2013-07-31 Daniel Borkmannnetsniff-ng 0.5.8-rc2v0.5.8-rc2
2013-07-31 Tobias Klauserioops: Constify `name' parameter to tun_open_or_die()
2013-07-31 Tobias Klauserdev: Constify `ifname' parameter to device_up_and_running()
2013-07-30 Tobias Klauserbuild: Use -n option to head command
2013-07-30 Daniel Borkmannbuild: reduce Extra contents to bare minimum
2013-07-30 Tobias Klauserbuild: Don't uninstall configuration files
2013-07-29 Daniel Borkmannbuild: fix up announce message in announce target
2013-07-29 Daniel Borkmannbuild: fix up GIT_PEOPLE and GIT_LOG macros
2013-07-29 Daniel Borkmannbuild: tag: add 'v' prefix for tag name
2013-07-29 Daniel Borkmannbuild: use VERSION_SHORT instead of VERSION_STRING
2013-07-29 Tobias Klauserman: Align synopsis with other sections
2013-07-29 Tobias Klauserflowtop: Fix compiler warnings
2013-07-29 Tobias Klauserbuild: Use NACL_{INC,LIB}_DIR set by configure
2013-07-26 Jon Schippmausezahn: man: note use of short hand commands
2013-07-25 Jon Schippman: mausezahn: change cisco-like short commands to...
2013-07-24 Daniel Borkmannbuild: minor: align 'bold' cmd to the same column as...
2013-07-24 Daniel Borkmannbuild: add "+" version appendix automatically during...
2013-07-24 Daniel Borkmannbuild: split build system into smaller manageable pieces
2013-07-23 Daniel Borkmannbuild: move trafgen_stddef.h to stddef.h
2013-07-23 Daniel Borkmannpcap_io: tun: support captures from wireshark/tcpdump...
2013-07-23 Daniel Borkmannbuilt_in: fix build if ARPHRD_IEEE802154_MONITOR is...
2013-07-15 Daniel Borkmannconfigure: silent complaint if not built on git repository
2013-07-15 Daniel Borkmannnetsniff-ng 0.5.8-rc1v0.5.8-rc1
2013-07-14 Tobias Klauserpcap_sg: Fix various compiler warnings
2013-07-14 Tobias Klauserflowtop: Mark unused parameters with __maybe_unused
2013-07-14 Tobias Klausergeoip: Fix sign compare warnings
2013-07-14 Tobias Klauserastraceroute.zsh: Fix typo of ``numeric''
2013-07-13 Daniel Borkmanntrafgen: update options for zsh completion
2013-07-13 Daniel Borkmannifpps: update options for zsh completion
2013-07-13 Tobias Klauserpcap_io: Remove unused parameter sll from pcap_pkthdr_t...
2013-07-13 Tobias Klauserpcap_io: Use iterator variable of correct type
2013-07-13 Daniel Borkmannmake: put newline after Git people
2013-07-13 Daniel Borkmannbuild: use git describe --always
2013-07-13 Tobias Klauserpcap_mm: Mark unused parameters with __maybe_unused
2013-07-13 Tobias Klausertprintf: Fix compiler warnings
2013-07-13 Daniel oui: minor config updates
2013-07-13 Daniel Borkmanntrafgen: switch for skipping cpu time statistics on...
2013-07-13 Daniel Borkmannsparse: netsniff-ng, trafgen: fix remaining time(0...
