2008-11-21 Chris RobinsonRelease 1.6.372openal-soft-1.6.372
2008-11-21 Chris RobinsonWait until one full fragment is empty before mixing
2008-11-21 Chris RobinsonMake the DSound emulated fragment count configurable
2008-11-20 Chris RobinsonFix a comment
2008-11-19 Chris RobinsonFix early reflection input
2008-11-19 Chris RobinsonHandle ALSA capture errors a bit better
2008-11-18 Chris RobinsonSimplify in-sample low-pass filter coefficient calculation
2008-11-18 Chris RobinsonFix low-pass coefficient calculation
2008-11-18 Chris RobinsonDon't calculate reverb HF limit if air absorption is 1
2008-11-18 Chris RobinsonNon-cross-compiled DLLs shouldn't have lib prefixed
2008-11-17 Chris RobinsonRemove outdated comments and add copyright header
2008-11-16 Chris RobinsonDirectSound is not explicitly dependant on windows.h
2008-11-16 Chris RobinsonRemove unneeded macro
2008-11-16 Chris RobinsonUse a better dB-to-linear gain convertion
2008-11-16 Chris RobinsonImplement a new reverb effect
2008-11-14 Chris RobinsonAdd an option to disable specific EFX effect types
2008-11-14 Chris RobinsonAdd cross-compiling option
2008-11-13 Chris RobinsonAllow specifying another config file with the ALSOFT_CO...
2008-11-13 Chris RobinsonDon't ramp gains when starting a sound from the beginning
2008-11-12 Chris RobinsonAvoid unnecessary floating-point math
2008-11-11 Chris RobinsonAdd initial AL_EXTX_buffer_sub_data support
2008-11-06 Chris RobinsonFix Win32 thread handle leak
2008-11-02 Chris RobinsonBe more flexible with channel count when loading IMA4...
2008-11-02 Chris RobinsonSeperate data converters into reusable functions
2008-11-01 Chris RobinsonMore padding fixes
2008-11-01 Chris RobinsonMore buffer conversion refactoring
2008-11-01 Chris RobinsonPadding is not dependant on the frequency cutoff anymore
2008-11-01 Chris RobinsonRestructure buffer data conversion code a bit
2008-10-28 Chris RobinsonFix typo preventing capture from opening
2008-10-25 Chris RobinsonAppend the driver and its version to the AL version...
2008-10-25 Chris RobinsonMake sure an appropriate error is set when opening...
2008-10-14 Chris RobinsonUse plughw for capture so ALSA can convert capture...
2008-10-14 Chris RobinsonInclude float.h if it exists, for _RC_CHOP and _MCW_RC
2008-10-10 Chris RobinsonRemove another unused source member
2008-10-10 Chris RobinsonUse a modulo to keep the buffer position in range for...
2008-10-10 Chris RobinsonClamp source position to the buffer size when it stops
2008-10-10 Chris RobinsonRemove unneeded source member variable
2008-10-10 Chris RobinsonCommit missing changes
2008-10-09 Chris RobinsonOnly send one channel through the wet path
2008-10-09 Chris RobinsonIncrease max pitch to 65536
2008-10-09 Chris RobinsonSimplify the lerp function
2008-10-09 Chris RobinsonDon't apply the wet path for multi-channel buffers
2008-10-09 Chris RobinsonSkip mixing if the read position is beyond the end...
2008-10-09 Chris RobinsonThe wet path should be silent if no effect is set on...
2008-10-03 Chris RobinsonDon't hold the whole-number position in the fractional...
2008-10-03 Chris RobinsonUse a new low-pass filter, based on the I3DL2 spec
2008-09-30 Chris RobinsonImplement non-mmap ALSA capture
2008-09-23 Chris RobinsonAir absorption factor is applied to the dB value, not...
2008-09-16 Chris RobinsonAdd a variable to override the default library type...
2008-09-16 Chris RobinsonFixup some source parameter calculations
2008-09-16 Chris RobinsonFix function pointer declarations
2008-09-13 Chris RobinsonUse a 12dB/oct rolloff instead of 24 for the lowpass...
