descriptionA small ARM/x86(_64) C compiler
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neatcc implements a large subset of ansi C but lacks features like floating point types, non-integer parameters and struct bitfields.
4 days ago Ali Gholami... int: load constant call arguments as late as possiblemaster
6 days ago Ali Gholami... int: try to add address offsets before instruction...
2016-08-05 Ali Gholami... int: move removing dead code from gen.c to int.c
2016-08-04 Ali Gholami... gen: restrict ra_regcheap() to caller-saved registers
2016-08-04 Ali Gholami... gen: move values to free registers instead of memory...
2016-08-04 Ali Gholami... cpp: redefining undefined macros
2016-07-17 Ali Gholami... gen: cache locals in free registers only
2016-07-17 Ali Gholami... arm: O_MSET does not modify its second argument
2016-07-16 Ali Gholami... x64: O_MCPY and O_MSET may modify their operands
2016-07-14 Ali Gholami... gen: using registers assigned to locals as instruction...
2016-07-14 Ali Gholami... x64: the destination of O_LNOT is always eax
2016-07-14 Ali Gholami... ncc: switch to ISC
2016-07-14 Ali Gholami... gen: the new register allocation algorithm
2016-05-26 Ali Gholami... x64: use short jumps when possible
2016-05-26 Ali Gholami... gen: code beginning with a jump instruction
2016-05-26 Ali Gholami... x86: oi() and os() are used locally
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