2011-02-15 Chris RobinsonRelease 1.13openal-soft-1.13
2011-02-10 Chris RobinsonFinalize the loop points extension as AL_SOFT_loop_points
2011-02-09 Chris RobinsonBufferFreq doesn't need to be a float
2011-02-08 Chris RobinsonUse the correct winmm device ID type
2011-02-08 Chris RobinsonAdd an option to force usage of static MSVC runtimes
2011-02-08 Chris RobinsonPrevent unused variable warnings when monotonic clock...
2011-02-08 Chris RobinsonDon't inline CalcLimitedHfRatio
2011-02-08 Chris RobinsonAdd a missing enum value for PA_API_VERSION 11
2011-02-08 Chris RobinsonInclude cguid.h for GUID_NULL
2011-02-07 Chris RobinsonCheck for internal visibility, since that's what is...
2011-02-06 Chris RobinsonAdd the standard "revision" number to the library name
2011-02-06 Chris RobinsonFix looping on loop points
2011-01-24 Chris RobinsonRe-enable channel-config-specific layout options
2011-01-24 Chris RobinsonDon't duplicate the device list append function
2011-01-24 Chris RobinsonAvoid using a variable for array sizes and const variab...
2011-01-23 Chris RobinsonFix loop handling when traversing the buffer queue...
2010-12-10 Chris RobinsonMore improvements to the AudioIO backend
2010-12-10 Chris RobinsonBetter check format type returned by AUDIO_SETINFO
2010-12-10 Chris RobinsonAdd signed 8-bit output to the AudioIO backend
2010-12-10 Chris RobinsonFix some AudioIO backend warnings
2010-12-10 Chris RobinsonCleanup some ok() macros
2010-12-10 Chris RobinsonAnother fix for float-to-int conversions
2010-12-10 Chris RobinsonConstify some variables
2010-12-10 Chris RobinsonBe consistent with variable name use
2010-12-10 Chris RobinsonFix up some conversions
2010-12-10 Chris RobinsonCombine stereo and multi-channel templates
2010-12-10 Chris RobinsonUse a matrix when rendering to the dry buffer
2010-12-09 Chris RobinsonMake better use of the type range when converting from...
2010-12-09 Chris RobinsonUse simple loops instead of several explicit lines...
2010-12-09 Chris RobinsonBe a bit more generic with the multi-channel mixer...
2010-12-08 Chris RobinsonRemove some now-unused functions
2010-12-08 Chris RobinsonUse "internal" visibility by default
2010-12-05 Chris RobinsonAdd an IMA4 encoder
2010-12-05 Chris RobinsonSet the playing flag to TRUE when the dsound buffer...
2010-12-05 Chris RobinsonSeparate device format into 'channel config' and 'sampl...
2010-12-04 Chris RobinsonFix wave and null device calculations when the timer...
2010-12-04 Chris RobinsonNo need to clamp the app-specified pitch
2010-12-04 Chris RobinsonRename SrcFmt -> UserFmt
2010-12-03 Chris RobinsonAdd functions to write (signed) byte and ushort samples...
2010-12-02 Chris RobinsonRemove incomplete EXT_buffer_sub_data, as it's (tempora...
2010-12-02 Chris RobinsonUse memcpy to copy a string instead of sprintf
2010-12-02 Chris RobinsonMake a function static
2010-12-02 Chris RobinsonRemove unused macro
2010-12-02 Chris RobinsonTemplate-ize the device buffer writing functions
2010-12-02 Chris RobinsonSome general cleanups
2010-12-02 Chris RobinsonDon't limit IMA4 decoding to 2 channels
2010-12-02 Chris RobinsonRename OUTPUTCHANNELS to something more descriptive
2010-12-01 Chris RobinsonRename some variables
2010-12-01 Chris RobinsonUse min/max to clamp the IMA4 sample and index values
2010-12-01 Chris RobinsonFix handling of -32768 in the muLaw encoder
2010-12-01 Chris RobinsonDon'f fail if realloc returns NULL for 0 sizes
2010-12-01 Chris RobinsonMake sure the muLaw sample encoder is inlined
2010-12-01 Chris RobinsonFix IMA4 decoding
2010-11-30 Chris RobinsonFix some comments and line spacing
2010-11-30 Chris RobinsonFix int-to-double conversion
2010-11-30 Chris RobinsonMake muLaw decoding work similar to encoding
2010-11-30 Chris RobinsonImplement a muLaw encoder
2010-11-30 Chris RobinsonRename the IMA4 block decoder function
2010-11-30 Chris RobinsonHandle all channel configurations for double
2010-11-30 Chris RobinsonAllow LoadData to handle IMA4 data
2010-11-30 Chris RobinsonLet the storable format enum values share the input...
2010-11-30 Chris RobinsonClean up muLaw format loading a bit
2010-11-30 Chris RobinsonAllow converting IMA4 to types other than short
2010-11-30 Chris RobinsonCheck for a couple missing input formats and remove...
2010-11-30 Chris RobinsonLet DecomposeInputType verify the format passed to...
2010-11-30 Chris RobinsonPass the input channel config and sample type to LoadData
2010-11-30 Chris RobinsonMake the decompose functions return false when given...
2010-11-30 Chris RobinsonCombine two switch blocks
2010-11-30 Chris RobinsonReorder some parameters for consistency
2010-11-30 Chris RobinsonFix source offset calculations
2010-11-30 Chris RobinsonStore the decomposed source format in the buffer
2010-11-30 Chris RobinsonKeep a handle on the buffer with the format when queuei...
2010-11-30 Chris RobinsonAdd IMA4 as a source data type
2010-11-30 Chris RobinsonAdd support for (unsigned) int input formats
2010-11-29 Chris RobinsonReorder and rename parameters for the format decomposit...
2010-11-29 Chris RobinsonUninline a couple more functions
2010-11-29 Chris RobinsonStore double formats as float
2010-11-29 Chris RobinsonAvoid temp storage
2010-11-29 Chris RobinsonUninline some functions
2010-11-29 Chris RobinsonAvoid making Resampler[Pre]Padding static
2010-11-29 Chris RobinsonImprove static builds with MinGW
2010-11-28 Chris RobinsonPrefer GCC's constructor, even in Windows
2010-11-28 Chris RobinsonRename some stuff for consistency
2010-11-28 Chris RobinsonDon't store the internal format in the buffer
2010-11-28 Chris RobinsonSupport rear formats directly in the mixer
2010-11-28 Chris RobinsonAvoid a potential overflow when setting the source...
2010-11-28 Chris RobinsonClean up the source byte offset code
2010-11-28 Chris RobinsonRemove some unneeded muLaw special cases
2010-11-28 Chris RobinsonSupport muLaw with LoadData
2010-11-28 Chris RobinsonRemove an unnecessary assert
2010-11-28 Chris RobinsonBe much more flexible with loading and converting buffe...
2010-11-27 Chris RobinsonDon't inline the decompose function
2010-11-27 Chris RobinsonDecompose input buffer formats and use it when converti...
2010-11-27 Chris RobinsonRename a function
2010-11-27 Chris RobinsonAdd a basic WaveOut device
2010-11-27 Chris RobinsonShorten a couple really long lines
2010-11-27 Chris RobinsonSupport 64-bit double buffers directly
2010-11-27 Chris RobinsonmuLaw converts to 16-bit, not float
2010-11-27 Chris RobinsonUse the enums in a couple more places
2010-11-27 Chris RobinsonUse enums when selecting the mixer