2009-07-09 Keith Kaniosoutmacho64.c: Add PC-Relative GOT support and perform... macho64
2009-07-08 Keith KaniosPush files missed during last commit.
2009-07-08 Keith KaniosAdd outmacho64.c and related files back after updating...
2009-07-08 Keith KaniosPush to synchronize macho64 branch with latest master...
2009-07-07 Keith Kaniosoutmacho64.c: mass update
2008-10-10 Keith modified: output/outmacho64.c
2008-09-09 H. Peter Anvinoutput: combine macros for the most generic output...
2008-09-09 H. Peter AnvinMerge branch 'master' into macho64
2008-09-09 H. Peter AnvinRun "make alldeps"
2008-09-09 H. Peter don't include macros for disabled output...
2008-09-09 H. Peter Anvinoutaout.mac: aoutb is an alias for aout
2008-09-09 H. Peter be a bit more careful with open()
2008-09-09 H. Peter Anvinoutmacho.mac: add final newline
2008-09-09 H. Peter AnvinMerge branch 'master' into macho64
2008-09-09 H. Peter Anvinmacros: win32 and win64 are COFF, not Mach-O
2008-09-09 H. Peter AnvinMakefiles: fix accidental revert of; run...
2008-09-09 KeithChanges to be committed:
2008-09-09 Keith Kanios Changes to be committed:
2008-09-03 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.04rc1nasm-2.04rc1
2008-09-03 H. Peter AnvinRemove obsolete tagrelease script (duplicate of tag...
2008-09-03 H. Peter AnvinUpdate doc/changes.src
2008-09-03 H. Peter AnvinDocument %use smartalign
2008-09-03 H. Peter AnvinDocument %unmacro
2008-09-02 H. Peter Anvinoutcoff: stylistic cleanups
2008-09-02 H. Peter Anvinoutcoff: default output symbols to T_NULL
2008-09-01 H. Peter AnvinBR 2048950: fix crash due to mmacro list overflow
2008-08-30 H. Peter Anvintest/new: clean up whitespace
2008-08-30 H. Peter AnvinScript to create new test case boilerplate
2008-08-29 H. Peter AnvinAccept implicit memory size for VMREAD/VMWRITE
2008-08-29 H. Peter AnvinBR 2029472: Wrong operand size for VMREAD/VMWRITE in...
2008-08-29 H. Peter Anvin.gitignore: ignore some editor backup files
2008-08-29 H. Peter AnvinBR 2028995: Missing MOVNTI m64, r64
2008-08-29 H. Peter AnvinTestcase for XCRYPT
2008-08-29 H. Peter AnvinBR 2029829: Accept VIA XCRYPT instructions with or...
2008-08-29 H. Peter AnvinBR 2039212: Handle indirect far jumps in 64-bit mode
2008-08-28 H. Peter AnvinInclude "nasm.h" in "float.h"
2008-08-28 H. Peter AnvinAdd 256-bit AVX stores per the latest AVX spec.
2008-08-28 H. Peter AnvinAdd AVX forms of the AES instructions (new in the lates...
2008-08-25 H. Peter Anvintest: Fix file with no final newline
2008-08-25 H. Peter AnvinBR 2067820: add the MOVSXD instruction
2008-08-25 H. Peter AnvinBR 2067837: remove double add of VEX instruction length
2008-08-20 H. Peter AnvinBR 2062342: ndisasm: r12 *can* be an index register
2008-08-13 H. Peter AnvinBR 2030823: Problem with the 256-bit FMA instructions
2008-08-13 H. Peter AnvinBR 2043111: Typo in insns.dat: VCMPFT_OQPD VCMPFT_OQPS
2008-08-06 Victor van... minor bugfix in
2008-08-06 Victor van... Add macro-defaults warning class and documentation.
2008-08-01 H. Peter AnvinBR 2034542: fix crash when touching __FILE__
2008-07-31 H. Peter AnvinBR 2028910: fix decoding of VEX prefixes in 16- and...
