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2012-10-25 Scott TringaliXft support under OpenMotif 2.3.3 - I've been using... master
2012-10-25 Scott TringaliTested with OpenMotif 2.3.3 (Ubuntu) -- looking good.
2011-04-21 Bert WesargFix our use of $em_tab_dist after it was changed to...
2010-07-05 Bert WesargEWMH raise support
2009-09-19 Eddy De GreefAdded support for MINIX 3, contributed by Erik van...
2009-09-14 Eddy De GreefAdded note on latest fix.
2009-09-14 Eddy De GreefFix for off-by-one error, potentially causing a crash...
2009-06-23 Bert WesargFix for SF bug #2687525: tipsfile parser error wt to eof
2009-06-23 Bert Wesargfix for #2149312: parse error with zero menu entries
2008-11-05 Bert Wesargupdate ReleaseNotes
2008-11-05 Bert WesargFix for SF bug #2222159: File was not reload when type...
2008-10-22 Bert WesargDon't use -import argument as fprintf format
2008-10-08 Bert WesargRemove memory leaks in BeginSmartIndent()
2008-10-06 Bert WesargFix use of Inst not as union.
2008-10-06 Tony BalinskiFix for 1869862 "^" doesn't match all lines
2008-10-03 Bert Wesargremove argument limit from action routines
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