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2011-06-22 Karl DietzTVDB: better handling of first runmaster
2011-06-22 Karl DietzAugmenter: examples for matching differently depending...
2011-06-22 Karl DietzImporter: use warnings;
2011-06-22 Karl DietzAugmenter: fix matching undefined $otherfield
2011-06-22 Karl DietzTVDB: fixup raw vertical tab in input data (why do...
2011-06-22 Karl DietzArte*: handle attribute audio=bilingual
2011-06-21 Karl DietzTVDB::API: fix warning on initial update
2011-06-21 Karl DietzAugmenter: hook Augmenters into DataStore and enable...
2011-06-21 Karl DietzAugmenter: use warnings
2011-06-21 Karl DietzAugmenter: move processing from test program into module
2011-06-21 Karl DietzTvdb: handle yet another way to write the episode part...
2011-06-20 Karl DietzMerge pull request #1 from jnylen/master
2011-06-20 Joakim NylenNew importer, Nat. Geo. Wild.
2011-06-20 Joakim NylenSome cleanups and added ExtremeSports v2 Importer,...
2011-06-20 Joakim NylenAlot of new importers, bugfixes at Turner (other sort...
2011-06-20 Joakim working xml importer (missing 3 days at the end...
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