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descriptionAutomatic testing
last changeWed, 25 Jun 2008 12:29:51 +0000 (25 14:29 +0200)
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Temporary fork for automatic testing support in nasm
2008-06-25 Victor van... Add dummy test for version trackingmaster
2008-06-25 Victor van... update tests
2008-06-25 Victor van... fix unitialized variable in eval_strfunc
2008-06-25 Victor van... Merge git://
2008-06-22 H. Peter AnvinRun "make alldeps"
2008-06-22 H. Peter Anvinpp_directives_len can be uint8_t
2008-06-21 H. Peter AnvinDrop the index tables from the canned macros
2008-06-21 H. Peter AnvinFix a few more <ctype.h> instances
2008-06-21 H. Peter Anvinctype.h: wrapper ctype functions with a cast to (unsign...
2008-06-20 H. Peter Anvinpreproc: free the include path and the final filename
2008-06-20 H. Peter AnvinMove the output format macros into the mechanism
2008-06-20 H. Peter Anvinraa: clean up indentation
2008-06-20 H. Peter Anvinsaa: fix indentation
2008-06-20 H. Peter AnvinSomewhat more clever way to generate the %use guard...
2008-06-20 H. Peter AnvinProtect %use from multi-inclusion and provide a test...
2008-06-19 H. Peter Anvindoc: framework for documenting standard macro packages
9 years ago master