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Welcome to OpenEMR!!! OpenEMR is a free Open source, Practice management, Electronic Medical Records, prescription writing and medical billing application for Unix-like systems (Linux, UNIX, and BSD systems), Microsoft systems, Mac OS X and other platforms. Setup documentation can be found in the INSTALL file, and extensive documentation can be found on the OpenEMR website at:
26 hours ago bradymillerAllowing more flexibility in future for the static... master
7 days ago bradymillerfixes to prior commit
8 days ago vinishMU2 for items e2 and f1.
8 days ago teryhillRemoved unneeded code and comment
8 days ago bradymillerminor fix to sql upgrade script to prevent bug
8 days ago bradymillerminor change to prior commit
8 days ago Oleg SverdlovAn example for running Selenium tests on OpenEMR.
10 days ago Saravanan RathinakumarMU2 CDR engine item a8. Commit 2.
11 days ago Saravanan RathinakumarMU2 CDR engine item a8. Commit 1.
12 days ago Rod RoarkFix to wrap long NTE lines in results display.
12 days ago Oleg SverdlovPHP7 fix for PostCalendar
12 days ago Robert DownImport font-awesome via bower and change to font-awesom...
12 days ago Saravanan RathinakumarOpenemr mu2 - cqm completion, take 3.
2016-06-12 epsdkyAdded code to group appts with same date into sets...
2016-06-10 Rod RoarkAdded option to attach orphaned lab orders when an...
2016-06-09 Oleg SverdlovInnoDB Migration and sql TEXT field standardization...
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