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Newfangle has moved to Savannah although will mirror Savannah just as soon as I can make it

Newfangle for literate programming is inspired by notangle.

The noweave part is implemented entirely in Latex, and the notangle part is implemented in awk

The source is managed as a Lyx document which generates Latex from which newfangle will extract sources.


  1. Add more language definitions for automatic escaping
2012-05-18 Sam LiddicottWIPmaster
2012-05-18 Sam LiddicottWIP refactore good fake page support
2012-05-11 Sam Liddicottwip
2012-05-10 Sam LiddicottUse improved documentation aids and fix typos
2012-05-10 Sam LiddicottAdd fake text-caret and fix nf-fake-chunk to aid docume...
2012-05-05 Sam LiddicottAdd "make install" and update getting-started docs... WIP
2012-05-05 Sam LiddicottFix pass-through of nf-chunk args for in-doc editing
2012-04-25 Sam LiddicottUse the new indexing features
2012-04-25 Sam LiddicottAlso index references to code blocks
2012-04-14 Sam LiddicottWIP try to use non-index tag for code indexes
2012-04-14 Sam LiddicottAdd .scm init prog file
2012-04-14 Sam LiddicottAdd index of all code chunks in document.
2012-04-14 Sam LiddicottBetter rendering of jagged line top and bottom continua...
2012-03-16 Sam LiddicottWIP
2011-07-27 Sam LiddicottImprove test accuracy
2011-07-27 Sam LiddicottMakefile now extracts fangle only if it passes tests
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