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OpenAL Soft is a software implementation of the OpenAL 3D audio API. It provides capabilities for playing audio in a virtual 3d environment. Distance attenuation, doppler shift, and directional sound emitters are among the features handled by the API. It also handles streaming audio and multi-channel buffers.
2 days ago Chris RobinsonBand-split the HRIRs when building the ambisonic decode... master
4 days ago Chris RobinsonFix HRTF index calculations for B-Format coefficients
6 days ago Chris RobinsonOnly use the cube points for generating the ambisonic...
11 days ago Chris RobinsonUse a more specialized mixer function for B-Format...
11 days ago Chris RobinsonDecode directly from B-Format to HRTF instead of a...
11 days ago Chris RobinsonSet a JACK error message handler when initializing...
2016-08-09 Chris RobinsonAvoid checking DeferUpdates for each source state change
2016-08-06 Chris RobinsonMix gain steps using SIMD with Neon
2016-08-05 Chris RobinsonModify NumUpdates for different sample rates instead...
2016-08-05 Chris RobinsonConstify some variables
2016-08-04 Chris RobinsonLook for the correct DLL for JACK on Windows
2016-08-04 Chris RobinsonUse al_calloc/al_free in more places
2016-08-03 Chris RobinsonAdd 'restrict' to another parameter
2016-08-02 Chris RobinsonUse the ACN and N3D map and scale lookup tables in...
2016-08-01 Chris RobinsonDon't store the looping state in the voice
2016-07-31 Chris RobinsonRename Ambisonics to Ambisonic in a couple places
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