descriptionA small ARM/x86(_64) C compiler
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neatcc implements a large subset of ansi C but lacks features like floating point types, non-integer parameters and struct bitfields.
2016-05-26 Ali Gholami... x64: use short jumps when possiblemaster
2016-05-26 Ali Gholami... gen: code beginning with a jump instruction
2016-05-26 Ali Gholami... x86: oi() and os() are used locally
2016-04-19 Ali Gholami... ncc: new intermediate code
2016-04-19 Ali Gholami... arm: include ncc.hnoic
2016-04-07 Ali Gholami... Makefile: easier target selection
2015-04-27 Ali Gholami... ncc: cast values to architecture word after each operation
2015-04-27 Ali Gholami... cpp: report unknown cpp directives
2015-04-27 Ali Gholami... ncc: allow "if (expr, ..., cond)"
2015-04-27 Ali Gholami... tok: support hex constants with capital X
2014-11-03 Ali Gholami... tok: handle escaped newlines in // comments
2014-10-25 Ali Gholami... npp: update the out of date copyright notice
2014-09-25 Ali Gholami... x86: inline mov_m2r()
2014-09-25 Ali Gholami... Makefile: remove npp in clean target
2014-09-05 Ali Gholami... ncc: always call ts_push_bt() after performing gen...
2014-08-17 Ali Gholami... out: exit if there is no room for more relocations...
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