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2013-01-09 H. Peter AnvinRevert "links: better win64abi link from MSDN/Visual...
2013-01-09 H. Peter Anvinlinks: better win64abi link from MSDN/Visual Studio...
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2011-08-07 Cyrill Gorcunovsans-serif renders more smooth
2011-07-13 Keith Kanioslinks: removed "DynatOS" from the links page... listing...
2011-07-13 Keith Kaniosindex: removed "Keith Kanios" as a listed active developer
2011-07-03 Cyrill GorcunovRenew web design
2011-03-12 Cyrill GorcunovGet rid of preproc-rewrite. It's already in 2.10rc...
2010-11-12 H. Peter AnvinPut the period before </p>...
2010-11-12 H. Peter AnvinShow changes for rc candidates; moving away from SF
2010-11-09 H. Peter AnvinCorrect the names and links of the compressed documentation
2010-11-09 H. Peter Anvin7zip is only for Windows, and Windows handles .zip...
2010-11-09 H. Peter AnvinCorrect the display of documentation for revisions
2010-11-08 H. Peter Anvindocs.php: point to nasmdoc0.html, avoid double slash
2010-11-08 H. Peter Anvindocs.php: fix unescaped quotes
2010-11-08 H. Peter Anvindocs: add online links to the versioned HTML and PDF...
2010-10-02 Cyrill GorcunovFix #white color
2010-10-01 Cyrill Gorcunovindex.php: Make links being bold
2010-10-01 Cyrill GorcunovTune up navigator theme and link color
2010-08-10 Keith Kaniosdownloads: added Win32 Binaries for preproc-rewrite...
2010-07-10 Cyrill Change SF ref to
2010-06-27 Cyrill Gorcunovdocs.php: Style polishing
2010-06-27 Cyrill Gorcunovbase.css: Make refs hover color being yellow
2010-06-26 Cyrill GorcunovDon't use 13px for body text
2010-06-26 Cyrill GorcunovMention 7zip in docs page for unpacking
2010-06-26 Cyrill GorcunovMake page text a bit less tight via base.css tuning
2010-06-26 Cyrill Gorcunovdocs.php: Prepend headers with ; sign
2010-06-26 Cyrill Gorcunovdocs.php: Fix misprinted pkg_path
2010-06-25 Cyrill Gorcunovdocs.php: Documentation deserves an own page
2010-06-25 H. Peter AnvinIgnore /xdoc
2010-06-24 Keith Kaniosfuture-proofed XML tags in case PHP short-tags are...
2010-06-24 Keith Kaniosreplaced php "short tags" with fully compliant tags
2010-06-24 Keith Kaniosfix for xml tag
2010-05-18 Keith Kaniosupdated Bryant Keller's homepage link
2010-04-07 H. Peter AnvinBetter Win64ABI link
2010-04-07 H. Peter AnvinAdd a links subdirectory with links to unstable sites...
2010-02-21 Cyrill Gorcunovindex.php: Add missing </div>
2010-02-21 Cyrill Gorcunovindex.php: Fixup indents
2010-01-24 H. Peter AnvinChange forums to http: to avoid stupid-SSL warnings...
2010-01-24 H. Peter AnvinNew forum URL
2010-01-24 H. Peter AnvinMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-08-02 Cyrill Gorcunovindex.php - fix missed closing </p> tag.
2009-07-20 H. Peter AnvinTell people how to find historic versions
2009-07-20 H. Peter AnvinDocument the license change
2009-07-09 H. Peter AnvinKeith is back to maintaining the Mach-O backend
2009-06-29 H. Peter AnvinCorrect spelling of Cyrill Gorcunov
2009-06-28 H. Peter AnvinAdd Cyrill Gorcunov
2009-05-26 H. Peter AnvinAdd missing </li> tag
2009-02-27 H. Peter AnvinUse <em> for the newsgroup name
2009-02-27 H. Peter AnvinCharles wrote Serious Assembler, too.
2009-02-27 H. Peter AnvinR.I.P. Charles Crayne :(
2008-10-29 H. Peter AnvinAdd direct link to the revision history
2008-10-20 H. Peter AnvinMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-10-20 H. Peter AnvinRemove affiliation
2008-10-08 H. Peter AnvinIgnore /usage and add it to robots.txt
2008-10-07 H. Peter AnvinDisplay directory lists in order of decreasing newness
2008-10-07 H. Peter AnvinPoint the Download link at the releasebuilds directory
2008-10-06 H. Peter AnvinAdd link to the latest snapshot
2008-10-02 H. Peter AnvinConsistent prologue and character set declarations
2008-10-02 H. Peter AnvinPHP-escape the XML prologue
2008-10-02 H. Peter AnvinAdd XML headers
2008-10-02 H. Peter Anvinlinks.php: fix DOCTYPE
2008-10-02 H. Peter Anvinlinks.php: remove Sourceforge logo
2008-10-02 H. Peter AnvinChange Sourceforge links to https; remove bogus SF...
2008-10-02 H. Peter AnvinChange Download link to point to
2008-09-27 H. Peter Anvin<link> tag for favicon
2008-09-27 H. Peter AnvinIgnore editor temp files
2008-09-27 H. Peter AnvinCreate a simple favourites icon
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2008-09-23 H. Peter Anvin ->
2008-09-23 H. Peter AnvinPoint to our own FTP directory even for stable releases
2008-09-23 H. Peter AnvinIgnore /pub
2008-09-23 H. Peter AnvinUse new variable names as produced in