2008-01-12 Chris RobinsonReorder setting of some variablesefx-experiment
2008-01-12 Chris RobinsonMerge branch 'master' into efx-experiment
2008-01-11 Chris RobinsonDon't limit output wave filename size
2008-01-11 Chris RobinsonFix the Wave Writer's reliance on ftell
2008-01-11 Chris RobinsonUse Sleep instead of usleep
2008-01-11 Chris RobinsonDon't double-close a handle on error
2008-01-11 Chris RobinsonDon't attempt to open ALSA playback/capture if it didn...
2008-01-11 Chris RobinsonAdd a wave file writing backend
2008-01-11 Chris RobinsonUse nanosleep instead of usleep
2008-01-11 Chris RobinsonAdd Sleep wrapper
2008-01-11 Chris RobinsonAdd a timing wrapper, using gettimeofday
2008-01-10 Chris RobinsonAllow querying of ALC_MONO_SOURCES and ALC_STEREO_SOURCES
2008-01-08 Chris RobinsonUse a more reliable thread loop for DSound, instead...
2008-01-07 Chris RobinsonRemove unneeded silence field
2008-01-06 Chris RobinsonRelease 1.1.93openal-soft-1.1.93
2008-01-06 Chris RobinsonFix lone ALC_REFRESH query case
2008-01-06 Chris RobinsonDon't allow 0 periods
2008-01-06 Chris RobinsonAdd missing header include
2008-01-06 Chris RobinsonALC_REFRESH is the number of updates per second
2008-01-06 Chris RobinsonMake OSS's update size dynamic
2008-01-06 Chris RobinsonFix the buffer size so ALSA doesn't multiply by the...
2008-01-05 Chris RobinsonSome non-mmap ALSA fixes
2008-01-05 Chris RobinsonDisable fast float-to-int hack.
2008-01-05 Chris RobinsonTry a different low-pass filter
2008-01-04 Chris RobinsonMerge branch 'master' into efx-experiment
2008-01-04 Chris RobinsonUse 6 point spatialization for 6.1 and 7.1 output
2008-01-03 Chris RobinsonImplement a crossfeed config option
2008-01-03 Chris RobinsonAdd the Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP (bs2b) code...
2008-01-01 Chris RobinsonMerge branch 'master' into efx-experiment
2008-01-01 Chris RobinsonFail if OSS can't set the requested bit depth and chann...
2008-01-01 Chris RobinsonFix channel ordering for multichannel buffers
2008-01-01 Chris RobinsonFix wet volumes for multichannel path
2008-01-01 Chris RobinsonMerge branch 'master' into efx-experiment
2008-01-01 Chris RobinsonZero out wet send params when calculating source params
2007-12-31 Chris RobinsonRemove obsolete comment
2007-12-31 Chris RobinsonAdvertise the AL_EXT_MCFORMATS extension
2007-12-31 Chris RobinsonHandle AL_FORMAT_REAR* formats
2007-12-31 Chris RobinsonAllow loading of 4, 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 sample data
2007-12-31 Chris RobinsonAdd paths for 4 to 7.1 channel buffer mixing
2007-12-31 Chris RobinsonDisable unnecessary calculations
2007-12-31 Chris RobinsonAllow psuedo 6.1 and 7.1 output
2007-12-31 Chris RobinsonCheck specific formats before general properties
2007-12-31 Chris RobinsonExport float32 formats
2007-12-31 Chris RobinsonAdd some more formats
2007-12-31 Chris RobinsonUse an enum list for dealing with channels
2007-12-31 Chris RobinsonMake some defines local to ALu.c
2007-12-31 Chris RobinsonFix includes so alMain.h doesn't include so much by...
2007-12-31 Chris RobinsonDon't append _struct to the source struct name
2007-12-31 Chris RobinsonRemove unused macros
2007-12-31 Chris RobinsonDon't default to AL_FORMAT_STEREO16 when writing to...
2007-12-31 Chris RobinsonLoop per frame, not per sample, when writing the output...
2007-12-30 Chris RobinsonFallback to non-mmap access for ALSA if mmap isn't...
