descriptionA puzzle game: connect all terminals to the server
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Ben Lynn


NetWalk is a puzzle game where the object is to connect every terminal to the
main server. (These are represented by coloured boxes, so you could
also imagine them to be water mains, electricity cables, phone lines, etc.)

In this version, not only must every terminal be connected, but every piece of
cable must also be connected to the main server somehow.


Click on a square to rotate its contents. A left click performs an
anticlockwise rotation and a right click performs a clockwise rotation.
A middle click marks a square which has no effect on gameplay but may
be useful. For example, one could mark cells that are known to have the
correct orientation.


F2  Start a new game.
ESC Quit.
q   Quit.
d   Edit name for high scores.

Edit the ".netwalk/config" file to configure the game.


Type "make" to compile.


By the way, I rewrote this game to work in web browsers:


This project is released under the GNU Public License. See the "LICENSE" file
for details.

The font Bitstream Vera is included. I copied "Vera.ttf" from a
Debian GNU/Linux distribution along with its accompanying copyright notice.
The copyright notice is the file named "copyright".
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