2012-12-04 Chris RobinsonRelease 1.15openal-soft.1.15
2012-12-04 Chris RobinsonTrace the list of supported backends
2012-12-04 Chris RobinsonUse +/-90 degrees for stereo sources with non-HRTF...
2012-12-03 Chris RobinsonAdd support for float32 output to CoreAudio
2012-12-03 Chris RobinsonUse the correct multiplier for int32 output with CoreAudio
2012-12-02 Chris RobinsonLock the device before calling aluHandleDisconnect
2012-12-02 Chris RobinsonTrace the opened device name in alcCaptureOpenDevice
2012-12-02 Chris RobinsonUse WARN when implicitly deleting resources with the...
2012-11-26 Chris RobinsonExplicitly check for malloc.h
2012-11-25 Chris Robinsonmalloc.h isn't standard, and is only needed for _aligne...
2012-11-20 Chris RobinsonAvoid locking PulseAudio's mainloop when starting and...
2012-11-19 Chris RobinsonFix a comment describing the sinc function
2012-11-18 Chris RobinsonFix off-by-one error in the makehrtf dither and add...
2012-11-13 Chris RobinsonAvoid storing the SSE state if it's not supported
2012-11-13 Chris RobinsonReturn the integer from fastf2i with MSVC
2012-11-10 Chris RobinsonUse int instead of long for the IMA4 tables
2012-11-10 Chris RobinsonLoad Int and UInt samples as float with alBufferData
2012-11-06 Chris RobinsonSpecify that the config file being installed is a sample
2012-11-05 Chris RobinsonInstall the config sample by default
2012-11-05 Chris RobinsonInstall the config example into share/openal instead...
2012-11-05 Chris RobinsonUse stdout to print alstream information
2012-11-05 Chris RobinsonInclude standard headers before conditional ones
2012-11-05 Chris RobinsonUse the stored buffer metrics for the mmdevapi buffer...
2012-11-04 Chris RobinsonAdd rudimentary latency tracking for mmdevapi
2012-11-04 Chris RobinsonUse an array to specify the offset for each channel...
2012-11-04 Chris RobinsonRename some struct fields for DirectSound
2012-11-04 Chris RobinsonAvoid recreating the DSound primary buffer
2012-11-02 Chris RobinsonFix retrieving the source's write offset
2012-11-02 Chris RobinsonPass the offset latency properties to the set handler
2012-11-01 Chris RobinsonSet the proper error when trying to set AL_SAMPLE_OFFSE...
2012-11-01 Chris RobinsonAdd an example to get and show the source latency
2012-11-01 Chris RobinsonAvoid prefixing function pointers in the streaming...
2012-11-01 Chris RobinsonPrint the name of the device when opening it in the...
2012-10-31 Chris RobinsonMake a decimal value a float type
2012-10-31 Chris RobinsonFinalize AL_SOFT_source_latency
2012-10-31 Chris RobinsonAdd an example program showing how to apply reverb...
2012-10-27 Chris RobinsonAdd a couple comments to the code
2012-10-26 Chris RobinsonAvoid branching when clamping and converting float...
2012-10-26 Chris RobinsonAdd the AL subdir to the list of include flags in the...
2012-10-26 Chris RobinsonReorder and comment some function in alhelpers.c
2012-10-26 Chris RobinsonMove some math functions to where they're used
2012-10-26 Chris RobinsonAdd a couple missing RESTRICTs
2012-10-25 Chris RobinsonFix some types
2012-10-25 Chris RobinsonAdd the RESTRICT keyword to a function pointer definiti...
2012-10-25 Chris RobinsonAdd explicit casts for MSVC
2012-10-25 Chris RobinsonRemove the float math wrapper functions
2012-10-21 Chris RobinsonAdd retrieval of missing source properties
2012-10-16 Chris RobinsonUse an asterisk to denote a requested format option...
2012-10-15 Chris RobinsonRequire an alignment declaration for SSE support
2012-10-15 Chris RobinsonPut the HRTF DirectParams into an anonymous struct
2012-10-15 Chris RobinsonConstify the direct and send parameters given to the...
