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git clone --reference /path/to/your/nslu2-linux.git/incarnation mirror_URL
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descriptionNSLU2-Linux Master Makefile
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last changeSun, 23 Jan 2011 17:06:57 +0000 (23 11:06 -0600)
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2011-01-23 Mike WesterhofMakefile: Remove openwrt and unslung from "unqualified... master
2011-01-23 Mike WesterhofMakefile: bump up to bitbake 1.10.2 -- now a requiremen...
2009-11-13 Mike WesterhofMakefile: use the git repo for bitbake, and update...
2009-11-13 Mike WesterhofRevert "Makefile: update bitbake version to .18"
2009-11-13 Mike WesterhofMakefile: update bitbake version to .18
2009-05-20 Mike WesterhofMakefile: change references to
2009-04-29 Rod WhitbyRemoved Angstrom support
2009-03-18 Rod WhitbyOpenEmbedded renamed the packages directory to recipes.
2009-03-15 Mike WesterhofMakefile: Add slugos<endian>e-<release>-beta-image...
2009-02-12 Rod WhitbyMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-02-12 Rod WhitbyMakefile: Updated for bitbake 1.8.12
2009-02-01 Mike WesterhofMakefile: update bitbake to 1.8.12
2008-12-10 Rod WhitbyUpdated for r13577
2008-12-10 Rod WhitbyCurrent build status with annotated tickets for failures
2008-12-10 Rod WhitbyUpdated with current 8.09 build status
2008-11-29 Rod WhitbyAdded support for building openwrt branches, and starte...
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