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OpenAL Soft is a software implementation of the OpenAL 3D audio API. It provides capabilities for playing audio in a virtual 3d environment. Distance attenuation, doppler shift, and directional sound emitters are among the features handled by the API. It also handles streaming audio and multi-channel buffers.
19 hours ago Chris RobinsonSimplify some error checkingmaster
19 hours ago Chris RobinsonCheck pthread_mutex_unlock for errors
23 hours ago Chris RobinsonRemove unnecessary includes
23 hours ago Chris RobinsonAlter the al_fopen macro to not directly take parameters
24 hours ago Chris RobinsonRename AL_ONCE_INIT to AL_ONCE_FLAG_INIT
27 hours ago Chris RobinsonCheck TlsSetValue for error
28 hours ago Chris RobinsonRename althread_once to be more C11-like
29 hours ago Chris RobinsonHandle the lib name as UTF-8
29 hours ago Chris RobinsonUse the thread ID for althrd_t on Windows
29 hours ago Chris RobinsonRename SetThreadName to althrd_setname
31 hours ago Chris RobinsonCheck explicitly for pthread_mutexattr_setkind_np befor...
41 hours ago Chris RobinsonFix SetThreadName for 64-bit MSVC builds
41 hours ago Chris RobinsonDon't inline al_nssleep
41 hours ago Chris RobinsonMake and use a C11-like altimespec_get wrapper function
2 days ago Chris RobinsonFix a signed-unsigned comparison warning and clarify...
2 days ago Chris RobinsonKeep TlsDestructors within threads.c
16 months ago openal-soft-1.15.1
16 months ago openal-soft.1.15
2 years ago openal-soft-1.14
3 years ago openal-soft-1.13
4 years ago openal-soft-1.12.854
4 years ago openal-soft-1.11.753
4 years ago openal-soft-1.10.622
4 years ago openal-soft-1.9.563
4 years ago openal-soft-1.8.466
5 years ago openal-soft-1-7-411
5 years ago openal-soft-1.6.372
5 years ago openal-soft-1.5.304
5 years ago openal-soft-1.4.272
5 years ago openal-soft-1.4.270
6 years ago openal-soft-1.3.253
6 years ago openal-soft-1.2.218
19 hours ago master
6 years ago efx-experiment
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