2015-02-14 Chris RobinsonFix the HRTF B-Format decoder's W coefficientmaster
2015-02-12 Chris RobinsonCheange some more unnecessarily small coefficients...
2015-02-11 Chris RobinsonAdd an option for "basic" HRTF rendering
2015-02-10 Chris RobinsonCalculate HRTF coefficients for all B-Format channels...
2015-02-10 Chris RobinsonUse a single statement to declare the buffer format...
2015-02-10 Chris RobinsonPass the (FuMa) channel number to GetBFormatHrtfCoeffs
2015-02-10 Chris RobinsonCorrect conversion from polar to cartesian coords for...
2015-02-09 Chris RobinsonUse B-Format for HRTF's virtual output format
2015-02-09 Chris RobinsonProperly handle a mono output buffer with the MIDI...
2015-02-09 Chris RobinsonAdd a comment detailing how the HRTF channel buffer...
2015-02-09 Chris RobinsonMake sure the BS2B filter is freed if HRTF is enabled
2015-02-09 Chris RobinsonMove HRTF params and state closer together
2015-02-07 Chris RobinsonAdd a note to the JACK backend about a (minor) race...
2015-02-07 Chris RobinsonFix some ringbuffer function comments
2015-02-07 Chris RobinsonClean up another vector iterator loop
2015-02-07 Chris RobinsonAvoid tracing wide-char strings
2015-02-05 Chris RobinsonAvoid unnecessary uses of ExchangeInt/Ptr
2015-02-04 Chris RobinsonAvoid unnecessary ExchangeInt uses
2015-02-03 Chris RobinsonTry the JACK backend before PulseAudio
2015-02-03 Chris RobinsonSignal the mixer thread outside of the mutex lock
2015-02-03 Chris RobinsonDon't try to spawn a JACK server by default
2015-02-03 Chris RobinsonAlways use the JACK server buffer size as the update...
2015-01-22 Chris RobinsonEnsure PulseAudio's mixing loop is signaled when stopping
2015-01-21 Chris RobinsonRemove a couple unused variables
2015-01-21 Chris RobinsonFix variable check
2015-01-15 Chris RobinsonFix X7DOT1_NARROW name to X7DOT1_WIDE
2015-01-15 Chris RobinsonAccept a "narrow" layout for 7.1 with mmdevapi
2015-01-13 Chris RobinsonFix high-pass coefficients
2015-01-13 Chris RobinsonAdd missing alignas to CubicLUT declaration
2015-01-11 Chris RobinsonFix the flags type
2014-12-25 Chris RobinsonRemove some IN_IDE_PARSER uses
2014-12-25 Chris RobinsonRemove some unnecessary restrict uses
2014-12-25 Chris RobinsonUpdate some function comments (bytes -> elements)
2014-12-24 Chris RobinsonUpdate a comment
2014-12-24 Chris RobinsonDon't update the channel format if all JACK ports were...
2014-12-24 Chris RobinsonTry the device-specified channel configuration first
2014-12-24 Chris RobinsonUse the custom ringbuffer instead of JACK's
2014-12-24 Chris RobinsonAdd a lockless ringbuffer
2014-12-23 Chris RobinsonDon't set unused pointers to NULL, don't try to write...
2014-12-23 Chris RobinsonAt least measure the ringbuffer size for JACK's latency
2014-12-23 Chris RobinsonAdd an option to prevent spawning a JACK server
2014-12-23 Chris RobinsonAdd JACK to the config utility
2014-12-23 Chris RobinsonAdd an option for an increased ringbuffer size with...
