2008-06-05 Chris RobinsonRelease 1.4.272openal-soft-1.4.272
2008-06-05 Chris RobinsonFix config value check
2008-06-05 Chris RobinsonRelease 1.4.270openal-soft-1.4.270
2008-06-05 Chris RobinsonInstall openal-info if it is built
2008-06-05 Chris RobinsonDon't override the format config option in DSound
2008-06-05 Chris RobinsonUse %AppData%\alsoft.ini for the config file in Windows
2008-06-05 Chris RobinsonProtect RingBufferSize calculation with the mutex
2008-05-19 Chris RobinsonMake sure the lib is initialized when shutting down
2008-05-19 Chris RobinsonAdd addiitonal copyright line
2008-05-19 Chris RobinsonAdd a simple example that prints out some OpenAL info
2008-05-19 Chris RobinsonRemove -fno-strict-aliasing as the code should be safe...
2008-05-18 Chris RobinsonFix source calculations for AL_SOURCE_RELATIVE mode
2008-05-16 Chris RobinsonUse pthread_mutexattr_setkind_np as a fallback to set...
2008-05-06 Chris RobinsonPrepare the ALSA PCM handle before starting capture
2008-04-12 Chris RobinsonCheck the right struct member for the filter type
2008-04-06 Chris RobinsonFill the correct capture device list
2008-03-23 Chris Robinsonconstify the pointer that holds the filename
2008-03-01 Chris RobinsonDefine _WIN32_WINNT to 0x0500 when including windows.h
2008-03-01 Chris RobinsonDon't start the DSound playback thread is startup failed
2008-02-21 Chris RobinsonRelease 1.3.253openal-soft-1.3.253
2008-02-19 Chris RobinsonPreserve data and position when reallocating the reverb...
2008-02-16 Chris RobinsonAdd the first card after making sure there's a useable...
2008-02-16 Chris RobinsonAvoid a static variable for enumerating
2008-02-15 Chris RobinsonRemove FrameSize struct member
2008-02-14 Chris RobinsonRemove unneeded headers
2008-02-14 Chris RobinsonWait for a PCM handle to be ready for more data instead...
2008-02-13 Chris RobinsonRead in chunks of the fragment size, not expected buffe...
2008-02-13 Chris RobinsonUpdateSize is not used for capture devices
2008-02-13 Chris RobinsonRename UpdateFreq device field to UpdateSize
2008-02-13 Chris RobinsonPretend DSound buffer fragment size is 1/4th the total...
2008-02-12 Chris RobinsonMake the backend list static
2008-02-12 Chris RobinsonCall InitAL at the start of some more ALC functions
2008-02-09 Chris RobinsonFast float-to-int function is no longer needed
2008-02-09 Chris RobinsonRemove unnecessary casting
2008-02-09 Chris RobinsonRemove explicit dependancy on ole32 and unused dxguid
2008-02-09 Chris RobinsonEnumerate DirectSound devices
2008-02-09 Chris RobinsonInclude alext.h instead of redefining some enums
2008-02-09 Chris RobinsonRemove unneeded device struct member
2008-02-08 Chris RobinsonPrevent overflow of the device lists
2008-02-08 Chris RobinsonUse all capture devices listed by ALSA, not just the...
2008-02-08 Chris RobinsonDon't remove the devices from the device list on unexpe...
2008-02-07 Chris RobinsonSet the done flag immediately when entering the initial...
2008-02-07 Chris RobinsonAdd an option for duplicating stereo sources on the...
2008-02-07 Chris RobinsonAdd an alext.h header
2008-02-03 Chris RobinsonFix race condition when starting winmm message poll...
2008-02-01 Chris RobinsonUse WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE for multichannel dsound output...