2012-10-14 Chris RobinsonUse a separate step to deinterlace reverb samples
2012-10-14 Chris RobinsonRemove the unused Device parameter
2012-10-14 Chris RobinsonStore the output buffers in the DirectParams struct
2012-10-14 Chris RobinsonRemove the now-unused Source parameter from the DryMix...
2012-10-14 Chris RobinsonStore some more HRTF info in the DirectParams struct
2012-10-14 Chris RobinsonMark some parameters as const and/or RESTRICT
2012-10-14 Chris RobinsonMove alhelpers and alffmpeg code to a common sub-directory
2012-10-14 Chris RobinsonUse a helper method to convert i64 values to the proper...
2012-10-14 Chris RobinsonCheck i64 property ranges before passing them to the...
2012-10-13 Chris RobinsonDon't add the dry gain to the mixing matrix
2012-10-13 Chris RobinsonSilence an implicit int-to-float conversion warning...
2012-10-13 Chris RobinsonDon't use a loop to determine the next power of 2
2012-10-13 Chris RobinsonList the in-progress AL_SOFT_source_latency extension
2012-10-13 Chris RobinsonImplement the double and int64 source setters
2012-10-13 Chris RobinsonFix copying the listener Up vector
2012-10-13 Chris RobinsonUse the enum to set the default distance model
2012-10-12 Chris RobinsonInitialize the listener velocity parameter
2012-10-12 Chris RobinsonApply the listener matrix to the listener velocity...
2012-10-12 Chris RobinsonAvoid needlessly copying the listener matrix
2012-10-12 Chris RobinsonApply the listener position to the transformation matrix
2012-10-12 Chris RobinsonCheck the distance against epsilon to determine if...
2012-10-10 Chris RobinsonProperly scale wide-stereo sources
2012-10-10 Chris RobinsonAvoid mixing to a send slot if the gain is too low
2012-10-10 Chris RobinsonThe max step is no longer dependent on the channel...
2012-10-09 Chris RobinsonSet Hrtf.Moving after setting the source params instead...
2012-10-09 Chris RobinsonBuild the listener matrix separately
2012-10-09 Chris RobinsonDon't include alListener.h from alMain.h
2012-10-09 Chris RobinsonStore a pointer to the listener in the context
2012-10-09 Chris RobinsonDefine RESTRICT in config.h instead of alMain.h
2012-10-08 Chris RobinsonDon't assume x86 or x64 to use IsProcessorFeaturePresent
2012-10-08 Chris RobinsonFix a type conversion warning
2012-10-07 Chris RobinsonFix a type mismatch
2012-10-07 Chris RobinsonAdd missing include
2012-10-07 Chris RobinsonUse IsProcessorFeaturePresent to detect SSE on Windows
2012-10-07 Chris RobinsonRevert "Use __cpuid from intrin.h in Windows when avail...
2012-10-07 Chris RobinsonUse __cpuid from intrin.h in Windows when available
2012-10-07 Chris RobinsonAdd trace, warn, and error markers to logged output
2012-10-07 Chris RobinsonLock the device using the pulseaudio main loop
2012-10-07 Chris RobinsonAvoid unnecessarily locking the list lock
2012-10-07 Chris RobinsonShorten format trace messages
2012-10-07 Chris RobinsonDefine WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN when including windows.h...
2012-10-07 Chris RobinsonInclude windows.h before cpuid.h to avoid __cpuid clashes
2012-10-05 Chris RobinsonRename a couple functions
2012-10-05 Chris RobinsonPut temporary storage in the device instead of on the...
2012-10-05 Chris RobinsonAdd a special resampler for matching sample rates
2012-10-05 Chris RobinsonRound up the device's default slot alignment
2012-10-05 Chris RobinsonFix potential buffer overflow with temp sample space
2012-10-05 Chris RobinsonScale and round NumUpdates when PulseAudio changes...
2012-10-04 Chris RobinsonAvoid void* arithmetic