2010-01-18 Chris RobinsonRelease 1.11.753openal-soft-1.11.753
2010-01-12 Chris RobinsonFix speaker angle fixup
2010-01-12 Chris Robinsonal_print doesn't need to be inline
2010-01-12 Chris RobinsonProperly trace the invalid speaker angle
2010-01-12 Chris RobinsonUse GCC's format attribute for al_printf
2010-01-12 Chris RobinsonFix some typos with the solaris backend
2010-01-12 Chris RobinsonOnly allow 8- and 16-bit, and mono and stereo, wave...
2010-01-12 Chris RobinsonConsolidate some source offset handling code
2010-01-12 Chris RobinsonBetter handle large second offsets
2010-01-12 Chris RobinsonDon't use a flag to set an error when applying the...
2010-01-12 Chris RobinsonFix Windows compilation
2010-01-11 Chris RobinsonCheck buffer size when copying padding instead of the...
2010-01-11 Chris RobinsonAdd helpful values to the resampler enum
2010-01-11 Chris RobinsonAdd a cosine resampler
2010-01-11 Chris RobinsonAdd an option for point resampling
2010-01-11 Chris RobinsonHold global lock during mixing only when iterating...
2010-01-10 Chris RobinsonCleanup OSS/Solaris loop a bit
2010-01-09 Chris RobinsonReturn the default config string for empty entries
2010-01-09 Chris RobinsonHide OSS and Solaris devices if their files can't be...
2010-01-09 Chris RobinsonPromote AL_EXT_source_distance_model to complete
2010-01-09 Chris RobinsonMake sure the device handle is valid when getting the...
2010-01-09 Chris RobinsonHold the default context extensions globally
2010-01-08 Chris RobinsonSuppress connection refused errors
2010-01-08 Chris RobinsonReduce some indentation
2010-01-08 Chris RobinsonTry the PulseAudio backend first
2010-01-07 Chris RobinsonPrepare the pcm handle after recovering
2010-01-07 Chris RobinsonUse snd_pcm_recover in more places
2010-01-07 Chris RobinsonUse snd_pcm_recover to recover from certain device...
2009-12-30 Chris RobinsonAdjust PulseAudio's capture latency
2009-12-29 Chris RobinsonProperly retrieve device-inspecific errors
2009-12-29 Chris RobinsonStore ALC errors with the device when possible
2009-12-28 Chris RobinsonRemove some unneeded functions
2009-12-28 Chris RobinsonAdd a function to check if a config option is set to...
2009-12-28 Chris RobinsonEnforce a lower bound playback frequency of 8khz
2009-12-28 Chris RobinsonImprove layout parsing and allow using long names for...
2009-12-28 Chris RobinsonAdd an option to spawn a PulseAudio server on request
2009-12-28 Chris RobinsonBe more lenient in signaling the mainloop
2009-12-27 Chris RobinsonTry to find a compatible format from Pulse's default...
2009-12-27 Chris RobinsonUpdate panning for existing AL contexts when creating...
2009-12-26 Chris RobinsonA NULL Pulse context won't have a valid error code
2009-12-26 Chris RobinsonWait for the buffer attrib update from pulse to finish
2009-12-26 Chris RobinsonConsolidate pulse capture failure path
2009-12-26 Chris RobinsonMake sure a proper channel map is set for pulse capture
2009-12-26 Chris RobinsonClean up some loading checks
2009-12-26 Chris RobinsonUse the proper logging function
2009-12-26 Chris RobinsonStart and stop PortAudio's stream in the proper methods
2009-12-26 Chris RobinsonGetConfigValueBool should take an int, not a float
2009-12-26 Chris RobinsonShorten a long line
2009-12-26 Chris RobinsonCapture as much as possible directly from PulseAudio
2009-12-25 Chris RobinsonAdd missing newline
2009-12-25 Chris RobinsonUndefine no longer needed macro
2009-12-25 Chris RobinsonFix incorrect error check
2009-12-25 Chris RobinsonOnly use pa_stream_set_buffer_attr_callback when availa...
