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Welcome to OpenEMR!!! OpenEMR is a free Open source, Practice management, Electronic Medical Records, prescription writing and medical billing application for Unix-like systems (Linux, UNIX, and BSD systems), Microsoft systems, Mac OS X and other platforms. Setup documentation can be found in the INSTALL file, and extensive documentation can be found on the OpenEMR website at:
2 hours ago Brady MillerMerge pull request #1024 for XSS remediation in prescri... master
2 hours ago Brady Millerfuture proofing smarty - ongoing project (#1021)
2 hours ago Alfie CarlisleXSS remediation
16 hours ago Brady Millersecurity fix in master branch
18 hours ago Brady Milleradded knp-snappy package for Jerry's UB04 work
2 days ago Brady MillerMerge pull request #1015 for reports order fix
2 days ago stephen waitex12 billing work and Claim class to psr2/4 work (#1004)
2 days ago shahar zireprots order fix
2 days ago Brady MillerMerge pull request #985 for ACL fixes
2 days ago Brady MillerACL fixes, take 2.
3 days ago Brady MillerMerge pull request #1012 to fix bootstrap theme order...
3 days ago Brady MillerMerge pull request #1005 for Misc fixes version 5.0.1
3 days ago JP-DEV\sjpadAdding two new defaults to datetimepicker to prevent...
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4 days ago Amiel ElboimFix birthday popup and reminder popup to working togeth...
4 days ago Matthew VitaMerge pull request #1010 from MatthewVita/openemr-v5...
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