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Welcome to OpenEMR!!! OpenEMR is a free Open source, Practice management, Electronic Medical Records, prescription writing and medical billing application for Unix-like systems (Linux, UNIX, and BSD systems), Microsoft systems, Mac OS X and other platforms. Setup documentation can be found in the INSTALL file, and extensive documentation can be found on the OpenEMR website at:
13 hours ago bradymillerAdded Georgian languagemaster
31 hours ago bradymillerincremented default version in upgrade script
31 hours ago Sam LikinsRepair failing data storage:
31 hours ago Sam LikinsCorrected patient documents renaming without an extensi...
33 hours ago Tony McCormickFix CSV Export - Visolve solution
2 days ago Sam LikinsI've refactored the code that creates the `PatientFreef...
7 days ago teryhillworking on ICD10 Testing
7 days ago teryhillMissed one on the employer fix
7 days ago stephen waiteformatting for printing text claims
13 days ago Rod RoarkReinstated wordwrap fix for LBF report formatting.
2015-03-14 bradymillerpatient notes display fix when showing all notes -...
2015-03-13 Rod RoarkFix for Encounters Report performance, and removed...
2015-03-12 teryhillAdded to allow employer tab to go away
2015-03-12 bradymillerminor fix to prior commit
2015-03-12 garciancAdd Indexes to form_encounter to speed lookups on large...
2015-03-09 Kevin YehFix bug with javascript validation of policy and group...
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