2008-07-31 H. Peter AnvinBR 2025977: Handle SLDT with a 64-bit register operand
2008-07-23 H. Peter Anvinpreproc: restore correct break; in do_directive()
2008-07-23 Victor van... BR 560960: warn about trailing garbage in %macro/%ifmacro
2008-07-23 Victor van... Improve checking and documentation for %ifctx
2008-07-20 H. Peter AnvinBR 2023036: MOV reg32,dreg and vice versa are NOLONG
2008-07-20 H. Peter AnvinErr, "alignr" was really the same as the previous ...
2008-07-20 H. Peter AnvinAdd "alignr" standard macro (using resb)
2008-07-20 H. Peter AnvinAvoid redundant "const" for macros_t
2008-07-20 H. Peter AnvinBR 2003451: add test case
2008-07-20 H. Peter AnvinBR 2003451: avoid "forwardness" leaks between operands
2008-07-20 Slavik GnatenkoBR 2010180: outobj: Garbage may be written in a last...
2008-07-17 H. Peter Anvintest: more smart alignment test
2008-07-17 H. Peter Anvinsmartalign: use context-local label
2008-07-17 H. Peter Anvinsmartalign: adjust the alignment threshold
2008-07-17 H. Peter Anvinsmartalign: 16-bit generic alignment macros
2008-07-17 H. Peter Anvinsmartalign: 16-bit P6 NOPs
2008-07-16 H. Peter Anvinsmartalign.mac: smart alignments macro package
2008-07-16 H. Peter Anvinpreproc: add %un[i]macro, add cleanups
2008-07-16 H. Peter Anvinstandard.mac: allow non-power-of-2 alignments
2008-07-16 H. Peter Anvinpreproc.c: fix %ifn, %elifn
2008-07-16 Victor van... Fix multipass inline warning (dis/en)abling
2008-07-16 Victor van... Fix %rep ... %endmacro crash
2008-07-16 Victor van... update tests
2008-07-16 Victor van... fix unitialized variable in eval_strfunc
2008-07-16 Victor van... Fix fclose bug on error.
2008-07-16 Victor van... Add a 'make test' target.
2008-07-16 Victor van... Improve
2008-07-14 H. Peter Anvinchanges.src: put \c{...} around macro directives
2008-07-14 H. Peter Anvinchanges.src: remove double entry for %warning
2008-07-14 H. Peter AnvinMove the revision history into the documentation
2008-07-13 H. Peter Anvindoc: document packed BCD constants
2008-07-13 H. Peter Anvindoc: update NASM Version Macros
2008-07-13 H. Peter Anvindoc: move %error/%warning to a separate section
2008-07-13 H. Peter Anvindoc: Document %strcat
2008-07-13 H. Peter AnvinUpdate CHANGES to current delta from 2.03.x.
2008-07-13 H. Peter AnvinBR 2017453: indirect jumps in 64-bit mode are implicitl...
2008-07-13 H. Peter Anvintest: add test of nested %rep, BCD constants, and ...
2008-07-13 H. Peter Anvinpreproc.c: make %warning actually issue a warning...
2008-07-13 H. Peter Anvinversion.mak for the version Makefile fragment
2008-07-13 Charles CrayneFix Bugs item #2017455 (LTR in long mode)
2008-07-12 Charles Crayne%EXITREP inside nested %REPs
2008-07-06 H. Peter AnvinAdd version.make to PERLREQ
2008-07-04 H. Peter Anvintest: simple test of packed BCD.
2008-07-04 H. Peter AnvinFor consistency, allow 0p.. prefix for packed BCD
2008-07-04 H. Peter Anvinfloat: support packed-BCD constants in 'dt' statements
2008-07-04 H. Peter Anvinfloat: fix buffer overrun
2008-07-03 H. Peter Anvinstandard.mac: use anonymous contexts
2008-07-03 H. Peter Anvinpreproc: Allow anonymous contexts
2008-07-02 H. Peter AnvinPermit commas in %strcat
2008-07-02 H. Peter Anvinpreproc: %strcat directive to concatenate quoted strings
2008-06-29 H. Peter AnvinUpdate the INSTALL file to match current reality
2008-06-29 H. Peter AnvinDocument case-insensitivity bug.