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Welcome to OpenEMR!!! OpenEMR is a free Open source, Practice management, Electronic Medical Records, prescription writing and medical billing application for Unix-like systems (Linux, UNIX, and BSD systems), Microsoft systems, Mac OS X and other platforms. Setup documentation can be found in the INSTALL file, and extensive documentation can be found on the OpenEMR website at:
7 hours ago bradymillerupdated INSTALL filemaster
10 hours ago bradymillerincremented development version
12 hours ago bradymillerpreparing for a release
2 days ago bradymillerFix for path to Zend stuff in the Ubuntu/Debian Packages.
4 days ago Rod RoarkLBF: Report fields from other sources, save form even...
4 days ago Rod RoarkSupport for LBF field skipping feature.
4 days ago Rod RoarkAdd P option for LBF layouts to default to previous...
4 days ago Rod RoarkLayout options for read-only fields, and auto-display...
4 days ago Rod RoarkUpdates to support a "VisForm" source in LBF layouts.
4 days ago Rod RoarkCosmetic tweaks for column widths in the layout editor.
4 days ago Rod RoarkAdded features to support data sharing among LBF forms.
4 days ago Rod RoarkOption for showing description instead of codes in...
4 days ago Kevin YehLBF plugin and layout updates
9 days ago aethelwulffeReview/remove Contrib Forms
9 days ago bradymillerFix for date range in AMC CDR report
2014-12-07 bradymillerTranslations update
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