2013-10-03 Marat Dukhancoff: Better handling of section redefinitionnasm-2.10.xx
2013-09-21 Cyrill Gorcunovstrfunc: Tabs to spaces conversion
2013-09-21 Marat Dukhancoff: Support for section names longer than 8 bytes
2013-07-23 Cyrill GorcunovNASM 2.10.09nasm-2.10.09
2013-07-23 Cyrill Gorcunovdoc: changes -- Prepare for 2.10.09
2013-07-22 Cyrill Gorcunovbuild: Include pregenerated nasm manpages
2013-07-21 Cyrill GorcunovNASM 2.10.08nasm-2.10.08
2013-07-21 Cyrill Gorcunovdoc: changes -- Add fixes for VMOVNTDQA, MOVNTDQA,...
2013-07-21 Cyrill Gorcunovtest: Add br978756
2013-07-21 Cyrill Gorcunovtest: Add br3392259
2013-07-21 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns: Fix MOVLPD
2013-07-21 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns: Fix MOVNTDQA instruction
2013-07-21 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns: Fix VMOVNTDQA instruction
2013-07-20 Cyrill Gorcunovchanges.src: Prepare for 2.10.08
2013-07-20 H. Peter AnvinBR 3392260: Handle instructions only separated by vecto...
2013-07-15 Cyrill Gorcunovparse_line: Shrink code with memset helper
2013-07-14 Cyrill Gorcunovea_type: Fix typo in comment
2013-07-04 Cyrill Gorcunovautoconf: Warn a user if no asciidoc/xmlto found
2013-06-29 Marat Dukhanmake: Fix nasm build with MSVC
2013-06-29 MITSUNARI Shigeoinsns: Fix vspllw instruction
2013-06-01 MITSUNARI Shigeoinsns: Fix vgatherqpd instruction
2013-05-24 MITSUNARI Shigeoinsns: Fix VPMOVSXBQ instruction
2013-05-17 H. Peter AnvinMake the errors for missing man page tools comprehensible
2013-05-12 Cyrill Gorcunovtest: Add br3392252 test
2013-05-12 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns.dat: Add note about AMD TBM instructions
2013-05-12 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns.dat: Add BLCMSK
2013-05-12 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns.dat: Add BLCS
2013-05-12 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns.dat: Add BLSFILL
2013-05-12 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns.dat: Add BLCFILL
2013-05-12 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns.dat: Add BLCIC
2013-05-12 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns.dat: Add BLCI
2013-05-12 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns.dat: Add BLSIC
2013-05-12 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns.dat: Add immediate form of BEXTR
2013-05-12 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns.dat: Add T1MSKC intstruction
2013-05-12 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns.dat: Add TZMSK instruction
2013-05-12 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns.dat: Move TZCNT for alphabetical order
2013-05-10 Cyrill GorcunovMake .git-ignore directory to ignore by scm
2013-05-10 Cyrill GorcunovAdd IF_TBM flag
2013-05-06 Cyrill GorcunovBR3392253: Fix potential buffer overflow in number...
2013-05-03 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns.dat: Udate year
2013-05-03 Cyrill Gorcunovbr3392250: insns -- Allow byte size in PREFETCHTx instr...
2013-04-28 Cyrill GorcunovBR3392244: docs -- Fix "respectively" typo
2013-04-20 Cyrill GorcunovBR3392248: Update nasm -h output
2013-04-20 Cyrill GorcunovBR3392248: Update nasm manual
2013-04-20 Cyrill Gorcunovndisasm: man -- Add missing -p option
2013-04-20 Cyrill GorcunovBR3392248: Update ndisasm man
2013-04-20 Cyrill GorcunovBR3392248: Update ndisasm man
2013-04-20 Cyrill GorcunovBR3392248: Update nasm manual
2013-03-31 Philipp KlokeFixed two more resource leaks in rdoff/rdlib.c
2013-03-31 Philipp KlokeFixed three possible buffer overflows
2013-03-31 Philipp KlokeFixed several resource and memory leaks
2013-03-31 Philipp KlokeFixed wrong/redundant comparison according to documenta...