2013-07-13 Tobias Klauserdissector: Mark unused parameters with __maybe_unused
2013-07-13 Daniel Borkmanntrafgen: setup_shared_var: fix reamainders
2013-07-13 Daniel Borkmannproto_80211_mac_hdr: fix sparse warning
2013-07-13 Daniel Borkmanntrafgen: sparse: make seed static
2013-07-13 Tobias Klauserbpf: Use iterator variable of correct type
2013-07-13 Daniel Borkmanntrafgen: setup_shared_var: fix couple of things
2013-07-13 Daniel Borkmannring_rx: fix format string sparse warning
2013-07-13 Tobias Klauserifpps: Remove unused parameter to term_csv()
2013-07-13 Tobias Klauserifpps: Use unsigned int to store number of CPUs
2013-07-13 Daniel Borkmannmisc: fix multiple NULL pointer sparse warnings
2013-07-13 Daniel Borkmanndissector_eth: sparse: fix sparse warning
2013-07-13 Daniel Borkmannifpps: help: reduce option description to one line
2013-07-13 Daniel Borkmannifpps: release stats on exit
2013-07-13 Daniel Borkmannifpps: warn when 1Gbit/s and interval < 1sec
2013-07-13 Tobias Klauserifpps: Correct calculation of median values for CPU...
2013-07-12 Tobias Klauserifpps: Consistently list command line options
2013-07-12 Daniel Borkmannifpps: median: add whitespace padding in one occurence
2013-07-12 Daniel Borkmanngitignore: add config.log file to git ignore
2013-07-12 Tobias Klauserifpps: Update usage with respect to median values
2013-07-12 Tobias Klauserifpps: Optionally display median values for CPU load...
2013-07-12 Daniel Borkmannbpf_comp: pass NEED_TCPDUMP_LIKE_FILTER through gcc
2013-07-12 Daniel Borkmannconfigure: fix wrong whitespacing
2013-07-12 Daniel Borkmannconfigure: redirect all compile output to our local...
2013-07-12 Daniel Borkmannconfigure: do not use bash's expr match
2013-07-12 Daniel Borkmannconfigure: fix libnetfilter_conntrack dependency removal
2013-07-11 Tobias Klauserconfigure: Redirect pkg-config errors to log file
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmannifpps: align avg on systems with >8 CPUs
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmannifpps: warn about increase -t when high speed
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmannifpps: show machine type only if not in already release...
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmannifpps: show kernel version and machine type
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmannlink: allow future ethtool speed formats to be supported
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmannifpps: make '+' to '-' sort more clear
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmannifpps: align avg numbers and remove unit
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmannifpps: align string to format string
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmannman: ifpps: emphasize gnuplot output format
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmanndissector: rename __WITH_PROTOS into HAVE_DISSECTOR_PROTOS
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmannbuild: refactor tool specific flags into <tool>/Makefile
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmannbuild: for an -rc release exclude curvetun for now
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmanncurvetun: give short note in version info
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmannconfigure, netsniff-ng: if no libgeopip, do not link...
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmannnetsniff-ng: fix recognition of -U command line option
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmannconfigure, netsniff-ng: make netsniff-ng's geoip depend...
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmanndocs: install: recommend gnuplot for ifpps
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmanndocs: install: state that we do have an option for...
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmannoui: update oui file from
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmannmake: help: consolidate <toolnames> to <tool>
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmanndocs: describe how to build bpf_jit_disasm
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmanndocs: install: simplify dependency description
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmanndocs: authors: minor: fix spelling mistake
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmanndocs: authors: move Tobias one position higher
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmanncurvetun_mgmt: consolidate the two mgmt include files...
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmanncurvetun_client: include crypto instead of single nacl...
2013-07-11 Daniel Borkmanncurvetun: renamed client, server, and management files
2013-07-11 Tobias Klauserifpps: Remove unnecessary memset()
2013-07-10 Tobias Klauserifpps: Remove unecessary whitespaces in mvwprintw(...
2013-07-10 Tobias Klauserifpps: Reduce default number of top hitter CPUs to 5
2013-07-10 Tobias Klauserifpps: Calculate and show average values across all...
2013-07-10 Daniel Borkmanndissector: print hex_ascii combination in unkown linktypes
2013-07-10 Tobias KlauserREADME: Adjust mention of sponsors
2013-07-10 Daniel Borkmannconfigure: check for flex and bison
2013-07-09 Daniel Borkmannconfigure: fix multiple issues in build configuration
2013-07-09 Daniel Borkmannall: show git id in --version information