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OpenAL Soft is a software implementation of the OpenAL 3D audio API. It provides capabilities for playing audio in a virtual 3d environment. Distance attenuation, doppler shift, and directional sound emitters are among the features handled by the API. It also handles streaming audio and multi-channel buffers.
6 hours ago Chris RobinsonUse an RMS limit of -3dB for the output limitermaster
33 hours ago Chris RobinsonAdd a missing include
35 hours ago Chris RobinsonUse peak limiting rather than RMS detection
35 hours ago Chris RobinsonFix source sends' initial HF absorption and decay calcu...
2 days ago Chris RobinsonUse normal air absorption for the sends
2 days ago Chris RobinsonAdd a new compressor/limiter
3 days ago Chris RobinsonFix handling chorus and flanger LFO displacement offset
3 days ago Chris RobinsonProperly handle the chorus and flanger LFOs
4 days ago Chris RobinsonUpdate ChangeLog about ALC_SOFT_output_limiter
4 days ago Chris RobinsonFinalize ALC_SOFT_output_limiter
4 days ago Chris RobinsonApply distance compensation separately
5 days ago Chris RobinsonUpdate ChangeLog for the limiter and dithering
5 days ago Chris RobinsonAdd a config option to specify custom ALSA devices
6 days ago Chris RobinsonAdd a dithering option to alsoft-config
6 days ago Chris RobinsonAdd an option to dither 8- and 16-bit output
8 days ago Chris RobinsonReduce the amount of variables that hold the same value
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