2014-12-22 Chris RobinsonFill out the JACK playback backend
2014-12-21 Chris RobinsonAdd a skeleton backend for JACK
2014-12-21 Chris RobinsonAdd a cmake module to find JACK
2014-12-21 Chris RobinsonSet error if capture device fails to start
2014-12-21 Chris RobinsonTrace lparam and wparam message values
2014-12-21 Chris RobinsonCheck the PROPVARIANT type before use
2014-12-21 Chris RobinsonUse VECTOR_FOR_EACH instead of a manual loop
2014-12-21 Chris RobinsonUse a macro for the record thread name
2014-12-21 Chris RobinsonCast to the pointer-to-type to increment the buffer
2014-12-20 Chris RobinsonFix logging on Windows
2014-12-19 Chris RobinsonSupport capture with mmdevapi
2014-12-19 Chris RobinsonHandle logging Unicode strings on Windows
2014-12-19 Chris RobinsonSet the right variable when assuming CPU extensions
2014-12-18 Chris RobinsonDo up to 256 samples at a time with multi-step loops
2014-12-18 Chris RobinsonInline a couple functions
2014-12-18 Chris RobinsonOffset to the buffer's channel start first
2014-12-18 Chris RobinsonAvoid duplicate calculations
2014-12-17 Chris RobinsonAssert that there's a buffer for mixing
2014-12-17 Chris RobinsonSet a couple pulse callbacks to NULL during reset,...
2014-12-17 Chris RobinsonDon't kill pulseaudio's mixer thread if it's already...
2014-12-16 Chris RobinsonUse aluVector and aluMatrix in a couple more places
2014-12-16 Chris RobinsonConstify some variables
2014-12-16 Chris RobinsonPass a vectory to aluMatrixVector
2014-12-16 Chris RobinsonUse aluVector in some more places
2014-12-16 Chris RobinsonAdd explicit matrix and vector types to operate with
2014-12-16 Chris RobinsonMultiply samples with the cubic coeffs before transposing
2014-12-15 Chris RobinsonLoad samples with _mm_loadu_ps in the cubic SSE resamplers
2014-12-15 Chris RobinsonAdd SSE2 and SSE4.1 cubic resamplers
2014-12-15 Chris RobinsonUse a lookup table to do cubic resampling
2014-12-15 Chris RobinsonTranspose the cubic matrix op
2014-12-12 Chris RobinsonUse the default channel layout in alffplay if one isn...
2014-12-07 Chris RobinsonDon't pass float literals for unsigned ints
2014-12-02 Chris RobinsonFix a potential leak when opening a data file on Windows
2014-11-29 Chris RobinsonRemove IrSize from DirectParams
2014-11-29 Chris RobinsonRemove an unnecessary maxf()
2014-11-28 Chris RobinsonCheck mmdevice endpoint for being headphones
2014-11-27 Chris RobinsonAvoid unnecessary uses of ALCdevice_Lock and ALCdevice_...
2014-11-27 Chris RobinsonSet headphones when dsound reports headphones
2014-11-26 Chris RobinsonImprove ambient gain calculations
2014-11-26 Chris RobinsonSupport B-Format output with the wave file writer
2014-11-26 Chris RobinsonHalve the gain of the Cube8 coefficients
2014-11-26 Chris RobinsonFix reverb panning direction
2014-11-26 Chris RobinsonShorten a couple lines
2014-11-25 Chris RobinsonUse linear gain stepping
2014-11-25 Chris RobinsonPass the step count to the Update*Stepping methods
2014-11-25 Chris RobinsonFix __ALSOFT_REVERSE_Z with non-HRTF output
2014-11-25 Chris RobinsonUse a separate method to set initial HRTF coefficients
2014-11-24 Chris RobinsonRequire at least pulse client 0.9.16
2014-11-24 Chris RobinsonTrace PulseAudio's active port
2014-11-24 Chris RobinsonMake CalcHrtfDelta more generic
2014-11-24 Chris RobinsonMove the voice's last position and gain out of the...
2014-11-24 Chris RobinsonRename step to steps
2014-11-24 Chris RobinsonUse a macro to reduce code duplication
2014-11-24 Chris RobinsonAvoid using ALCdevice_Lock and ALCdevice_Unlock unneces...
2014-11-24 Chris RobinsonUpdate a comment
2014-11-24 Chris RobinsonSet headphones when pulse reports using the headphones...
2014-11-24 Chris RobinsonAdd a boolean to specify if a device is headphones