2000-09-02 skimofix use of RE_W{START,STOP} in wide char versionnvi-1.81.1
2000-09-02 skimofailed attempt to use slang curses; leave changes in...
2000-09-02 skimooutput a space when a two column character is pushed...
2000-09-01 skimoonly log first of multiple successive identical commands
2000-09-01 skimochange pango character size to 15, because I don't...
2000-09-01 skimoallow ^X input of more that 8bit characters
2000-09-01 skimoDisplay single column Unicode characters in one column.
2000-09-01 skimoMove open back to where it belongs.
2000-08-30 skimoEnsure buffer is large enough for copy in v_txt.
2000-08-30 skimodon't depend on pango or zvt
2000-08-29 skimolock file structure during undo
2000-08-29 skimoCHAR_T unsigned
2000-08-29 skimoadd multibyte.h to list of source files
2000-08-27 skimoPostpone actual opening of db until after locking the...
2000-08-27 skimoPreliminary Unicode displaying.
2000-08-27 skimoFix signedness bug.
2000-08-20 skimomore careful in determening alloc size
2000-08-20 skimofix reading and filtering in wide char version
2000-08-20 bosticThe original commit missed the catalog files.
2000-08-18 bosticUpdate the license: we're going to standard BSD, copyri...
2000-08-01 skimopass char string to shell
2000-07-23 skimofix gtk frontend drawing
2000-07-23 skimouse thread specific memory for conversions
2000-07-23 skimomissing backslash
2000-07-23 skimocheck for ncurses
2000-07-23 skimoallow specification of curses installation dir
2000-07-22 skimoMove buffers and input queue to window.
2000-07-22 skimodon\'t free unalloced memory
2000-07-22 skimolocking
2000-07-22 skimoone more thread specific data
2000-07-22 skimopass thread specific data do db
2000-07-21 skimouse DB_THREAD
2000-07-21 skimoUse usermem for getting from db.
2000-07-21 skimosmall screen updating optimization in gtk front end
2000-07-21 skimomake # and % work in wide char version
2000-07-21 skimouse db env
2000-07-20 skimoMake r(eplace) work on wide chars.
2000-07-19 skimoCHAR_T fixups
2000-07-19 skimoslightly larger font so hanzis are almost legible
2000-07-19 skimodisable line caching for now
2000-07-19 skimoredefine words; for now no wide character is part of...
2000-07-19 skimoslightly more behaving fileenconding option
2000-07-19 skimoNULLify closed db and don't call db_last on a closed...
2000-07-19 skimoTemporarily ntroduce KEY_COL, which basically means...
2000-07-18 skimoadd sys/queue.h
2000-07-18 skimoforgotten conv files
2000-07-17 skimoFix some places that were assuming unsigned CHAR_T.
2000-07-17 skimoMake CHAR_T signed (easier on regex).
2000-07-16 skimoFirst test with an external encoding.
2000-07-16 skimomore CHAR_T stuff
2000-07-16 skimoCHAR_T moves to regex
2000-07-15 skimowide char loging (sp?)
2000-07-15 skimoMore wide char support.
2000-07-14 skimoAnother CHAR_T patch.
2000-07-12 skimoundo vs_wait change
2000-07-12 skimodisplay tag message
2000-07-11 skimomove tmp_buf to window
2000-07-11 skimoEx in front end.
2000-07-11 skimomake shell work in front end
2000-07-11 skimomissing files and part of front end terminal stuff
2000-07-10 skimosome more CHAR_T's\nMay not be needed in the long run\n
2000-07-08 skimo*** empty log message ***nvi-1.81.0
2000-07-08 skimowork around bug in gcc 2.95.2
2000-07-07 skimoonly clean out gs when last window goes
2000-07-07 skimothreading stuff
2000-07-07 skimodisable some currently unused code
2000-07-07 skimoMakefile.in generated now
2000-07-06 skimoforgotten port.h.in patch ?
2000-07-06 skimomake perl embedding work with threads
2000-07-06 skimogtk front end
2000-07-06 skimotentative print option fix
2000-07-05 skimodon't encourage use of db3.0
2000-07-05 skimo*** empty log message ***
2000-07-05 skimo*** empty log message ***
2000-07-05 skimoadditional READMEs
2000-07-05 skimogoing automake
2000-07-05 skimo(failed ?) attempt at cleaner ip interface
2000-07-04 skimosmall changes
2000-07-03 skimo*** empty log message ***
2000-07-02 skimobasic threading
2000-07-02 skimobasic threading
2000-07-01 skimoPass FDs
2000-07-01 skimowindow related bug
2000-07-01 skimouse socket instead of pipe
2000-06-30 skimodraw cursor on a more sensible place when scrolling
2000-06-30 skimomove a bit of code
2000-06-30 skimoturn KEEP_ERR back on\ndon't croak on DESTROY of pushed...
2000-06-30 skimofc fix
2000-06-29 skimoctags fix
2000-06-28 skimoeliminate i_fd and o_fd global vars
2000-06-27 skimosome CHAR_T; removes some compiler warnings
2000-06-25 skimoworking -Bsymbolic patch
2000-06-25 skimoThe big one; window introduction
2000-06-24 skimosplit off ipc vi
2000-06-24 skimoDB 3.1 update
2000-05-21 skimoold splitting bug fix (<19990121000830.H30326@pool...
2000-05-20 skimocompletely redraw split off new file
2000-05-07 skimouse curses windows for screens
2000-05-03 skimo*** empty log message ***
2000-05-01 skimopart of DB3 support; forgot to add them