9 hours ago gccadminDaily bump.mastertrunktrunk
11 hours ago jbFix indentation
11 hours ago mpolacek PR c/61854
11 hours ago jbPR libfortran/62768 Use gfc_unit.filename also when...
13 hours ago nathan * (LIBGCOV_INTERFACE): Add _gcov_dump...
14 hours ago jakub PR debug/63284
15 hours ago jakub * ada/acats/ Redirect mkdir stderr to ...
16 hours ago jason Minor cleanup, don't run tests for which compilation...
17 hours ago hubicka * ipa-devirt.c (type_pair, default_hashset_traits...
19 hours ago paolo2014-09-17 Paolo Carlini <>
19 hours ago joel2014-09-17 Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@embedded...
20 hours ago hainque2014-09-17 Olivier Hainque <>
22 hours ago amsDisallow -mfpu=neon for unsuitable architectures.
33 hours ago gccadminDaily bump.
34 hours ago danglin PR target/61853
36 hours ago jbPR libfortran/62768 Handle filenames with embedded...
39 hours ago hjlFix a typo in gcc.dg/pg-override.c
42 hours ago hjlFix a typo in gcc.dg/pg.c
43 hours ago rguenth2014-09-16 Richard Biener <>
45 hours ago tocaripgcc/
46 hours ago kyukhinAVX-512. Extend extract insn patterns.
2 days ago jakub PR fortran/56408
2 days ago jasonwucjClean up useless initialization for IRA if using LRA.
2 days ago akAdd some more test cases for fentry and pg
2 days ago akAlways set DECL_NO_INSTRUMENT_FUNCTION_ENTRY_EXIT correctly
2 days ago jason * pt.c (lookup_template_class_1): Splice out abi_tag...
2 days ago tbsaundeReplace INSN_DELETED_P with rtx_insn member functions
2 days ago tbsaundeuse rtx_insn * more
2 days ago gccadminDaily bump.
2 days ago jakub PR fortran/56408
2 days ago jason Do not diagnose lambda default arguments in c++14...
2 days ago jakubgcc/
2 days ago manugcc/c-family/ChangeLog:
2 days ago dmalcolmInstruction attributes take an rtx_insn *
2 days ago dmalcolmThe various TARGET_ASM_..._MAX_SKIP hooks take an insn
2 days ago dmalcolmThe TARGET_CAN_FOLLOW_JUMP hook takes insns
2 days ago dmalcolmdeps_start_bb takes an insn
2 days ago uweigand2014-09-15 Andreas Krebbel <
2 days ago kyukhinAVX-512. Extend vcvtps2ph insn patterns.
2 days ago kyukhinAVX-512. Extend ashrv insn patterns.
2 days ago redi * include/bits/regex.h (basic_regex): Rename _Ch_typer...
2 days ago jgreenhalgh[AArch64] Fix force_simd macro in vdup_lane_2
3 days ago trippelsdoc/install.texi: add documentation for --disable-libsa...
3 days ago gccadminDaily bump.
4 days ago fxcoudert PR target/61407
4 days ago gccadminDaily bump.
4 days ago fxcoudertFix mistake in commit 215237
4 days ago hubicka * tree.c (need_assembler_name_p): Store C++ type mangl...
4 days ago fxcoudert * MAINTAINERS: Move myself to reviewers (Fortran).
5 days ago burnus2014-09-13 Tobias Burnus <>
5 days ago mpolacek PR c++/60862
5 days ago mpolacek * tree.c (protected_set_expr_location): Don't check...
5 days ago gccadminDaily bump.
5 days ago dj* config/msp430/ (extendhipsi2): Use 20-bit...
5 days ago jason PR c++/63201
5 days ago redi * include/debug/deque (__gnu_debug::deque): Make base...
5 days ago dmalcolmparams 2 and 3 of reg_set_between_p
5 days ago redi PR libstdc++/59603
5 days ago tbsaundefix ChangeLog typo
5 days ago tbsaundefix assert in hash_table pch routines
5 days ago jsm28Remove LIBGCC2_HAS_?F_MODE target macros.
5 days ago rguenth2014-09-12 Richard Biener <>
5 days ago glisse2014-09-12 Marc Glisse <>
5 days ago jiwang[AArch64] Add regmove_costs for Cortex-A57 and A53
5 days ago jiwang[AArch64] Fix cost for Q register moves
6 days ago jiwang[AArch64] Add cost handling of CALLER_SAVE_REGS and...
6 days ago jiwang[Ree] Ensure inserted copy don't change the number...
6 days ago kyukhinAVX-512. Extend vpternlog, valign, vrotate insns.
6 days ago kyukhinAVX-512. Extend max/min insn patterns.
6 days ago kyukhinAVX-512. Extend gather insn patterns.
6 days ago rsandifogcc/
6 days ago gccadminDaily bump.
6 days ago hubicka * common.opt (flto-odr-type-merging): New flag.
6 days ago hjlAlso turn off OPTION_MASK_ABI_X32 for -m16
6 days ago segher2014-09-11 Segher Boessenkool <segher@kernel.crashing...
6 days ago glisse2014-09-11 Marc Glisse <>
6 days ago dmalcolmIntroduce LABEL_REF_LABEL
6 days ago segher2014-09-11 Segher Boessenkool <segher@kernel.crashing...
6 days ago paolo2014-09-11 Paolo Carlini <>
6 days ago alalaw01[AArch64] Simplify vreinterpret for float64x1_t using...
6 days ago alalaw01[AArch64] Replace temporary inline assembler for vset_lane
6 days ago alalaw01[AArch64 Testsuite] Add execution test of vset(q?)_lane...
6 days ago jgreenhalgh[AArch64] Cheap fix for argument types of vmull_high_la...
6 days ago jason PR c++/63139
6 days ago jason PR c++/58678
6 days ago redi PR libstdc++/63219
7 days ago berndsFix declarations in some tests.
7 days ago jakub * src/powerpc/linux64.S: Emit .note.GNU-stack even...
7 days ago gjlgcc/
7 days ago kyukhinAVX-512. Add vperm[it]2 insns support.
7 days ago hubicka * varpool.c (varpool_node::ctor_useable_for_folding_p...
7 days ago hubicka PR tree-optimization/63186
7 days ago kyukhinAVX-512. Extend vpermvar insn patterns.
7 days ago gccadminDaily bump.
7 days ago meissner2014-09-10 Michael Meissner <meissner@linux.vnet...
7 days ago davidxlFix PR target/63209.
7 days ago jakub * Only run vect-args.c tests
7 days ago jason PR c++/61659
7 days ago dmalcolmerror_for_asm and warning_for_asm take const rtx_insn *
7 days ago dmalcolminsn_extract takes an rtx_insn