2013-03-31 Philipp KlokeFixed wrong format specifier in format string
2013-03-31 Philipp KlokeRemove unnecessary calls to memset
2013-03-10 Ben Rudiak... Make F2 and F3 SSE prefixes override 66
2013-03-03 Ben Rudiak... Drop SAME_AS flag from instruction matcher
2013-03-03 Ben Rudiak... insns: Remove pushseg/popseg internal bytecodes
2013-03-03 Cyrill GorcunovMove conditional opcodes close to enum ccode definition
2013-03-01 Cyrill Various style polyshing
2013-03-01 Cyrill Gorcunovassemble: Make emit_rex being a function
2013-03-01 Cyrill Gorcunovassemble: Use case3/4 where appropriate
2013-03-01 Cyrill Gorcunovassemble: Add case3 helper
2013-03-01 Cyrill Gorcunovprocess_ea: Drop redundant variable
2013-03-01 Ben Rudiak... Remove +s
2013-02-24 Andrew NayenkoFix warnings generated by clang 3.0
2013-02-20 Andrew NayenkoBR3392242: insns.dat -- Support AMD SVM instructions...
2013-02-20 Ben Rudiak... Fix jmp/call near offsets in long mode
2013-02-20 Ben Rudiak... Add np and similar prefixes to instructions that should...
2013-02-17 Cyrill Gorcunoveval: Use is_power2 helper instead of open code
2013-02-17 Cyrill Gorcunovmake: Don't forget to generate manpage for all target
2013-02-17 Cyrill Gorcunovman: Generate manpages from asciidoc format
2013-02-17 Cyrill GorcunovUpdate .gitignore
2013-02-15 Cyrill Gorcunovnasm.c: Convert GET_CURR_OFFS/SET_CURR_OFFS to functions
2013-02-15 Cyrill Gorcunovnasm.c: Update year in header
2013-02-15 Cyrill Gorcunovnasm.c: Tabs to spaces in emit_dependencies
2013-02-15 Cyrill Gorcunovnasm.c: Tabs to spaces in main
2013-02-15 Cyrill Gorcunovnasm.c: Tabs to spaces in copy_filename
2013-02-15 Cyrill Gorcunovnasm.c: Tabs to spaces in copy_filename
2013-02-15 Cyrill Gorcunovnasm.c: Tabs to spaces in process_arg
2013-02-15 Cyrill Gorcunovnasm.c: Tabs to spaces in process_response_file
2013-02-15 Cyrill Gorcunovnasm.c: Tabs to spaces in assemble_file
2013-02-14 Cyrill Gorcunovnasm.c: Tabs to spaces in nasm_verror_gnu
2013-02-14 Cyrill Gorcunovnasm.c: Tabs to spaces in nasm_verror_common
2013-02-14 Cyrill Gorcunovnasm.c: Tabs to spaces in define_macros_early
2013-02-14 Cyrill GorcunovDrop trailing space from
2013-02-14 Cyrill GorcunovAlign enum prefixes members
2013-02-04 Cyrill GorcunovBR3392240: preproc: Don't fail on pasting of space...
2013-01-02 Cyrill GorcunovNASM 2.10.07nasm-2.10.07
2012-12-27 Cyrill Gorcunovdocs: Update changes
2012-12-27 Cyrill Gorcunovbr3392236: Don't treat \Space after \BackSlash as a...
2012-12-04 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.10.06nasm-2.10.06
2012-12-04 H. Peter Anvinchanges: document fix of macho64
2012-11-28 Keith KaniosBR3392232: Fix relocations in MachO64
2012-11-16 Cyrill Gorcunovoutput: Add more Elf unification
2012-11-05 Cyrill GorcunovBR3392231: Fix get_closest_section_symbol_by_offset
2012-10-27 Cyrill GorcunovBR3392226 preproc: Rework line readin procedure
2012-10-08 H. Peter Anvindoc/changes.src: Update to include recent changes.
2012-10-08 Marat DukhanBR 3327107: fix assembly of VPCMPGTQ
2012-09-26 H. Peter Anvininsns.dat: Mark the immediate for shift instructions...
2012-09-26 H. Peter AnvinBR 3392227: Remove SB flag from SHIFT rm,imm