2001-08-21 skimoCopy type field directly instead of calling get_type... nvi-1.81.5
2001-08-21 skimoadd Changes file
2001-08-21 skimotell DB it's DB_UNKNOWN rather than DB_BTREE
2001-08-20 skimoupgrade automake/libtool
2001-08-20 skimodocument vsplit
2001-08-20 skimoadd some notes on Solaris
2001-08-20 skimoignore errors on making txt and html output
2001-08-20 skimofix generation of txt and html output
2001-08-19 skimoMake preserve work again (hopefully). It never worked...
2001-08-18 skimofix some error messages
2001-08-18 skimoOnly use correctly converted part of sourced files
2001-08-18 skimoadd missing returns
2001-08-18 skimoreplace roff reference by texinfo version
2001-08-01 skimoProduce error on invalid input rather than going into...
2001-07-29 skimoadd EXISTS for marks
2001-07-29 skimoMove errmsg to thread allocated structure.
2001-07-29 skimoMove scr_msg from GS to WIN.
2001-07-29 skimotypo
2001-07-29 skimomap to given strings rather than assuming it's a perl...
2001-07-26 skimoRepeated execution was hampered by a check for buffer...
2001-07-26 skimoremove double const introduced by protoize
2001-07-23 skimoMake character sets work for narrow characters in wide...
2001-07-16 skimoreinstate (un)install targets lost in automake transition
2001-07-08 skimoAdd new combined option.
2001-07-08 skimoUpdate ./missing to version that includes GPL exemption.
2001-07-08 skimouse correct argument to SPRINTF
2001-07-08 skimoavoid DB clash on OSF1
2001-07-08 skimoSetting both leftright and number would result in a...
2001-07-07 skimoadd sprintf from 1.79
2001-07-07 skimoconfig.h.in is generated
2001-07-07 skimoadd vsnprintf.c from 1.79
2001-07-03 skimoLook for OPT_GLOBAL flag in the right place.
2001-07-01 skimoput space in front on non-spacing chars for now
2001-07-01 skimomake ^T work in presence of wide chars
2001-07-01 skimomissing breaks
2001-06-30 skimocheck whether we can use iconv
2001-06-30 skimoremove unneeded #include
2001-06-28 skimono need for insertln and deleteln to indicate error
2001-06-28 skimocosmetics
2001-06-28 skimoprotoizing glitch
2001-06-28 skimodon't include wchar unless needed
2001-06-26 skimoonly change flags if with_db3 is set
2001-06-25 skimoindicate better way to set -Bsymbolic
2001-06-25 skimoremove v_strset
2001-06-25 skimowcwidth no longer required
2001-06-25 skimoprotoize most of the function prototypes
2001-06-25 skimoprivate version of automake no longer needed
2001-06-25 skimomake recording of runpath the default
2001-06-25 skimoupdate version number
2001-06-25 skimoMore use of -R option.
2001-06-25 skimoFinal part of yesterday's split input fixes.
2001-06-24 skimobetter handling of incomplete input
2001-06-24 skimoadd missing file
2001-06-23 skimouse curses settings for curses checks
2001-06-23 skimoavoid gcc 3.0 warnings
2001-06-18 skimoNobody seems to use the Motif front-end. It's rather... nvi-1.81.4
2001-06-18 skimoremove unneeded code
2001-06-17 skimoenable use of gtk-1.2 again
2001-06-17 skimomore CHAR_T changes
2001-06-17 skimoassume char* is in CODESET encoding
2001-06-17 skimodo not fiddle with lowest 24 bits of wide char
2001-06-17 skimodeal with split input
2001-06-13 skimosome required changes to CHAR_T
2001-06-13 skimoavoid warning
2001-06-13 skimoremove useless call
2001-06-13 skimoregex seems quite happy with unsigned CHAR_T now
2001-06-10 skimomore use of CHAR_T
2001-06-09 skimouse SCR for focus; should be more robust
2001-06-09 skimomore CHAR_T changes
2001-06-09 skimokeep focus on resize
2001-06-09 skimoeliminate spurios cursor movements in split screens
2001-06-09 skimomissing pieces in previous patch
2001-06-09 skimosome CHAR_T cleanups
2001-06-06 skimohandle input encoding
2001-06-05 skimomake regex engine more wide char friendly
2001-06-05 skimocategories field doesn't really seem to be used.
2001-06-05 skimofurther adapt KEY_VAL to wchar
2001-06-05 skimoadapt KEY_VAL to wchar and fix apparent thinko
2001-06-03 skimosmall mistake in previous patch
2001-06-03 skimocheck for newer ncurses
2001-06-03 skimocorrect web site pointer
2001-05-29 skimofix -pthread typo
2001-05-14 skimopango is now required for gtknvi-1.81.3
2001-05-14 skimoactually use int2disp, although it probably will not...
2001-05-13 skimodon't link to termlib is it's not required
2001-05-13 skimomention CSI curses to use on Solaris
2001-05-13 skimoguard against Solaris preprocessor polution
2001-05-13 skimoalign CHAR_T string in log
2001-05-13 skimoChange C++ style comments.
2001-05-12 skimoredraw screen on change of fileencoding
2001-05-11 skimoFree allocated memory instead of some random pointer.
2001-05-11 skimoedit command line window has WCHAR_T encoding.
2001-05-10 skimoDisable line cache again and add a comment as to why...
2001-05-10 skimoCroak on first time a conversion error occurs in a...
2001-05-10 skimoReturn cursor y position even if vs_line is not drawing...
2001-05-07 skimoRe-enable line cache.
2001-05-06 skimouse iconv for non-codeset fileencodings
2001-05-01 skimoRequire gtk-2.0 for gtk front-end and some changes...
2001-04-30 skimodocument "new" perl api
2001-04-30 skimolong overdue documentation changes