2000-07-08 skimo*** empty log message ***nvi-1.81.0
2000-07-08 skimowork around bug in gcc 2.95.2
2000-07-07 skimoonly clean out gs when last window goes
2000-07-07 skimothreading stuff
2000-07-07 skimodisable some currently unused code
2000-07-07 skimoMakefile.in generated now
2000-07-06 skimoforgotten port.h.in patch ?
2000-07-06 skimomake perl embedding work with threads
2000-07-06 skimogtk front end
2000-07-06 skimotentative print option fix
2000-07-05 skimodon't encourage use of db3.0
2000-07-05 skimo*** empty log message ***
2000-07-05 skimo*** empty log message ***
2000-07-05 skimoadditional READMEs
2000-07-05 skimogoing automake
2000-07-05 skimo(failed ?) attempt at cleaner ip interface
2000-07-04 skimosmall changes
2000-07-03 skimo*** empty log message ***
2000-07-02 skimobasic threading
2000-07-02 skimobasic threading
2000-07-01 skimoPass FDs
2000-07-01 skimowindow related bug
2000-07-01 skimouse socket instead of pipe
2000-06-30 skimodraw cursor on a more sensible place when scrolling
2000-06-30 skimomove a bit of code
2000-06-30 skimoturn KEEP_ERR back on\ndon't croak on DESTROY of pushed...
2000-06-30 skimofc fix
2000-06-29 skimoctags fix
2000-06-28 skimoeliminate i_fd and o_fd global vars
2000-06-27 skimosome CHAR_T; removes some compiler warnings
2000-06-25 skimoworking -Bsymbolic patch
2000-06-25 skimoThe big one; window introduction
2000-06-24 skimosplit off ipc vi
2000-06-24 skimoDB 3.1 update
2000-05-21 skimoold splitting bug fix (<19990121000830.H30326@pool...
2000-05-20 skimocompletely redraw split off new file
2000-05-07 skimouse curses windows for screens
2000-05-03 skimo*** empty log message ***
2000-05-01 skimopart of DB3 support; forgot to add them
2000-05-01 skimodetect opening of existing files already opened in...
2000-05-01 skimofor those who need it
2000-04-30 skimoip synchronisation problem
2000-04-30 skimoperl changes
2000-04-30 skimoprovide tags api
2000-04-30 skimofix for viewing the same file in two screens border...
2000-04-30 skimobackward doc change ?
2000-04-21 skimoDB3 support (I forgot this one)
2000-04-21 skimoDB3 support
2000-04-21 skimorecno_t -> db_recno_t
2000-04-21 skimoinstall-sh was missing
2000-03-08 bostic*** empty log message ***
1997-08-07 bosticuse simple includes
1997-08-07 bosticupdate From: Sven Verdoolaege <skimo@breughel.ufsia...
1997-08-03 bosticrename line.c -> db.c
1997-08-03 bosticcheckpoint, back to vi
1997-08-03 bosticgo to tk
1997-08-03 bosticthe sanity check is built-in, now, remove my hack
1997-08-03 bosticupdate
1997-08-03 bosticclean up distrib, make it look like DB's
1997-08-03 bosticchange echo commands into AC_MSG_{ERROR,WARN}
1997-08-03 bosticupdate from From: Sven Verdoolaege <skimo@breughel...
1997-08-03 bosticcorrect window size value when O_LINES == 1
1997-08-03 bosticfix an off-by-one in the vertical split code
1997-08-03 bosticdon't restore the slash until we've looked for the...
1997-08-03 bosticupdate perldo command
1997-08-03 bosticmake TRACE #ifdef compile again
1997-08-03 bosticpfp may not be NULL, it's allocated on the stack
1997-08-03 bostictrace_init -> vtrace_init
1997-08-03 bosticTRACE entry wouldn't compile, len was undefined.
1997-08-03 bosticnexstep uses -O2, not -O9
1997-08-02 bosticnote the FAQ
1997-08-02 bosticcheckpoint, minor cleanups
1997-08-02 bosticadd the scr_reply function
1997-07-14 bosticversion that's going to GTL
1997-07-14 bosticupdate to match DB
1997-07-01 bosticdon't go past the end of the replay buffer; the bug...
1997-06-18 bosticInitial revision
1997-04-13 bosticget rid of USD.docs,
1997-04-13 bosticdon't put . in the path, root runs configure
1997-04-13 bosticcheckpoint
1997-04-13 bosticInitial revision
1997-04-13 bosticprettiness police
1997-04-12 bosticclean up naming, add select functions
1997-04-12 bosticadd select start position to the vi structure
1997-04-12 bosticcheckpoint
1997-04-12 bosticInitial revision
1997-02-25 margoInitial revision
1997-01-14 bosticmake it possible to replace ar with something else
1997-01-13 bosticmake the substitute commands take 0 as a leading address
1997-01-02 bosticScott Bolte's fixes for C++ comments.
1996-12-20 bosticput the math libraries at the end with the other, regul...
1996-12-20 bosticrework the X library tests to make them more general
1996-12-20 bosticrework the text, "window" is an integer option, not...
1996-12-20 bosticminor text whacking
1996-12-20 bosticI've added a 'description' field.
1996-12-18 bosticfree the original name field of the CL_PRIVATE structur...
1996-12-18 bosticadapt the expr command to run on Bob's system
1996-12-18 bosticuse xwininfo to recover the original name of the window...
1996-12-18 bosticthe string may not be nul terminated