2007-11-18 Sven Verdoolaegenvi 1.81.6nvi-1.81.6
2007-11-18 Sven Verdoolaegedist: update distrib and export to switch to git repo
2007-11-18 Sven Verdoolaegedocs/vi.ref: don't split generated html
2007-11-18 Sven Verdoolaegeconfigure.in: specify config_aux_dir
2007-11-18 Sven Verdoolaegedb_get: remove outdated comment
2007-11-18 Sven Verdoolaegevi/vs_split: vs_swap: initialize wp of new window befor...
2007-11-13 Sven Verdoolaegeavoid casts in left hand sides of assignments.
2007-11-13 Sven Verdoolaegevi/v_at.c: add missing string.h include for memmove
2007-05-28 Sven Verdoolaegedist/Makefile.am: properly handle CPPFLAGS
2007-05-28 Sven Verdoolaegedb_get: handle recent (DB 4.3) DB_BUFFER_SMALL error...
2007-04-22 Sven Verdoolaegeex/ex_version.c: update version string
2007-04-22 Sven Verdoolaegedocs/*/Makefile: create html subdir if needed
2007-04-22 Sven Verdoolaegesupport DB 3.0
2007-04-22 Sven Verdoolaegecommon/key.h: fix non-wide character build
2007-04-22 Sven Verdoolaegeprotect db4 logging prototypes in common/extern.h
2007-04-22 Sven Verdoolaegeadd distrib/m4/gtk.m4
2007-04-22 Sven Verdoolaegesupport DB >= 4.1
2007-04-22 Sven Verdoolaegeconfigure.in: disable experimental db4 logging by default
2006-07-02 Sven Verdoolaegerename O_DIRECTORY to O_TMP_DIRECTORY to avoid conflict...
2006-07-01 Sven Verdoolaegeex: convert line input buffer from file encoding to...
2006-07-01 Sven Verdoolaegeex_argv.c: fix typo
2006-07-01 Sven Verdoolaegedistrib: run libtoolize
2006-07-01 Sven Verdoolaegeconfigure.in: use specialize REPLACE_FUNCS
2006-07-01 Sven Verdoolaegedistrib: let automake add missing files
2005-07-14 Sven VerdoolaegeRemove copied files.
2004-03-16 skimomake join work as specified in the standard
2004-03-16 skimoIn join, we need to distinguish between a 1 address...
2004-03-16 skimo200 and 100 are also in use
2004-03-16 skimoMake taglength work correctly.
2003-11-05 skimoPatch from Harti Brandt <brandt@fokus.fraunhofer.de>
2003-11-05 skimoalternative for avoiding LOCK_SUCCESS conflict
2003-08-10 skimoSet close-on-exec flag on edited files.
2003-07-19 skimocontinue executing the command if v_ecl_log rather...
2003-07-18 skimoStop logging commands if it that generates errors.
2003-07-18 skimodon't flush if there is no ex
2003-07-18 skimoclear pointer after terminating screen
2003-07-18 skimoPatch from Aymeric Vincent <Aymeric.Vincent@labri.fr>
2003-02-17 skimo--disable-* were not respected
2003-02-17 skimodon't use LTLIBOBJS
2003-01-26 skimoPatch from Aymeric Vincent <xmimx@free.fr>
2002-06-08 skimosupport line undo in db4 logging
2002-06-08 skimoSplit update_cache from line_insdel as it really needs...
2002-06-08 skimofix warnings
2002-05-03 skimoo nvi failed to correctly handle EINTR returned from...
2002-04-11 skimoThe fix in 10.55 of exf.c had unwanted side effects.
2002-04-09 skimorcv_init can call db_last and set c_nlines so do it...
2002-03-27 skimocheck for NULL in msgq_wstr
2002-03-09 skimoAdd preliminary db1.c from Aymeric Vincent <xmimic...
2002-03-09 skimostop logging during traversal
2002-03-09 skimofix db_delete return problem introduced in previous...
2002-03-08 skimoSave marks in db4 logs.
2002-03-08 skimoignore mark argument in debugging function
2002-03-08 skimos/PTR/POINTER/ + regen
2002-03-02 skimoInitial db4 logging.
2002-03-02 skimoInitial db4 logging.
2002-03-02 skimoadd missing return statements
2002-03-02 skimoSplit APPEND and DELETE log markers into a before and...
2002-02-09 skimofurhter merge db_append and db_insert
2002-02-09 skimofix tilde expansion for wide char version
2002-01-19 skimoconfigure support for allowing db1 builds
2002-01-19 skimofix scrolling to lines not in current vertical window...
2002-01-18 skimofix prefix checking of options names for wide char...
2002-01-05 skimoOops. Last change to mem.h was bogus.
2002-01-01 skimoAvoid unused variable warning, while keeping check
2001-12-16 skimofix abbrev
2001-11-02 skimoGenerated log functions and dummy recovery functions.
2001-11-01 skimocheck for DB 4
2001-11-01 skimomake DB 3/4 test robust againt uniquename
2001-11-01 skimoReopen databases after loading them from re_source.
2001-11-01 skimoopen each file "inside" its own environment
2001-11-01 skimoremove unused global db environment
2001-11-01 skimoiswblank fixup
2001-11-01 skimosilly mistake
2001-11-01 skimomissing )
2001-11-01 skimouse strchr instead of doing it manually
2001-10-11 skimoadd iswblank
2001-10-11 skimorenewed attempt at getting version.h right
2001-10-11 skimomore flushing
2001-10-08 skimomake ^T work even better in presence of wide chars
2001-09-11 skimo(Hopefully) clean up RE_WST{ART,OP} mess.
2001-09-11 skimodb_last doesn't get the line directly into the line...
2001-08-30 skimoCheck whether backup files and recovery files are in use
2001-08-30 skimoonly adjust cursor of current line
2001-08-29 skimomove line cache to screen and enable it again
2001-08-29 skimoAdjust cursor position if editing the line in another...
2001-08-29 skimoadd comment for later
2001-08-29 skimoDon't hijack the originating sp for logging ccl lines.
2001-08-28 skimomove ccl from global structure to win
2001-08-28 skimokeep list of all screens referencing a file
2001-08-28 skimoUse perl's setenv in case an interpreter has been started.
2001-08-27 skimodefine NEED_FPRINTF_PROTO outside of cache check
2001-08-24 skimotcl support compiles again
2001-08-21 skimoCopy type field directly instead of calling get_type... nvi-1.81.5
2001-08-21 skimoadd Changes file
2001-08-21 skimotell DB it's DB_UNKNOWN rather than DB_BTREE
2001-08-20 skimoupgrade automake/libtool
2001-08-20 skimodocument vsplit
2001-08-20 skimoadd some notes on Solaris
2001-08-20 skimoignore errors on making txt and html output
2001-08-20 skimofix generation of txt and html output