2008-01-27 Chris RobinsonUse the correct channel ordering for Windows
2008-01-27 Chris RobinsonFix output channel order for 6.1 and 7.1
2008-01-27 Chris RobinsonFix availibility amount calculation
2008-01-27 Chris RobinsonaluBytesFromFormat returns bytes, not bits
2008-01-26 Chris RobinsonUpdate frame size after detecting the directsound outpu...
2008-01-26 Chris RobinsonRemove unnecessary Channels field
2008-01-25 Chris RobinsonSet the output format according to the speaker setup...
2008-01-25 Chris RobinsonUse both write pointers from the directsound buffer...
2008-01-22 Chris RobinsonRelease 1.2.218openal-soft-1.2.218
2008-01-21 Chris RobinsonRemove effect slot thunk entry when deallocated forcefully
2008-01-21 Chris RobinsonRemove an unneceesary pointer check and decrease indent...
2008-01-21 Chris RobinsonRemove unnecessary duplicate thunk lookups
2008-01-21 Chris RobinsonSmall formatting updates
2008-01-21 Chris RobinsonRemove duplicate function
2008-01-21 Chris RobinsonDon't access ALSource for every sample mix
2008-01-20 Chris RobinsonMore overflow protection
2008-01-20 Chris RobinsonPrevent float samples from overflowing when converting...
2008-01-20 Chris RobinsonClean a couple debug messages
2008-01-20 Chris RobinsonClose ALC first when exiting since devices might've...
2008-01-20 Chris RobinsonDon't use a multiple lists for extensions
2008-01-20 Chris RobinsonAdd an option for setting the max number of sources
2008-01-20 Chris RobinsonRemove duplication of setting the max source count
2008-01-20 Chris RobinsonUse less ambiguous config file names
2008-01-19 Chris RobinsonRemove some unnecessary duplicate math, which was makin...
2008-01-19 Chris RobinsonRemove some branches
2008-01-19 Chris RobinsonImplement AL_EFFECT_REVERB
2008-01-18 Chris RobinsonRemove duplicated source freeing code
2008-01-18 Chris RobinsonBuffer size fixes. Partially reverts the ALSA buffer...
2008-01-18 Chris RobinsonRelease effect slots when deleting sources
2008-01-17 Chris RobinsonDon't dereference ALContext if there's no context yet
2008-01-16 Chris RobinsonAdd missing config.h includes
2008-01-16 Chris RobinsonDon't include alAuxEffectSlot.h in alSource.h
2008-01-16 Chris RobinsonFix debug comments
2008-01-16 Chris RobinsonMake sure sources are deleted with the context
2008-01-16 Chris RobinsonKeep track of references to effect slots, so they aren...
2008-01-16 Chris RobinsonDon't clamp wet gain if there's no send slot, and move...
2008-01-16 Chris RobinsonStore a reference to the effect slot in a source's...
2008-01-16 Chris RobinsonAllow getting and setting reverb parameters, as well...
2008-01-16 Chris RobinsonRemove unneeded variables
2008-01-16 Chris RobinsonUse acosf when available
2008-01-16 Chris RobinsonAdd reverb parameters
2008-01-16 Chris RobinsonSet default room rolloff factor
2008-01-16 Chris RobinsonUse the previous low-pass filter again, as it seems...
2008-01-16 Chris RobinsonSet the default outer cone gainhf
2008-01-16 Chris RobinsonFix source and buffer out-of-memory conditions
2008-01-16 Chris RobinsonFix allocation of multiple effect slots, effects, and...
2008-01-16 Chris RobinsonStore effect slots in the context
2008-01-16 Chris RobinsonDon't append _struct to the effect slot struct name
2008-01-15 Chris RobinsonRemove errant line
2008-01-15 Chris RobinsonMake sure a valid context is set for effect slots
2008-01-15 Chris RobinsonFix some copy/paste errors
2008-01-15 Chris RobinsonMove include so win32 gets it too, and remove unnecessa...
2008-01-15 Chris RobinsonUse a string for the detected backends, instead of...
2008-01-15 Chris RobinsonReword the backend options' text