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Source Install

To install OpenAL Soft, use your favorite shell to go into the build/
directory, and run:

cmake ..

Assuming configuration went well, you can then build it, typically using GNU
Make (KDevelop, MSVC, and others are possible depending on your system setup
and CMake configuration).

Please Note: Double check that the appropriate backends were detected. Often,
complaints of no sound, crashing, and missing devices can be solved by making
sure the correct backends are being used. CMake's output will identify which
backends were enabled.

For most systems, you will likely want to make sure ALSA, OSS, and PulseAudio
were detected (if your target system uses them). For Windows, make sure
DirectSound was detected.


The source package comes with an informational utility, openal-info, and is
built by default. It prints out information provided by the ALC and AL sub-
systems, including discovered devices, version information, and extensions.


OpenAL Soft can be configured on a per-user and per-system basis. This allows
users and sysadmins to control information provided to applications, as well
as application-agnostic behavior of the library. See alsoftrc.sample for
available settings.


Special thanks go to:

Creative Labs for the original source code this is based off of.

Christopher Fitzgerald for the current reverb effect implementation, and
helping with the low-pass filter.

Christian Borss for the 3D panning code the current implementation is heavilly
based on.

Ben Davis for the idea behind the current click-removal code.
2012-09-19 Chris RobinsonFix matrix multiply used by the SSE cubic resamplermaster
2012-09-18 Chris RobinsonPrecision control bits don't exist with SSE
2012-09-18 Chris RobinsonImprove a couple error traces with the HRTF loader
2012-09-18 Chris Robinsonfpu_control.h is no longer used
2012-09-18 Chris RobinsonWin64 doesn't allow _controlfp or __control87_2 to...
2012-09-17 Chris RobinsonFix a typo in a comment
2012-09-16 Chris RobinsonAvoid correcting for more non-existing clicks
2012-09-16 Chris RobinsonDon't try to correct for non-existing clicks.
2012-09-16 Chris RobinsonExplicitly give the wet buffer 1 channel
2012-09-16 Chris RobinsonCheck the proper value for setting WetPendingClicks
2012-09-16 Chris RobinsonAvoid building redundant mixers
2012-09-16 Chris RobinsonImplement an SSE MixSend method
2012-09-16 Chris RobinsonProperly restore the SSE control word with __control87_2
2012-09-16 Chris RobinsonProperly handle the SSE control word
2012-09-16 Chris RobinsonUse __control87_2 when available
2012-09-16 Chris RobinsonUse a struct to store the FPU mode
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