descriptionA small ARM/x86(_64) C compiler
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neatcc implements a large subset of ansi C but lacks features like floating point types, non-integer parameters and struct bitfields.
2014-05-13 Ali Gholami... ncc: describe what each file does in its headermaster
2013-11-07 Ali Gholami... ncc: use label identifiers more carefully
2013-11-02 Ali Gholami... ncc.h: increase array limits for inexpensive resources
2013-10-31 Ali Gholami... cpp: use a simple hash table instead of tab struct
2013-10-31 Ali Gholami... tok: allow large ds sections and string tokens
2013-10-29 Ali Gholami... gen: move the management of ds[] to gen.c
2013-09-02 Ali Gholami... ncc.h: move array limits to ncc.h
2013-09-01 Ali Gholami... gen: move the register allocation to reg.c
2013-07-30 Ali Gholami... tok: read '\08' as {'\0', '8'}
2013-07-30 Ali Gholami... ncc: call ts_addop() only for += and -=
2013-07-30 Ali Gholami... ncc: update year
2013-07-30 Ali Gholami... gen.h: fix a comment typo
2012-07-05 Ali Gholami... ncc: handle + unary operator as in 1 + - + - 1
2012-06-08 Ali Gholami... ncc: switch to the modified bsd license
2012-03-25 Ali Gholami... cpp: ignore macros immediately following numbers
2012-02-03 Ali Gholami... tok: ignore "\\\n"
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