2008-09-13 Chris RobinsonStore pi as a static const
2008-09-13 Chris RobinsonFix typo to get the proper minor ALC version
2008-09-13 Chris RobinsonPrint EFX info when the extension is available
2008-09-07 Chris RobinsonAdd a Solaris playback backend
2008-09-06 Chris RobinsonClear the end of the buffer when at the end of the...
2008-09-06 Chris RobinsonDon't export extension function symbols from the lib
2008-08-16 Chris RobinsonRemove unneeded source struct member
2008-08-15 Chris RobinsonClear channel volumes when starting a source
2008-08-15 Chris RobinsonOverwrite the input wet sample with the output
2008-08-14 Chris RobinsonAllow setting the EFX doppler factor source property
2008-08-14 Chris RobinsonRamp channel gains to remove pops and clicks from abrup...
2008-08-08 Chris RobinsonInclude fenv.h if it exists for fesetround
2008-08-08 Chris RobinsonSet FPU mode to round toward zero for mixing
2008-08-08 Chris RobinsonRemove unnecessary casting
2008-08-06 Chris RobinsonPrevent a 0 or negative increment for the buffer position
2008-08-06 Chris RobinsonPass a dummy variable to CreateThread to satisfy Win9x
2008-07-28 Chris RobinsonRelease 1.5.304openal-soft-1.5.304
2008-07-27 Chris RobinsonReduce the default buffer size to 4096
2008-07-27 Chris RobinsonImprove getting and setting EFX filter parameters
2008-07-27 Chris RobinsonUse arrays instead of pointer-to-arrays for the low...
2008-07-26 Chris RobinsonFix some calculations for the reverb buffer
2008-07-26 Chris RobinsonMake the filter processing function inline
2008-07-26 Chris RobinsonImplement yet another low-pass filter
2008-07-24 Chris RobinsonUse a temp pointer when realloc()ing
2008-07-24 Chris RobinsonSpecify padding per buffer, and make sure it's large...
2008-07-24 Chris RobinsonDon't advertise extra samples for mixing
2008-07-24 Chris RobinsonImplement an alternative low-pass filter
2008-07-23 Chris RobinsonMake sure the correct libname is used for pkg-config
2008-07-23 Chris RobinsonAdd a warning when building on Windows with the DSound...
2008-07-23 Chris RobinsonAdd a pkg-config file to install on the system
2008-07-22 Chris RobinsonAdd AL_LOKI_IMA_ADPCM_format and AL_EXT_vorbis tokens...
2008-07-22 Chris RobinsonClarify implicit destruction warnings
2008-07-22 Chris RobinsonMove ALC_ENUMERATE_ALL_EXT tokens to alext.h
2008-07-22 Chris RobinsonAdd AL_LOKI_WAVE_format tokens to alext.h
2008-07-22 Chris RobinsonAdd ALC_LOKI_audio_channel tokens to alext.h
2008-07-22 Chris RobinsonStore extension list with a pointer, not a per-context...
2008-07-22 Chris RobinsonSet the new linking policy for CMake 2.6 to avoid warnings
2008-07-18 Chris RobinsonDon't force initialization when shutting down
2008-07-18 Chris RobinsonMove (de)initialization into ALc.c and remove unneeded...
2008-07-15 Chris RobinsonImplement doppler factor source property
2008-07-15 Chris RobinsonAdd the reverb room rolloff to the source room rolloff...
2008-07-11 Chris RobinsonDon't check the number of objects being deleted with...
2008-07-11 Chris RobinsonUse volatile for member variables that are changed...
2008-07-09 Chris RobinsonReduce the mix buffer sizes by half
2008-07-03 Chris RobinsonLeave SourceToListener untransformed for use with untra...
2008-06-18 Chris RobinsonStore thread return value in the struct to avoid void...
2008-06-07 Chris RobinsonAllow for overriding the default lib destination with...
2008-06-07 Chris RobinsonMake the project explicitly C