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neatroff is a troff implementation.
2017-02-13 Ali Gholami... char: do not limit the length of quoted argumentsmaster
2017-01-15 Ali Gholami... font: fix reading gsub scripts
2017-01-14 Ali Gholami... font: specify font script with .ffsc request
2016-12-17 Ali Gholami... tr: handle invalid .bd arguments
2016-12-17 Ali Gholami... font: read the script assigned to each rule
2016-12-10 Ali Gholami... font: accumulate GPOS adjustments
2016-11-06 Ali Gholami... tr: remapping overridden characters in .ochar
2016-11-01 Ali Gholami... reg: hex number format (.af R x)
2016-10-31 Ali Gholami... ren: flush the partial line before computing .sp absolu...
2016-09-24 Ali Gholami... hyph: match hyphenation exceptions when prefixed with...
2016-09-13 Ali Gholami... fmt: support stretchable no-break space (\~)
2016-08-23 Ali Gholami... roff: switch to ISC
2016-07-23 Ali Gholami... font: track kerning with .tkf request
2016-06-23 Ali Gholami... fmt: shrink spaces in the last line of a paragraph
2016-05-31 Ali Gholami... draw: extend polygons to include arcs or splines
2016-05-23 Ali Gholami... char: read invalid characters byte by byte
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