2 days ago Chris RobinsonFix logging on Windowsmaster
2 days ago Chris RobinsonSupport capture with mmdevapi
2 days ago Chris RobinsonHandle logging Unicode strings on Windows
3 days ago Chris RobinsonSet the right variable when assuming CPU extensions
3 days ago Chris RobinsonDo up to 256 samples at a time with multi-step loops
4 days ago Chris RobinsonInline a couple functions
4 days ago Chris RobinsonOffset to the buffer's channel start first
4 days ago Chris RobinsonAvoid duplicate calculations
4 days ago Chris RobinsonAssert that there's a buffer for mixing
4 days ago Chris RobinsonSet a couple pulse callbacks to NULL during reset,...
4 days ago Chris RobinsonDon't kill pulseaudio's mixer thread if it's already...
5 days ago Chris RobinsonUse aluVector and aluMatrix in a couple more places
5 days ago Chris RobinsonConstify some variables
6 days ago Chris RobinsonPass a vectory to aluMatrixVector
6 days ago Chris RobinsonUse aluVector in some more places
6 days ago Chris RobinsonAdd explicit matrix and vector types to operate with
6 days ago Chris RobinsonMultiply samples with the cubic coeffs before transposing
6 days ago Chris RobinsonLoad samples with _mm_loadu_ps in the cubic SSE resamplers
6 days ago Chris RobinsonAdd SSE2 and SSE4.1 cubic resamplers
6 days ago Chris RobinsonUse a lookup table to do cubic resampling
6 days ago Chris RobinsonTranspose the cubic matrix op
10 days ago Chris RobinsonUse the default channel layout in alffplay if one isn...
2014-12-07 Chris RobinsonDon't pass float literals for unsigned ints
2014-12-02 Chris RobinsonFix a potential leak when opening a data file on Windows
2014-11-29 Chris RobinsonRemove IrSize from DirectParams
2014-11-29 Chris RobinsonRemove an unnecessary maxf()
2014-11-28 Chris RobinsonCheck mmdevice endpoint for being headphones
2014-11-27 Chris RobinsonAvoid unnecessary uses of ALCdevice_Lock and ALCdevice_...
2014-11-27 Chris RobinsonSet headphones when dsound reports headphones
2014-11-26 Chris RobinsonImprove ambient gain calculations
2014-11-26 Chris RobinsonSupport B-Format output with the wave file writer
2014-11-26 Chris RobinsonHalve the gain of the Cube8 coefficients
2014-11-26 Chris RobinsonFix reverb panning direction
2014-11-26 Chris RobinsonShorten a couple lines
2014-11-25 Chris RobinsonUse linear gain stepping
2014-11-25 Chris RobinsonPass the step count to the Update*Stepping methods
2014-11-25 Chris RobinsonFix __ALSOFT_REVERSE_Z with non-HRTF output
2014-11-25 Chris RobinsonUse a separate method to set initial HRTF coefficients
2014-11-24 Chris RobinsonRequire at least pulse client 0.9.16
2014-11-24 Chris RobinsonTrace PulseAudio's active port
2014-11-24 Chris RobinsonMake CalcHrtfDelta more generic
2014-11-24 Chris RobinsonMove the voice's last position and gain out of the...
2014-11-24 Chris RobinsonRename step to steps
2014-11-24 Chris RobinsonUse a macro to reduce code duplication
2014-11-24 Chris RobinsonAvoid using ALCdevice_Lock and ALCdevice_Unlock unneces...
2014-11-24 Chris RobinsonUpdate a comment
2014-11-24 Chris RobinsonSet headphones when pulse reports using the headphones...
2014-11-24 Chris RobinsonAdd a boolean to specify if a device is headphones
2014-11-24 Chris RobinsonSwap delta and step, remove double semicolons
2014-11-23 Chris RobinsonRemove unused channel enums
2014-11-23 Chris RobinsonRemove the cube+diamond virtual layout
2014-11-23 Chris RobinsonAdd an option for a simpler virtual channel setup
2014-11-23 Chris RobinsonPartially revert "Use a different method for HRTF mixing"
2014-11-23 Chris RobinsonHandle loopback devices when deciding to use HRTF
2014-11-23 Chris RobinsonRemove a couple unnecessary traces
2014-11-23 Chris RobinsonAttempt to use BS2B when using headphones without HRTF
2014-11-23 Chris RobinsonUpdate some config descriptions
2014-11-23 Chris RobinsonDocument the stereo-mode config option
2014-11-23 Chris RobinsonRework HRTF decision logic
2014-11-23 Chris RobinsonRemove an unused macro
2014-11-23 Chris RobinsonRename Voice's NumChannels to OutChannels
2014-11-22 Chris RobinsonOnly update the necessary channels
2014-11-22 Chris RobinsonMix DirectChannel sources to the non-virtual channel...
2014-11-22 Chris RobinsonStore the number of output channels in the voice
2014-11-22 Chris RobinsonRemove an unnecessary union container
2014-11-22 Chris RobinsonMove a warning check earlier
2014-11-22 Chris RobinsonUse a different method for HRTF mixing
2014-11-21 Chris RobinsonBalance the left and right channels for quad output
2014-11-21 Chris RobinsonReformat a couple lines
2014-11-21 Chris RobinsonInitialize panning after setting up HRTF
2014-11-21 Chris RobinsonAllocate the DryBuffer dynamically
2014-11-19 Chris RobinsonOnly warn when no data file could be opened
2014-11-18 Chris RobinsonAlign UpdateSize for Neon, too
2014-11-18 Chris RobinsonDon't force UpdateSize to a multiple of 4 after buffer...
2014-11-18 Chris RobinsonAlways get the pulseaudio sink info on device reset
2014-11-16 Chris RobinsonMark a function as const
2014-11-15 Chris RobinsonRemove the unused angle and elevation from the device...
2014-11-15 Chris RobinsonSlightly increase the ambient gain volume
2014-11-15 Chris RobinsonInterpolate directional reverb gains with ambient based...
2014-11-15 Chris RobinsonAdd a method to convert channel enums to a label string
2014-11-13 Chris RobinsonDon't bother with LFE in the channel setup, set the...
2014-11-11 Chris RobinsonAdd a toolchain for Android cross-compiling
2014-11-11 Chris RobinsonAdd the ability to use custom output channel coefficients
2014-11-09 Chris RobinsonDon't use the device lock/unlock wrappers needlessly
2014-11-08 Chris RobinsonRemove the unused layout config options
2014-11-08 Chris RobinsonRemove the unused wide-stereo option
2014-11-08 Chris RobinsonReorder some options in the config sample
2014-11-08 Chris RobinsonAllow selecting the 5.1-rear channel config from the...
2014-11-08 Chris RobinsonRemove the long-deprecated 'format' config option
2014-11-08 Chris RobinsonAdd a workaround for compilers without __COUNTER__
2014-11-08 Chris RobinsonOnly enable the BS2B filter with stereo output
2014-11-08 Chris RobinsonGo to the next voice when a source is stopped
2014-11-08 Chris RobinsonRename a couple parameters
2014-11-07 Chris RobinsonMove a declaration
2014-11-07 Chris RobinsonFallback to 16-bit samples in alffmpeg if a float32...
2014-11-07 Chris RobinsonPas the output device channel count to ALeffectState...
2014-11-07 Chris RobinsonRename speakers to channels, and remove an old incorrec...
2014-11-07 Chris RobinsonUse a separate macro for the max output channel count
2014-11-07 Chris RobinsonUse shorter display names for the surround sound config...
2014-11-07 Chris RobinsonFix 5.1 surround sound