2007-12-30 Chris RobinsonCheck for the correct ALSA driver option name
2007-12-29 Chris RobinsonRemove some duplication
2007-12-29 Chris RobinsonImplement AL_EXT_FLOAT32
2007-12-29 Chris RobinsonAdvertise AL_EXT_IMA4, since it's been supported all...
2007-12-29 Chris RobinsonConsolidate buffer loading/conversion a bit
2007-12-29 Chris RobinsonAvoid a couple explicit format checks for buffers
2007-12-29 Chris RobinsonDon't rely on the exact formats as much for sources
2007-12-27 Chris RobinsonAdd new output formats to sample config
2007-12-27 Chris RobinsonDon't check explicitly against formats, but rather...
2007-12-27 Chris RobinsonAllow 5.1 channel output
2007-12-27 Chris RobinsonAllow empty device specifiers when opening; treat them...
2007-12-24 Chris RobinsonCheck for libm before including it
2007-12-24 Chris RobinsonFix target opts to remove prefix on the win32 dll
2007-12-22 Chris RobinsonPrevent possible buffer overflow in AL_PRINT
2007-12-22 Chris RobinsonCheck for snprintf, and use _snprintf when needed
2007-12-22 Chris RobinsonRelease the new stuff on exit for Windows, too
2007-12-21 Chris RobinsonUse the right-channel sample...
2007-12-21 Chris RobinsonDon't send stereo samples to the wet path without an...
2007-12-21 Chris RobinsonFix extrenuous comment
2007-12-21 Chris RobinsonMerge branch 'master' into efx-experiment
2007-12-21 Chris RobinsonDo the channel pannings based on output channel count
2007-12-20 Chris RobinsonDon't use the lib prefix for the Win32 DLL
2007-12-19 Chris RobinsonMacOSX doesn't like global szDebug and g_mutex symbol...
2007-12-19 Chris RobinsonAllow auxiliary effect slot 0 when (un)setting the...
2007-12-19 Chris RobinsonDon't assume only one max send when setting source...
2007-12-19 Chris RobinsonUse the AuxSendAuto property of the effect slot
2007-12-19 Chris RobinsonImplement AL_AUXILIARY_SEND_FILTER_GAIN_AUTO property
2007-12-19 Chris RobinsonImplement AL_ROOM_ROLLOFF_FACTOR property
2007-12-19 Chris RobinsonDon't allow properties on effect and filter name 0
2007-12-19 Chris RobinsonImplement AL_EFFECT_TYPE property
2007-12-19 Chris RobinsonReport one max auxiliary send per source
2007-12-19 Chris RobinsonImplement AL_AUXILIARY_SEND_FILTER source property
2007-12-19 Chris RobinsonRemove unneeded struct member
2007-12-19 Chris RobinsonAdd AL_EFFECTSLOT_AUXILIARY_SEND_AUTO property (still...
2007-12-19 Chris RobinsonFix initial WetMix setup
2007-12-19 Chris RobinsonImplement AL_AUXILIARY_SEND_FILTER_GAINHF_AUTO property
2007-12-18 Chris RobinsonImplement AL_EFFECTSLOT_GAIN property
2007-12-18 Chris RobinsonAdd initial auxiliary send paths
2007-12-18 Chris RobinsonImplement AL_EFFECTSLOT_EFFECT property
2007-12-18 Chris RobinsonOnly allow one auxiliary effect slot
2007-12-18 Chris RobinsonImplement AL_AIR_ABSORPTION_FACTOR source property
2007-12-18 Chris RobinsonAdd AL_FILTER_LOWPASS support
2007-12-18 Chris RobinsonImplement AL_CONE_OUTER_GAINHF source property
2007-12-18 Chris RobinsonImplement AL_DIRECT_FILTER_GAINHF_AUTO source property
2007-12-18 Chris RobinsonImplement basic lowpass filter path
2007-12-18 Chris RobinsonAdd AL_METERS_PER_UNIT listener property
2007-12-18 Chris RobinsonDon't attempt to free null effects or filters
2007-12-18 Chris Robinson0 is a valid filter and effect name