2011-01-07 Sebastian SchuberthFix a typo in the vector class documentation (BZ 382)master
2011-01-07 Sebastian SchuberthProperly implement Program::getInfo<CL_PROGRAM_BINARIES...
2011-01-07 Sebastian SchuberthDerive NDRange dimensions from underlying vector size...
2010-08-19 oddhackgit-svn-id: git-svn
2010-07-14 oddhackUpdate from Brian Watt (bug 6605).
2010-07-02 bgasterFixed issue with wrapper class having typedef protected...
2010-06-30 bgasterUpdated to include Brian's fixes for retain/release.
2010-06-27 bgasterAdded supported for device fission
2010-06-22 bgasterAdded cl.hpp for 1.1
2010-06-14 oddhackUpdates.