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              NASM, the Netwide Assembler.

Many many developers all over the net respect NASM for what it is
- a widespread (thus netwide), portable (thus netwide!), very
flexible and mature assembler tool with support for many output
formats (thus netwide!!).

Now we have good news for you: NASM is licensed under LGPL.
This means its development is open to even wider society of
programmers wishing to improve their lovely assembler.

The NASM project is now situated at, the most
popular Open Source development site on the Internet.

Visit our website at and our
SourceForge project at

See the file CHANGES for the description of changes between revisions.

                                                   With best regards,
                                                           NASM crew.
2009-05-02 Brad GilbertReworked test files for better error reportingmaster
2009-05-02 Brad GilbertMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-04-30 H. Peter Anvinoutbin: replace fprintf(rf, not_defined); with fputs...
2009-04-20 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.06rc11
2009-04-20 H. Peter Anvinpreproc: unify token-pasting code
2009-04-20 H. Peter Anvindoc: slightly tidy the copyright page of the manual.
2009-04-19 Brad Gilbertmoved old to perl/old/
2009-04-19 Brad GilbertImproved POD documentation of perl modules
2009-04-19 Brad GilbertMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-04-19 Brad GilbertAdded POD tests and a Perl::Critic test
2009-04-18 Brad GilbertAdded pod test, and made the other tests more alike
2009-04-17 H. Peter Anvinpreproc: make $ and $$ TOKEN_OTHER
2009-04-17 Victor van... BR 2760773: $$ tokens
2009-04-16 Brad GilbertAdded perldoc information to
2009-04-16 Brad GilbertAdded
2009-04-15 Brad GilbertRewritten, now works
8 years ago master