bradymillerLogin improvements, take 5.
2015-05-17 bradymilleranother minor fix to prior commit
2015-05-17 bradymillerminor fixes to prior commit
2015-05-17 MD SupportShow clinical reminders on appointment report, take 2.
2015-05-06 Kevin YehAdditional security fix related to register globals
2015-05-05 bradymillerSecurity fix related to register globals
2015-04-30 JamsheerFix for patient portal 1. Medical records encounter...
2015-04-28 aethelwulffeFix potential to break xml export popup
2015-04-21 Rod RoarkFixed missing Sign Results button in display of lab...
2015-04-21 epsdkyFee Sheet Product Delete Checkbox Bug
2015-04-19 Rod RoarkFixed bug from commit 1bed99 dated 2015-04-01.
2015-04-19 bradymillerupdated acknowledgements page
2015-04-17 Rod RoarkFixed bug where a user can never log in if created...
2015-04-17 Rod RoarkLots of improvements for incoming lab results.
2015-04-17 Rod RoarkAdded ability to open a patient from the Electronic...
2015-04-17 bradymillerAllow very large constants in the translation engine
2015-04-17 bradymillervery minor fix to prior commit
2015-04-17 Sam LikinsNewCrop structural rewrite:
2015-04-15 Rod RoarkSupport for {DEM:xxxxx} and {HIS:xxxxx} field names...
2015-04-14 bradymillerupdated acknowledgments page
2015-04-08 JamsheerPatient portal medical record view and print
2015-03-28 bradymillerAdded Georgian language
2015-03-28 bradymillerincremented default version in upgrade script
2015-03-28 Sam LikinsRepair failing data storage:
2015-03-28 Sam LikinsCorrected patient documents renaming without an extensi...
2015-03-27 Tony McCormickFix CSV Export - Visolve solution
2015-03-27 Sam LikinsI've refactored the code that creates the `PatientFreef...
2015-03-21 teryhillworking on ICD10 Testing
2015-03-21 teryhillMissed one on the employer fix
2015-03-21 stephen waiteformatting for printing text claims
2015-03-15 Rod RoarkReinstated wordwrap fix for LBF report formatting.
2015-03-14 bradymillerpatient notes display fix when showing all notes -...
2015-03-13 Rod RoarkFix for Encounters Report performance, and removed...
2015-03-12 teryhillAdded to allow employer tab to go away
2015-03-12 bradymillerminor fix to prior commit
2015-03-12 garciancAdd Indexes to form_encounter to speed lookups on large...
2015-03-09 Kevin YehFix bug with javascript validation of policy and group...
2015-03-07 bradymillersome security fixes
2015-03-04 stephenwaitefixed prior commit and tweaked hcfa printing and filename
2015-02-26 stephenwaiteadding entity person to 1000A and 2010AA loops
2015-02-15 bradymillerminor fixes to prior commits (for cdr plan feature)
2015-02-15 Roberto VaquezSupport plan adding/modifying in the Clinical Decision...
2015-02-15 jajalla23Support plan adding/modifying in the Clinical Decision...
2015-02-06 Seethal V PAdded module installed checking in patient portal soap...
2015-02-06 Vinish KAdded a check while displaying the IMPORT button
2015-02-03 Rod RoarkFixes for inappropriate "Fix this!" messages for some...
2015-01-29 bradymillerRemoved the 'print' to file option from Patient List...
2015-01-29 bradymillerfixes to prior commit
2015-01-28 EnSoftekEnsoftek:Jan-27-2015: Commit for MU2--Patient List...
2015-01-27 bradymillerfix to a prior commit (mistakenly added a blank file...
2015-01-25 bradymillerfix for provider selector in patient list report
2015-01-25 danielChanged email address contact info to
2015-01-25 danieladded ability to choose default encounter view
2015-01-16 Rod RoarkAdded diagnostic logging to the Fee Sheet for troublesh...
2015-01-16 Rod RoarkFix to clear LBF form data that is not returned by...
2015-01-09 Rod RoarkFixed support for long descriptions in a LBF form layout.
2015-01-09 Rod RoarkAdded named outer div for LBF groups for better control...
2015-01-04 bradymillerfix to prior commit
2015-01-04 bradymillerAdded option to either Amend or Overwrite the Billing...
2014-12-29 teryhillChanged the numbering of the file
2014-12-28 teryhillAdded all reports to globals for selection
2014-12-27 bradymillerminor fixes to prior commit
2014-12-27 teryhillDaySheet report (end of day report) , take 3.
2014-12-23 bradymillerUpdated MU wordage
2014-12-21 bradymillerupdated INSTALL file
2014-12-21 bradymillerincremented development version
2014-12-21 bradymillerpreparing for a release
2014-12-19 bradymillerFix for path to Zend stuff in the Ubuntu/Debian Packages.
2014-12-16 Rod RoarkLBF: Report fields from other sources, save form even...
2014-12-16 Rod RoarkSupport for LBF field skipping feature.
2014-12-16 Rod RoarkAdd P option for LBF layouts to default to previous...
2014-12-16 Rod RoarkLayout options for read-only fields, and auto-display...
2014-12-16 Rod RoarkUpdates to support a "VisForm" source in LBF layouts.
2014-12-16 Rod RoarkCosmetic tweaks for column widths in the layout editor.
2014-12-16 Rod RoarkAdded features to support data sharing among LBF forms.