2 days ago Chris RobinsonChange Windows-based atomics for non-C99 compilersmaster
2 days ago Chris RobinsonUse a full memory barrier for Windows
3 days ago Chris RobinsonUse pulseaudio's write callback to signal a mixer proc...
3 days ago Chris RobinsonDon't try to use internal visibility
3 days ago Chris RobinsonAlways set the active source's update method
4 days ago Chris RobinsonExplicitly pass the address of atomics and parameters...
7 days ago Chris RobinsonSupport C11 atomics
7 days ago Chris RobinsonUse generic atomics in more places
7 days ago Chris RobinsonImplement RefCount as a generic atomic type
8 days ago Chris RobinsonAdd macros for generic atomic functionality
9 days ago Chris RobinsonCheck the current directory first for data files
10 days ago Chris RobinsonMake some functions static
10 days ago Chris RobinsonUse the UNUSED macro instead of a void cast
10 days ago Chris RobinsonStop trying to read samples if there was an error
10 days ago Chris RobinsonTrace when a soundfont buffer goes unused
11 days ago Chris RobinsonLoad the default soundfont as a comma-separate list...
11 days ago Chris RobinsonKeep existing presets when loading in a new soundfont
11 days ago Chris RobinsonUse a macro to specify the fourcc formatters
12 days ago Chris RobinsonExplicitly include libavutil/channel_layout.h for the...
12 days ago Chris RobinsonProperly scale the first HRTF pass-through coefficient
13 days ago Chris RobinsonFix typo (overriden -> overridden)
2014-07-16 Chris RobinsonCleanup some HRTF code
2014-07-14 Chris RobinsonFix omni-directional moving HRTF coeffs
2014-07-11 Chris RobinsonAdd a source radius property that determines the direct...
2014-07-07 Chris RobinsonAccess the result macro parameter only once
2014-07-06 Chris RobinsonRename some functions
2014-07-06 Chris RobinsonStore 4 modulators per map entry
2014-07-06 Chris RobinsonRegroup and reorganize some macros
2014-07-06 Chris RobinsonUse VECTOR_FIND_IF instead of a manual loop
2014-07-06 Chris RobinsonAllow ALsoundfont_deleteSoundfont to handle multiple...
2014-07-06 Chris RobinsonDon't require pre-declaring vector types
2014-07-05 Chris RobinsonAL_SOFT_source_length is complete
2014-07-05 Chris RobinsonDon't set modulators that have no destination
2014-07-05 Chris RobinsonAvoid aliasing an int array
2014-07-05 Chris RobinsonFix a couple checks
2014-07-05 Chris RobinsonMake some more functions static
2014-07-05 Chris RobinsonUse a helper function to check valid MIDI controller...
2014-07-04 Chris RobinsonSet the 'valid' field when we have a valid buffer pointer
2014-07-04 Chris RobinsonMove an inline definition to a more appropriate source
2014-07-04 Chris RobinsonMake a function static
2014-07-04 Chris RobinsonAL_SOFT_MSADPCM is functionally complete
2014-07-02 Chris RobinsonAvoid an undefined allocation of 0 bytes
2014-07-02 Chris RobinsonSimplify setting a fontsound link
2014-07-02 Chris RobinsonCheck that a fontsound is NOT null before deleting it
2014-07-02 Chris RobinsonRemove an unused variable
2014-07-02 Chris RobinsonRemove an unnecessary cast
2014-07-02 Chris RobinsonFix preset zone instrument header check
2014-07-01 Chris RobinsonPrint SF2 text INFO chunks
2014-06-30 Chris RobinsonWarn about all unhandled soundfont generators
2014-06-30 Chris RobinsonCheck the last preset and instrument properties within...
2014-06-30 Chris RobinsonStandardize some New/Delete methods
2014-06-29 Chris RobinsonRemove an unused macro
2014-06-29 Chris RobinsonLoad soundfont samples into an ALbuffer
2014-06-29 Chris RobinsonStore and use an ALbuffer for samples in an ALfontsound
2014-06-26 Chris RobinsonDon't require MIDI sysex data to have the high bit...
2014-06-22 Chris RobinsonOnly set the needed HRTF coefficients
2014-06-21 Chris RobinsonAvoid negating 'negative' variable names
2014-06-20 Chris RobinsonDon't pass the device to HRTF methods
2014-06-20 Chris RobinsonDon't overwrite the loopback device format with the...
2014-06-14 Chris RobinsonRemove unused variables
2014-06-13 Chris RobinsonGet the mixer and resampler functions when needed
2014-06-13 Chris RobinsonCombine the direct and send mixers
2014-06-13 Chris RobinsonCombine some dry and wet path types
2014-06-12 Chris RobinsonPre-apply the crossfeed filter gain to the input sample...
2014-06-11 Chris RobinsonUse floats for the BS2B filter
2014-06-10 Chris RobinsonMake bs2b_cross_feed inline
2014-06-09 Chris RobinsonDon't try to set fp precision with __control87_2 or...
2014-06-08 Chris RobinsonPrint CPU extensions that are unavailable but requested
2014-06-08 Chris RobinsonOpen and close the file in the main thread in alffplay
2014-06-08 Chris RobinsonRequire SSE for SSE2, and SSE2 for SSE4.1
2014-06-07 Chris RobinsonUpdate the disable-cpu-exts config option description
2014-06-06 Chris RobinsonUpdate a couple sources with the proper author
2014-06-06 Chris RobinsonMove InitiatePositionArrays to mixer_defs.h
2014-06-06 Timothy ArceriAdd SSE2 and SSE4.1 linear resamplers
2014-06-03 Chris RobinsonAvoid a loop when updating the source position variables
2014-06-03 Chris RobinsonAdd an ffmpeg-based example player
2014-06-01 Chris RobinsonOnly define struct timespec if _TIMESPEC_DEFINED isn...
2014-05-29 Chris RobinsonAdd extern "C" to common headers.
2014-05-27 Chris RobinsonAdd methods to exchange and compare-exchange RefCount...
2014-05-27 Chris RobinsonAvoid unnecessary local variables
2014-05-27 Chris RobinsonImplement condition variables for Windows
2014-05-26 Chris RobinsonAdd an extension string for the in-progress source...
2014-05-26 Chris RobinsonImplement condition variables (POSIX only!)
2014-05-26 Chris RobinsonDon't print an ERR if pulse fails to get latency info...
2014-05-25 Chris RobinsonAdd an option to get the length of a source's full...
2014-05-25 Chris RobinsonDon't resume the backend if there's no contexts
2014-05-24 Chris RobinsonMove the active source's offset out of the direct params
2014-05-23 Chris RobinsonUpdate the examples to use SDL2
2014-05-23 Chris RobinsonMark a few more functions as const
2014-05-23 Chris RobinsonRename CONST_FUNC and PRINTF_STYLE, and fix non-GNU...
2014-05-22 Chris RobinsonAL_SOFT_block_alignment is now considered done
2014-05-22 Chris RobinsonEnsure a proper amount of new elements are being reserv...
2014-05-22 Chris RobinsonInclude strings.h if it exists for strncasecmp
2014-05-22 Chris RobinsonAdd a needed header for the CoreAudio backend
2014-05-22 Chris RobinsonUse the first non-0-length buffer when starting a source
2014-05-22 Chris RobinsonDon't try to use the non-standard alloca.h
2014-05-22 Chris RobinsonUse an unsigned type for the win32 size_t formatter
2014-05-22 Chris RobinsonMark some functions as const
2014-05-22 Chris RobinsonThe lower value of the gain vector contains the closest...
2014-05-21 Chris RobinsonDon't clear the current and step gain values when updat...