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descriptionfork of openal-soft for dark-hammer project
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last changeWed, 19 Sep 2012 01:09:43 +0000 (18 18:09 -0700)
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2012-09-19 Chris RobinsonFix matrix multiply used by the SSE cubic resamplermaster
2012-09-18 Chris RobinsonPrecision control bits don't exist with SSE
2012-09-18 Chris RobinsonImprove a couple error traces with the HRTF loader
2012-09-18 Chris Robinsonfpu_control.h is no longer used
2012-09-18 Chris RobinsonWin64 doesn't allow _controlfp or __control87_2 to...
2012-09-17 Chris RobinsonFix a typo in a comment
2012-09-16 Chris RobinsonAvoid correcting for more non-existing clicks
2012-09-16 Chris RobinsonDon't try to correct for non-existing clicks.
2012-09-16 Chris RobinsonExplicitly give the wet buffer 1 channel
2012-09-16 Chris RobinsonCheck the proper value for setting WetPendingClicks
2012-09-16 Chris RobinsonAvoid building redundant mixers
2012-09-16 Chris RobinsonImplement an SSE MixSend method
2012-09-16 Chris RobinsonProperly restore the SSE control word with __control87_2
2012-09-16 Chris RobinsonProperly handle the SSE control word
2012-09-16 Chris RobinsonUse __control87_2 when available
2012-09-16 Chris RobinsonUse a struct to store the FPU mode
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