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Welcome to OpenEMR!!! OpenEMR is a free Open source, Practice management, Electronic Medical Records, prescription writing and medical billing application for Unix-like systems (Linux, UNIX, and BSD systems), Microsoft systems, Mac OS X and other platforms. Setup documentation can be found in the INSTALL file, and extensive documentation can be found on the OpenEMR website at:
32 hours ago Daniel SandovalStyleguide and theme code de-duplication (#1651)master
3 days ago Brady MillerMerge pull request #1650 from bradymiller/docker-dev...
3 days ago zbig01Minor modification to fee sheet justify display popup...
4 days ago Brady Millercouchdb bug fix
4 days ago Brady Milleradded additional testing support for couchdb docker...
4 days ago Brady Millerpsr2 fixes for 2 prior commits
4 days ago ophthalEye Updates
4 days ago ophthalAdd Recall Data to Appointment Widget
5 days ago Brady MillerMerge pull request #1645 from bradymiller/acl-admin...
5 days ago Santiago Semhanacl admin username fix
5 days ago Jerry PadgettMerge pull request #1643 from sjpadgett/backup-fix
5 days ago JP-DEV\sjpadPrevent out of memory on download.
6 days ago Brady Milleradded orthanc docker to docker development environment...
7 days ago Brady Millermysql 8 fixes (#1639)
8 days ago Jerry Padgett1. add edit event fails when save edited single provide...
8 days ago Jerry PadgettRevert "1. add edit event fails when save edited single...
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