2009-11-09 Chris RobinsonRelease 1.10.622openal-soft-1.10.622
2009-11-06 Chris RobinsonHandle NULL effect objects as AL_EFFECT_NULL effects
2009-11-06 Chris RobinsonHandle setting AL_EFFECT_NULL effect types on a slot
2009-11-02 Chris RobinsonUse the DXSDK_DIR variable when set
2009-11-01 Chris RobinsonUse a realtime clock for measuring time
2009-11-01 Chris RobinsonProperly lock the device when setting it disconnected
2009-11-01 Chris RobinsonWatch for stream and context failures from pulse, and...
2009-11-01 Chris RobinsonFix length calculation for pulse
2009-11-01 Chris RobinsonSet a proper channel map for PulseAudio
2009-11-01 Chris RobinsonMix all updates PulseAudio requests
2009-11-01 Chris RobinsonWatch for buffer attribute changes from PulseAudio
2009-11-01 Chris RobinsonUse signals to watch for state changes
2009-10-31 Chris RobinsonProperly free the device name
2009-10-25 Chris RobinsonRemove some unneeded buffer fields, make padding a...
2009-10-25 Chris RobinsonRemove the format and frequency from the source, get...
2009-10-25 Chris RobinsonSmall fixups
2009-10-25 Chris RobinsonCalculate more store only once per loop
2009-10-25 Chris RobinsonStore the buffer format and frequency in the source...
2009-10-25 Chris RobinsonRetreive and store source params once per mix update
2009-10-25 Chris RobinsonRemove unneeded bufferlistitem properties
2009-10-24 Chris RobinsonDereference left over buffers and slots when sources...
2009-10-24 Chris RobinsonTry 32-bit float before 16-bit, and stereo before mono
2009-10-23 Chris RobinsonCheck for the -pthread switch instead of using _REENTRANT
2009-10-22 Chris RobinsonStore the buffer handle directly in the source and...
2009-10-22 Chris RobinsonStore the bufferID in the buffer struct
2009-10-21 Chris RobinsonRemove unused source fields
2009-10-21 Chris RobinsonSet the calculated source parameters directly
2009-10-21 Chris RobinsonStore the calculated source parameters in the source...
2009-10-21 Chris RobinsonDon't assume 16-bit samples
2009-10-21 Chris RobinsonCalculate source filter coefficients with the source...
2009-10-21 Chris RobinsonRemove unnecessary variable
2009-10-21 Chris RobinsonMake sure the ALSA device list is reset if no cards...
2009-10-21 Chris RobinsonClear the echo and delay lines even if the buffer doesn...
2009-10-20 Chris RobinsonRemove the Frequency field from the context
2009-10-20 Chris RobinsonExplicitly suspend the context being processed for...
2009-10-20 Chris RobinsonMake sure the context is properly locked while updating...
2009-10-20 Chris RobinsonAllow creating multiple contexts on a device
2009-10-20 Chris RobinsonMake sure the effect slots and source sends are properl...
2009-10-20 Chris RobinsonBe more tolerant with resetting the fragment size
2009-10-20 Chris RobinsonStore a device's contexts in a dynamic array
2009-10-20 Chris RobinsonDon't try to clamp the listener-to-source velocity...
2009-10-20 Chris RobinsonAvoid handling NaN when scaling float samples for output
2009-10-20 Chris RobinsonAdd a method to update device-dependant effect parameters.
2009-10-19 Chris RobinsonReduce indentation for CalcSourceParams
2009-10-19 Chris RobinsonBe context-agnostic in the effect Create functions
2009-10-19 Chris RobinsonEINTR is not a fatal write error
2009-10-18 Chris RobinsonFix OSS and Solaris playback loop check
2009-10-16 Chris RobinsonRemove duplicate check in ALSA mmap playback
2009-10-09 Chris RobinsonMake the dry buffer part of the device
2009-10-07 Chris RobinsonRename SetALCError for consistency
2009-10-02 Chris RobinsonAdd missing ) in pulseaudio backend
2009-09-30 Chris RobinsonFix type casts for 7.1 output
2009-09-27 Chris RobinsonFallback to 16-bit or 8-bit, or mono, if ALSA doesn...