2009-12-25 Chris RobinsonUse pa_stream_begin_write when available for "zero...
2009-12-25 Chris RobinsonCheck error returns instead of error string
2009-12-25 Chris RobinsonMark the source for updating when setting a buffer...
2009-12-24 Chris RobinsonUse a 64-bit value to scale potentially-large numbers
2009-12-24 Chris RobinsonUse the Pulse server-specified playback rate by default
2009-12-24 Chris RobinsonUse pa_xmalloc instead of pa_xmalloc0
2009-12-24 Chris RobinsonUpdate pulse capture ring buffer in 25ms chunks
2009-12-23 Chris RobinsonDon't force latency adjustment with PulseAudio
2009-12-21 Chris RobinsonDon't render mono as stereo
2009-12-21 Chris RobinsonScale samples down when converting stereo to mono
2009-12-21 Chris RobinsonImprove some indentations
2009-12-21 Chris RobinsonProperly retrieve the device frequency
2009-12-17 Chris RobinsonFix header comment for AL_PITCH
2009-12-11 Chris RobinsonImprove initial decay calculations for sends to reverb
2009-12-11 Chris RobinsonUse the specified reverb air absorption value for wet...
2009-12-09 Chris RobinsonTrack whether a context is suspended or not
2009-12-09 Chris RobinsonStore the source state locally after making sure it...
2009-12-09 Chris RobinsonFix IMA ADPCM offset calculation
2009-12-09 Chris RobinsonPrettify CMake checks for compiler switches
2009-12-09 Chris RobinsonMove the pkg-config file to the base directory
2009-12-09 Chris RobinsonUse an inline function to calculate the low-pass filter...
2009-12-09 Chris RobinsonSplit non-attenuated source calculations into a separat...
2009-12-09 Chris RobinsonFix typo for reverb creation
2009-12-08 Chris RobinsonAdd a head-dampening option
2009-12-08 Chris RobinsonStore the original pre-clamped distance instead of...
2009-12-07 Chris RobinsonUse the correct wet filter history offset
2009-12-07 Chris RobinsonInternally store 32-bit float buffer data, and mix...
2009-12-07 Chris RobinsonMove default channel order setting out of the header
2009-12-07 Chris RobinsonAdd a simple README
2009-12-07 Chris RobinsonChange internal order to match WFX
2009-12-07 Chris RobinsonFix 6.1 channel order
2009-12-06 Chris RobinsonRestrict setting some wet path values to active sends...
2009-12-04 Chris RobinsonCheck for potential NULL accesses with the IsBadWritePt...
2009-12-03 Chris RobinsonDon't wait to accept stream connections
2009-12-02 Chris RobinsonDon't signal on synchronous changes and don't wait...
2009-12-02 Chris RobinsonRemove some assumptions of 16-bit internal storage
2009-12-02 Chris RobinsonUse a channel-map to specify the output device channel...
2009-12-02 Chris RobinsonAdd an option for real-time priority mixing
2009-12-02 Chris RobinsonProperly accept PulseAudio's mainloop signal on connect...
2009-12-01 Chris RobinsonFix retrieved update size from pulseaudio
2009-12-01 Chris RobinsonAccept a signal only when the pulseaudio stream/context...
2009-12-01 Chris RobinsonClamp dry gain after cone attenuation is applied
2009-12-01 Chris RobinsonDon't complain if the length given by pulse isn't an...
2009-11-30 Chris RobinsonAvoid setting a field redundantly
2009-11-30 Chris RobinsonEnable real-time priority for ALSA, OSS, and DirectSoun...
2009-11-30 Chris RobinsonCheck for the pthread_setschedparam function
2009-11-29 Chris RobinsonReset the kill flag after the thread has stopped