2009-09-27 Chris RobinsonReport disconnect if the device fails to reset
2009-09-27 Chris RobinsonDon't store the ALSA format
2009-09-27 Chris RobinsonFix capture, too
2009-09-27 Chris RobinsonMake sure ALSA properly loads, and fix the thread stop...
2009-09-27 Chris RobinsonAvoid duplicate error handling
2009-09-27 Chris RobinsonLoad backend libs on-demand
2009-09-26 Chris RobinsonRelease 1.9.563openal-soft-1.9.563
2009-09-24 Chris RobinsonCondense some local variables
2009-09-24 Chris RobinsonCheck the source start position in alSourcePlayv instea...
2009-09-24 Chris RobinsonParse the attribute list and reset the device before...
2009-09-24 Chris RobinsonSlightly improve the multi-channel mixing loops
2009-09-24 Chris RobinsonRemove the state callbacks and watch for changes synchr...
2009-09-23 Chris RobinsonGet rid of unnecessary messages from pulseaudio
2009-09-23 Chris RobinsonProperly clean up the pulse device
2009-09-23 Chris RobinsonSilence unused parameter warning
2009-09-23 Chris RobinsonAttempt to reload backend libs when probing, if they...
2009-09-23 Chris RobinsonUpdate in properly-sized chunks for PulseAudio
2009-09-22 Chris RobinsonProperly flip the backend entries when sorting the...
2009-09-22 Chris RobinsonFix reset condition check
2009-09-22 Chris Robinson(Re)allocate and clear the stereo-to-binaural filter...
2009-09-22 Chris RobinsonAvoid locking a NULL context when a device is disconnected
2009-09-22 Chris RobinsonReinitialize the stereo-to-binaural filter after resett...
2009-09-22 Chris RobinsonProperly set the number of sends requested by the app
2009-09-22 Chris RobinsonDon't allow setting an invalid auxiliary send
2009-09-21 Chris RobinsonHide the wave writer device if no output file is set
2009-09-21 Chris RobinsonProperly handle forced 32-bit float output with DSound
2009-09-21 Chris RobinsonReturn imediately if trying to set an unknown format
2009-09-21 Chris RobinsonSupport floating point capture for backends that can...
2009-09-21 Chris RobinsonCreate the ALSA capture ring buffer with the proper...
2009-09-20 Chris RobinsonMix all pending periods at once instead of one at a...
2009-09-20 Chris RobinsonLet verify_state restore from an ALSA underrun
2009-09-17 Chris RobinsonRemove left-over backend-specific period options
2009-09-17 Chris RobinsonStore the number of periods in the device instead of...
2009-09-16 Chris RobinsonRemove unnecessary parameters, and rename methods
2009-09-16 Chris RobinsonRestore the device frequency using the stream info
2009-09-16 Chris RobinsonUpdate the frequency with what the stream actually...
2009-09-16 Chris RobinsonProperly terminate PortAudio when closing
2009-09-16 Chris RobinsonMake a GetConfigValueBool function and use it
2009-09-16 Chris RobinsonPass the device to aluMixData
2009-09-16 Chris RobinsonMove the stereo-to-binaural filter to the device
2009-09-16 Chris RobinsonPass the frame count to aluMixData
2009-09-16 Chris RobinsonSplit the source mixing loop into a separate function
2009-09-13 Chris RobinsonAdd missing context checks
2009-09-13 Chris RobinsonUpdate comment
2009-09-13 Chris RobinsonFix wave writer backend
2009-09-13 Chris RobinsonMix the proper size for every update, and notify discon...
2009-09-13 Chris RobinsonStart Solaris playback when a context is ready